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    Need more production from timberwolf tw 6 splitter

    I bought a timber wolf tw6 wood splitter 2 years ago. Has about 250 hours on it. I think I hate the thing. I also have a split fire 3 ph splitter and a dr rapid fire pro kinetic splitter. I get about the same production rates (about 3 face cord per hour by myself with rounds in dumped pile...
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    Best attachment to fix skid ruts in logging roads?

    Trying to decide if there is an attachment to help fix skid ruts in logging roads after skidding out firewood? My tractor has a loader, but in my opinion that is clumsy and only works in some situations. Mainly due to how far away from the tractor the bucket is and how the undulations amplify...
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    Idle tractor or turn off?

    I can't make up my mind on this one. I have been using my loader forks to lift tree tops up as a saw buck to block firewood at waist height. I really like doing it this way for many reasons. However, I don't like the tractor running the whole time just to sit there and hold the log up. I...
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    Electrical problems in truck. Now what???

    I bought a f 350 dump truck last year. Its a 2003 with 6.0 diesel. Has 135000 miles. Engine has delete kit and stud kit done. After I had the crank position sensor fixed, it ran great all last year. Over the winter it developed some electrical issues. First the battery would drain. I put...
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    Ford 6.0 diesel dump truck starting issues

    I have a 2003 f 350 dump with 6.0 diesel, 137,000 miles. Has had the "stud kit" and "delete kit" installed. Just bought truck last february. After few bugs getting fixed, ran great all summer, fall, early winter. Put snow plow on and worked great up until about a month ago. Here's what it...
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    How are you guys "skidding" with your skidding winches

    Might seem like a silly question, but I am serious about this. Here's my story and how I came to ask. I have a fransgard v3507 3ph winch. Owned it for about 8 years. It has 7000lb + pull rating with a 5/16 cable. There are sliders on the cable, with a hook at the end. It also has a "tow...
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    Winch, log trailer with grapple or both ??

    I am not too good putting pics with computers, but I try to post a few here. I should get some more pics of the full operation. Maybe someday I will get around to it.
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    Actual stories of lawsuits for doing tractor work for hire.

    Ok as the title says. The topic of how to properly do side jobs for money with our equipment comes up a bit here on tbn, and it always leads down the road of telling the op they need to atleast get insurance or start a llc or such or they risk losing everything they own. Who here has "ACTUAL"...
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    Clutch use and rpms

    I have a question about what rpms are acceptable for using the clutch for directional changes (such as loader work forward and reverse). It is probably a stupid question, but a few things have come to my attention lately that makes me requestion this topic. The tractor in question is a gear...
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    Tier 4, regen, light work, and idle question.

    I have a question reguarding the best way to dolight, stationary work with tractor. Here is my situation I am up against. I do a lot of firewood. My method for blocking up the fire wood on the landing is to use the tractor/loader forks to lift the log off the log pile and over to the area I...
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    Ideas to make truck tow better

    I have a 1992 chevy one ton dump with a 350 engine that I have been using to tow approx 10000 lbs with (total trailer and cargo weights). I have found a few different documentations that this truck can legally tow 9500 lbs. The truck handles all aspecs of the load fine, braking/stopping...
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    Bush hog gear box issue.

    Well my streak of bad luck continued today. Just about done mowing a 20+acre field, its late, and all I had left was a little seperate 1 acre field to finish. Things were going "ok" up until this point. I entered the little section with blades already going, mid rpms (1500 ish), lowered my...
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    Best wood splitter for the money

    Just conducting a inquiry into which is the best and fastest self contained wood splitter for the cost. My vote goes to the DR rapid fire kinetic splitter. It has a 3 second cycle time, will split fairly knotty wood, and features and maintenance are good on it for a cost around $2500. But...
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    Possible hydraulic issue on tractor?

    Ok. Here are some pictures of some of the main hyd routings. Sorry for the poor quality. I not too good at pictures here. I labled the lines according to what manuel says and the flow direction as the picture of the manuel states. Could lines c and d be switched? The lines for the...
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    Possible hydraulic issue on tractor?

    I have a kubota mx5200 tractor with an ansung 2150b loader on it. Bought new. Everthing seems to work ok in the hydraulic department, but... The pump is on the side of the tractor engine. Throughout running tractor, pump will seemingly make a static, electric, clicking, pulsing noise...
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    Need help with mower deck on GT 52XLS

    I aquired a slightly used husqvarna gt 52xls with 52 in heavy duty fab deck. The tractor is ok, but the deck and cut quality is terrible!!!! It will mow fine for about 15min then starts to clog up under deck, especially between the edging blade and middle blade. From there on, it leaves about...
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    Oil & Fuel First oil change 50hr, yes or no?

