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    Pressure in the hydraulic tank

    Good deal, Sylvain, thanks for letting us know how it turned out. Don't worry about whatever small amount of crud fell through. I found my breather too, and was able to take off the tube but not unscrew the breather itself. The tube was clogged at the opening with dust/oil and I'm betting that...
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    Zero turn vs hst tractor reliability

    Great Scott! That's beautiful! Care to tell us roughly where you are? I love pecan trees -- I have about a dozen 75-100 year old natives scattered around my pastures and hayfields. They're gorgeous, but their tendency to "self-prune" makes for interesting times when mowing tall grass around...
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    Ballast to prevent overloading of front axle

    Bdog, good thread -- this always deserves more conversation. Let m = weight on your 3 pt hitch. Let L1 = the horizontal distance between that weight's center of mass and your front axle. Let L2 = the horizontal distance between your rear axle and front axle. You will reduce the load (weight)...
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    Mx5200 hydraulic overheatimg

    This sounds like an interesting problem but I echo Michael in wondering how you know? Most machines don't have a hydraulic fluid temp gauge. (Does yours?) Which radiators are you talking about? Is it a HST or gear-drive machine?
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    Quick couplers

    ^^^ Yes. I have both types and they both work fine. The pointy type are designed to be able to hook up under residual pressure if you tend to face that issue.
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    Pressure in the hydraulic tank

    Well now I need to go look. Sure enough, in the parts diagrams there should be one a breather at the top of the transmission case, but I've never intentionally laid eyes on it or checked to see if it's clear. Will report back!
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    Pressure in the hydraulic tank

    Hmmm... is yours a hydro drive machine? In my gear drive tractor, I noticed that some pressure builds up in the hydraulic tank. Enough that when I added a rear remote once, a burst of fluid came out when I removed a cover plate. I have no idea where the vent is, if there even is one. Have you...
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    Washing an old tractor

    Lots of good points. Also remember: there's pressure washing at 4 inches distance, and pressure washing at 4 feet distance. Choose carefully and err on the side of standing a bit further away until/unless you need to loosen up some really tough crud.
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    Hydraulic top link on BX

    Replied in the original post.
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    Hydraulic top link on BX

    That's a great question and I have an interesting answer for you with some pics; I'll try to find time to type it up later this afternoon. [Later that afternoon...] I added one rear remote to my L3200, essentially the same tractor as the current L3301. The Kubota remote kit for the...
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    Hydraulic top link on BX

    Wow! Lucky for you! (Lucky for my wallet I do NOT have one nearby...) I think you will not go wrong buying a cylinder and hoses and fitting there.
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    Hydraulic top link on BX

    Yep, it's that simple! As workinonit points out, you can usually buy the hoses/fitting you need preassembled but if not it isn't rocket science to screw fitting together. Or have a hyd shop do it for you, won't cost much.
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    I WANT A TRACTOR, but ......

    Spot on. Although tractors ARE incredibly useful machines and that's why most of us own them... no one feels the need to justify their fishing boat, vacation home or F250-to-drive-to-the-office on the basis of its usefulness. We own them because we enjoy them. [To be clear, I don't actually own...
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    Hydraulic top link on BX

    Yep you're absolutely correct, you'd need a top link that is 4" longer than your stock one. That should open up the options. My hyd top link is inexpensive but works surprisingly well, and might fit your tractor too once you install Pat's: Hydraulic Top Link-Tractor, 3 point | Agri Supply 90599...
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    What implement best for turf grading with compact tractor?

    OP: I faced exactly your situation a few years ago and have repeated this process on several 4-6 acre plots. Grassy/weedy areas that were terrible to mow, even required 4WD sometimes because of ruts left by previous property owner. I have a 32 HP tractor. What I did is similar to what has been...
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    Dazed and confused!

    Got it.
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    Dazed and confused!

