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    Hydraulic Top link size for Mahindra 3540 PST

    What length for a hydraulic top link is needed? Do I just measure the one that came with it for the length I need? Be nice to adjust the implement without having to get off tractor. Mainly for Box blade, and EA 7' Landscape rake and future tiller. It does have a quick hitch on it.
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    Mahindra 3540/3550 PST water in fuel

    Water in fuel light on. I have a question can you drain the small filter and will it drain the spin on filter the one with the primer on it to get the water out? Not real easy one to get the fuel sensor unscrewed from. Also does it have a fuel shut off somewhere I can't see coming from the tank...
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    New Member from Southeast Texas

    I enjoy this site. Been lurking around on this site for about 4 mths. or so. Finally got me a new 2017 Mahindra 3540 PST tractor and figure might be able to pick some members brains about some things in the future. Lots of good info.