    My mx5200 has 56 hours on it now. Of course it is time for the "recommended" first oil change for new tractor. Has anybody ever skipped the oil change and got away with it and have good luck with their tractor long term? I ask because the oil looks perfectly fine, not even blackish yet. And...
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    MX 5200 first regen

    Well today it happened. At 22 hours my mx5200 decided it needed a regen. Here is what happened. First I would like to explain what was supposed to happen for a regen. The mx5200 has a regen inhibit button if you do NOT want it to regen automatically. You have to manually push this...
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    Best way to trailer turbo'd tractor

    Just checking quick for some advice on how to trailer my mx5200 with a turbo. I have been taught that the force of air, such as driving at highway speeds, into/towards exhaust pipe can spin turbo without oil flow and cause turbo to burn out. The exhaust pipe on mx5200 is down low by front left...
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    Do we "baby" our tractors too much?

    I have been contiplating this question since I have been trying to sell my 2 kubota b series tractors. Here is my story. I initially bought my b7800 and b3200 and planed to keep them for well over 15 years. I used them both commercially and thus put some hours on them. But, I took...
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    First firewood hitch with the new MX 5200

    Got a kubota mx 5200 the other day for doing firewood and bushhogging. So far so good. Has 5 hours on it and I am liking this tractor. Here are some pictures of the first hitch out of the woods. I estimate 1.5 face cords and took about 45 min to cut trees down, winch, and quarter mile skid...
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    Best way to regen kubota gear shift tractor???

    My kubota mx5200 dt tractor was finally delivered the other day. After I have read the EIGHT pages in the owners manual on the regen system, I still have some questions. First, for a regen to complete sucessfully, book says that 3 conditions have to be met and stay consistant or else...
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    The pros and cons of leasing a vehicle.

    My wife is in the market for a "newer" vehicle. We have always bought our vehicles before, never done a lease deal. Lots of people have been telling me we should lease instead of buy it. I myself have always had older high mileage vehicles that I just run. I even put a new engine in the gmc...
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    RTV 900 snow plow?

    I have been contaplating putting a snow plow on my rtv 900 w6. Just wondering what all is involved. Seems like I would have to beef up the front end, if I remember right. Anyway there appears to be many different types, both kubota and after market. I am interested in a straight blade...
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    R1 Ag Tires or R4 Industrial Tires?

    Which tires would be best for my applications??? I am planning on purchasing a 50+ hp tractor (kubota mx 5100 or mx 5200 with fel). I am narrowing down the options I want on it, and I am stuck on the tire decision. Thr tractors main uses will be doing firewood (winching and skidding) and bush...
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    Loyalty to Local Dealership? ??

    Here is my situation. I can get a new kubota mx5200, loader, r4 tires loaded, remote, qa forks, 6ft bush hog, 20ft 12k rated trailer, and chains/binders, delivered for $34,744.68! Sounds great right! (At least I think so). Alif I buy the equipment listed above is good equipment, not junk...
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    Sales Tax?? Out of State Purchase.

    Thinking about purchasing a tractor from one of two out of state dealers. Both dealers claim that there is no sales tax if they deliver out of state. I live in Pennsylvania. How "should" this purchase be handled?
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    How much can a 1 ton truck tow?

    Checking in on how much my 1992 chevy 1 ton dump truck can tow legally. It has a standard transmission 5 speed (low and overdrive) with a 350 engine and is 2wd. I cant find the towing ratings anywhere. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    How much does a Kubota mx 5200 weigh?

    I am narrowing down decision on rather to upgrade to a larger tractor. I am looking for the total weight of a kubota mx 5200 with fel and loaded r4 tires. The pamphlet says weight is 3716 lbs, but that is just the tractor. I dont think that even includes loaded tires. I am guessing 3700 for...
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    Ansung loader on kubota mx 5200

    Anybody have an ansung loader on a kubota tractor? If so, please tell me how you like it and your experiences with ansung. Specific modle I am looking at is an ansung 2150a loader with quick attach bucket. Thank you.
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    Tractor Package Deals

    I have been looking at purchasing a kubota mx 5200 with fel. Dealers in my area are comming in around 30k (estimates + -) for a kubota mx5200 gear with loaded tires and kubota loader with quick attact 72 in bucket. I came across a deal I found on the internet for a mx 5200 tractor package...
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    Do I need a bigger tractor?

    Get a bigger tractor or keep hat I have? I am looking for all opinions and some common sense on if I should get a bigger tractor. For the past 8 plus years I have been maintaing 119 acres and running a firewood and mowing business with 2 kubota b series tractors. A b7800 with fel 30 hp and...
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    Benefits of block heater even if engine start without one

    Just wondering what the benefits are to taking the time and energy to use a block heater on a tractor even if it would start without using block heater. In temperature range of 32 f down to below 0 f. Is it worth it?
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    Tractor hydraulic pump whine noise??