    Spot on, especially about how these mods hold up over time. Obviously this kind of equipment (e.g. PTO dyno) does exist but it is not readily available to the common man. Additionally, I'm curious -- other than the obvious motto that "more power is better" (of course!) -- why do folks feel the...
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    Dazed and confused!

    Is the 2501 mechanically-timed? No engine computer? Forgive me if you already know all this: Your tractor is in the L2501-3301-3901 series. These are all virtually identical machines except for engine output. That series is the one that replaced the L3200-L3800 series -- which includes mine...
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    Kubota madness

    What attachments did you get for your toolboxes?
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    Nontoxic, inexpensive, easy to see, one less can of paint hanging around... what's not to like?! Great idea.
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    Would've never thought of that. Any particular reason for flour?
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    My 78 year old neighbor operating his restored Ford 9N to help me out. He uses his rear grading blade facing backward to be a backstop so I can push burnt-out stumps and burn pile leftovers into my bucket. He's having a great time!
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    Premix vs gas station 2 stroke

    I wonder the same thing. All of my gas engines will run fine on gas (+ethanol) right out of the pump. But how long till that gas goes "bad" is highly variable and seems to depend on lots of factors out of my control. The chainsaw is the canary in the coal mine. Recently it wouldn't start on gas...
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    My lucky day

    Wow! 6 inches either way and something expensive would have been damaged. At least you noticed it before it hit. Thanks for sharing.
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    Anyone use GPS app for spraying/planting/spreading?

    This is super helpful thanks. I was pulling the fertilizer buggy this morning and thinking that that is one application where +/- 3 to 4 feet is really no big deal when the spread is 20 ft and there's overlap anyway. Really hard to see previous tracks that far apart.
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    New Here

    ^^^^ Me too. As a first time tractor owner I've lost count how many times this forum has saved me time, money or even physical danger. Members will help you after you have a problem or question of course. But keep reading and learning and you will be surprised how many little things you'll spot...
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    Does engine HP affect driving power

    Yep. There's a reason my 3200 lb sedan has a 200 HP engine while my ~3500 lb tractor+FEL struggles up hills with a 33 HP engine. It takes a lot of horses to climb hills at any decent speed and weight makes all the difference. Just for grins: mathematically, it requires 9.4 HP for that 3500 lb...
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    Tractor hydraulic pump whine noise??

    Zombie thread alert. HOWEVER, if ChuluTrac hadn't posted, I wouldn't have ever read this thread and learned that (at last sometimes) hyd filters can cause a whining noise. Another TBN factoid gem.
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    Hydraulic problem

    Any resolution to this? Broadly speaking (if you've established that you have correct pressure), then either there is a leak, in which case the cylinder won't move but the hydraulic pump will not labor or go into pressure relief. Or there is a blockage, like oldnslo says, in which case the...
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    Anyone use GPS app for spraying/planting/spreading?

    That's what I suspected. I tried dye and quickly gave up -- it was still quite difficult to see on growing grass, plus it's a pain to clean out of the equipment. Hadn't tried foam yet but it sounds like it might not be worth the effort. (Mainly spraying herbicide on established grass stands.)...
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    Kit outbuildings for your vehicle storage

    Phil: would you mind sharing who did this work for you? Am I correct in thinking it's kind of like a square-tube pole barn? (You could PM me if you want...) Thanks. And here's another vote for outdoor cats if your local government allows. I am not a "pet" guy, but my cats work overtime and are...
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    Anyone use GPS app for spraying/planting/spreading?

    Like a foam marker system? Would that help the OP? Seem to recall some threads where TBN members built DIY marking systems. (I've been wondering about them myself, for spraying.)
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    Gravel for Driveway...

    Charles has good advice. (Most notably: expect maintenance and plan for it. A box blade and/or land plane are a must.) I don't know if it's available to you, but recycled crushed concrete is amazing stuff. It is very "jagged" and locks together extremely well, with 20-30% fines -- the dust...
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    Tractor News Viable Electric Tractor?

