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    Selling a vintage garden tractor

    I have one I'd like to sell and get out to the widest audience possible. What are the best ways/places to market a 34 year old lawn tractor? thanks!
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    Loader Quick Attach for MT125

    Nope..... So I copied the bracket setup off the bucket and made a couple of sets. So far I’ve just modified a set of Titan forks. Here they are ‘pinned on’ before the Quick attach.
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    Loader Quick Attach for MT125

    This is why I built my own.
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    MT125 customization

    Had some vacation time so I built a quick attach for the FEL to fit the original bucket and the new forks. Not as smooth as a SSQA setup but it works pretty well. No comments on the welding.. some of these were work in process shots that got cleaned up later.
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    Let's see some homemade 3 point ballast!

    Home built for my subcompact. 500lbs of sand
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    MT 125 Hydraulic pump

    Here was my MT125 in the dealer’s shop after 13 hours. Not a comforting site. But LS did me right.
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    MT125 customization

    Since the MT125 didn’t have a quick attach, I had to cut the brackets and modify a Titan forklift attachment to work. Really get a lot of use out of this.
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    MT125 customization

    Where did you get the wheel spacers? I致e been making a few 奏hings for my 125 and will be adding, such as this storage dolly for the MMM.