    Just noticed a slight whining noise coming from the hydraulic pump on my Kubota b7800 at days first cold start. The noise can't be heard at idle, but you can start to hear it after bumping up the throttle a bit and gets a little louder the higher the rpms. While I am moving the loader...
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    Never change engine oil brands?!?!

    I have been getting ready to switch over oil brands on my equipment to shell rotella t 10w 30 oil. throughout this process quite a few people have told me to never change oil brands on an engine that has a lot of miles/hours on it. "it is one of the worst things to do to an older engine." they...
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    Thinking of customizing my 3ph winch

    This year I have been fighting mud on the fire wood logs I have been skidding out. It seems my fransgard winch isn't designed well for "skidding". It does great on "winching" the logs to the road, but I have always struggled finding the best method for "skidding" the logs to the landing...
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    abuse or just normal wear

    My 2007 Kubota b7800 tractor with la402 loader just started to leak on the front axel where the steering pivot is. this time it is on the right side. about 300 hours ago, it did the same thing on the left one. this tractor has 1550 hours on it, but it seems the front axel issues are starting...
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    What brand filters and engine oil in your kubotas?

    Just taking a survey to see what filters and engine oil everyone is using in their kubotas? Today I came across NAPA's filter sale flyer and was told NAPA filters would be 40 to 60% off (September 8 - 27). Also NAPA will have Valvoline Premium Blue HD Diesel Motor Oil 10w 30 and 15w 40 on...
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    synthetic oil help generator start better???

    I have a champion generator that starts hard during colder temps (and I mean starts hard!). This summer it started up pretty easy, so I was wondering if I switched to a synthetic oil, would that help it start easier when the temps get colder? Over last winter I went from conventional 10w 30 to...
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    Fuel nozzle injection pressure check

    My Kubota B7800 is past the 1500 hour mark and the maintenance book suggests checking the "fuel injection nozzle pressure". how do you check it, and is it worth it?
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    Fire wood= To stack or not???

    I have been in the firewood business for about 8 years now. Through that time I have gone from doing around 70 face cord, to currently doing between 300 - 400 face cord a year. I have a repeat customer cliental that I have worked hard for and has made doing fire wood commercially easier...
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    looking for all opinions for if I should trade up to a larger tractor or not. I have been fortunate to have owned 2 Kubota tractors for a couple years now, a 2007 Kubota B7800 with la402 loader (1500 hours) and a 2012 Kubota B3200 with a 60" mmm and full set of front weights (500 hours). both...
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    how do you insure your rtv's

    I have had my rtv 900 insured on a commercial policy for awhile now, (used in my small side business). my insurance company says I have to have it on a commercial "auto" policy and it can't be on a commercial inland marine. it is starting to get too expensive for my liking at just under $600...
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    bush hogging with an hst

    quick question. I have a lot of very steep hills I bush hog on with a Kubota b3200 tractor with a 3 range hst transmission. the tractor is 32 hp with about 22 pto hp. the bush hog is a 5 ft. the average height of the grass/weeds I mow are between 2 and 4 feet high, sometimes fairly thick...
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    oil/fluid testing places

    getting tired of changing my kubota trans/hydraulic fluid (sudt2) every 300/400 hours and seeing it come out clean and clear looking at the recommended hour change time and time again. was wondering if anyone out there knew of a way or place where i could send in a sample of the oil and test it...
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    Buying Advice anybody own one of these???

    come across one of these log trailers with grapple loader. wondering if any one out there has any experience with this model and can offer any tips/advice and so on. i am interested in one, thinking of the smaller one with highway package and boom winch. Timber Talon Log Trailers - Wallenstein
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    which coolant for kubota engines?????

    ok. a while ago here on tbn, I read about the concern of cavitation within a diesel engine cooling system if the proper coolant, or coolant additives, SCA's (supplemental coolant additives) are NOT used. since then, I have been doing a little further research and I would like some more help...
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    Busy little B7800

    over this past winter, i have been skidding firewood out of woods with my b7800 and fransgard winch, getting ready for the next firewood season. just figured i would share with everyone what these little tractors and 3ph winches are capable of. all what is in the pictures was done since dec...
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    oil leak on b7800 v1505 engine

    noticed small drop of oil this morning on floor from b7800. followed oil trail back up tractor front axel to oil filter to what i am guessing is the oil pressure unit plug on side of engine. (whatever that plug into the side of the engine is next to the oil filter with wires out of it) it had...