    Similar environment here. "Knowing" (about electricity, batteries, etc.) is probably not the stumbling block for electric vehicle or electric tractor adoption. IMHO, there's another dynamic at work: While @PuffyC fears electric tractors won't get here fast enough :) I suspect many other people...
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    Cattle guards - make or buy

    This isn't saying much, but in my area I've actually never seen a "commercial" production cattle guard. They are always home-built, including mine. (Which has been laying on the ground for 2 years waiting for me to dig a hole and pour concrete 😐). The top pipes are usually 2-7/8 used drill pipe...
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    L3800 - 6" wheel spacers

    This is a really important point, Smokey. In the car/truck world, people often add spacers cuz they look good or to facilitate snazzier wheels. But in the tractor world, spacers are only added for a good reason. Trading the small probability of shortened bearing life for a wider stance on...
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    L3800 - 6" wheel spacers

    At the risk of stoking the controversy further, I think the "danger" of wheel spacing is overestimated on this forum. The rear axle (or any independent wheel axle) has an outer and an inner bearing. In the figure below, the axle is 070, the outer bearing is 100 and the inner bearing is 140...
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    New kubota tractor advice

    Boy, you got that right. There's a limited window between "sticky tar" and "hard as a brick" in which you can do anything with clay. That window is exactly when you have to put in 80 hours at work.
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    New kubota tractor advice

    ^^^ Yep. Seems some members live on soil that is fairly loose and "nice" to work with, but many of us (including me) work with heavy clay or rock-infested soils where CUT FELs can do basically no digging*. Rabbit trail: I'm generally dismayed at how many implements do not work well or at all in...
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    Is it safe to experiment with adding exhaust to a tier 4 diesel?

    Great Scott! I'll look forward to seeing the details :)
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    Is it safe to experiment with adding exhaust to a tier 4 diesel?

    Strantor, I'm curious what PTO gen you're thinking about? We're in much the same situation (thinking about how to survive the next freezepocalypse or summer grid overload). I've concluded there is really no practical way to run the entire house -- I could run one of the two heat pumps and the...
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    Thoughts on moving snow with a 35hp CUT

    Very interesting. No snow removal in my neck of the woods... but I've always been curious about the "skis". How do people pushing blades or buckets prevent damaging their driveways? Gravel might be more forgiving, but either way what prevents the implement from scraping and scratching up the...
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    L3400/2800 suspension seat...

    Fantastic! Your back is thanking you.
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    How can a tractor overheat on the coldest day of the decade?

    Got that right. You can't hire a plumber or buy a plumbing fixture or a piece of copper pipe to save your life from Central Texas southward right now. Our houses are definitely not built for that kind of cold. You probably also remember that you can lay a pipe on the ground, sprinkle some dust...
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    How to run a Diesel Engine

    That's my sense of it too. I know some older (in their 60's/70's) long-haul truckers who still believe that once you turn the engine on, it stays on all day long. Whether that hurts or helps the engine itself we can debate. But I suspect that's a mindset grounded in their experience with the...
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    Need to lift my tractor

    I've lifted and jacked my tractor's rear a couple of times, no problem. Almost any decent hydraulic jack will work (I have one from HF). For me the jack requires some blocking underneath because it isn't tall enough. The head of the jack goes right up to a flat spot under the rear axle near each...
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    L3400/2800 suspension seat...

    Good deal, Varmint -- let us know how it turned out!
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    L3400/2800 suspension seat...

    This thread deserves a bump. After reading it a year ago, I realized that my tractor actually HAS a suspension seat! And, theoretically, the ability to slide the seat back and forth. It was frozen up when I got the machine but I never looked at the seat closely enough. So after reading here, I...
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    How can a tractor overheat on the coldest day of the decade?

    How can a tractor overheat on the coldest day of the decade? Read on! As everyone knows by now, Texas got slammed by the coldest weather since the 1980s last week. (In my area, we hit -1 F. For some of you that is practically spring but for us it's deadly!) Power went out all over the state...