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    Adding a step on the right side of a CK2610

    Has anyone done this on their CK series tractor? With fender mount loader controls there is plenty of space to get on from the right side. Only 60 hrs in I can't count the number of times I "hoisted" myself on the right side already. Step is like 60$, just wondering if anyone has installed it on...
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    New wood chipper : guess the brand/model

    This is my new wood chipper. So far it has been very good. Hydraulic feed, variable rate, it will chip whole trees without limbing up to around 6".
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    50hr filter change on a CK2610 HST : how much fluid will I lose?

    Just about to change the filters on my CK2610 (HST and Hydraulic). Wondering how much fluid I will need to top up after the mess. I will also be investigating 2 FEL zerks that do not seem to want to take grease anymore. They worked fine the last 2 greasing sessions, now nothing, no new grease...
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    Hydraulic line sleeve/abrasion protection : what do you use?

    I now have a few implements with hydraulic hoses, with some obvious abrasion points. I can reduce most of it with creative tiewrap use, but there will still be some areas that will be more prone to rubbing/wear and tear. What do you use to protect your hoses? Nylon tube sleeve, plastic spiral...
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    PTO Guard/Shield on CK2610 : does it flip up?

    I have seen tractors where the shield flips up, and others where it is fixed. Mine seems to be very tight (or fixed...). Do I need to loosen the bolts, or grease it?
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    New wood chipper, will not fit my CAT1quick hitch...what are my options?

    Just got a new chipper, looked like it was CAT1 quick hitch compatible , even had CAT2 pins and top pin on. It basically does not fit. CAT 1 quick hitch is too narrow (I have 27 1/8" between the hooks, which would fit with 1/16" to spare, but with the latch structure behind the hooks is just too...
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    Coolant leak/puddle after plugging in block heater on Ck2610

    I had a factory bloc heater installed when I bought the CK2610. Tried it out for the first time today. Plugged it in for 1/2 hour, came back to a coolant puddle on the floor. Investigation revealed some seapage around the main rad hose going into the bloc heater on top, which I tightened. I am...
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    CK2610H WWF rear tire ballst : the job and results

    I just added 29 gallons of windshield washer fluid to each rear tire on my CK2610. Initially I thought this was just going to be a small add-on to the 680lbs/box blade I always carry, but it turned out to be more than that. Actually adding the fluid was not too bad. I used the special valve...
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    How low is your Quick Hitch?

    Installed a Red Rock Cat 1 quick hitch on my Kioti CK2610 last week, and it's riding really low. Is that normal? Is there any reason why I should not use the other holes on the 3 pt hitch arms and use the turn buckles to prevent it from going so low?
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    New Custom Tooth Bar

    Got this fitted to my bucket on Friday. Very nice, fit is awesome because I brought the bucket over, and it was fit up/welded on site. I was told it was hand ground :0. Initially I thought it was going to be AR400 steel, but with the hand grinding, I am not sure. Not a big deal either way...
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    Rotary Cutters/ Brush Hogs : just how likely are they to throw sticks and stones?

    I was looking at flail mowers because I had heard they are inherently safer. Unfortunately I have very few available for sale in my area, and the prices are pretty high. Rotary cutters are a dime a dozen. Plenty to choose from. If I add chains or heavy conveyor belt material, just how likely...
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    Kitoi CK2610H : Are there any hidden/unmentioned grease zerks to worry about?

    Granted, I am probably freaking out about this after reading JD 2320 driveshaft horror stories, but since the manual is a POS, I still thought I'd ask: Are there any "hidden" greasing points on a CK2610H that I should know about? Specifically zerks that are not mentioned in the manual...
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    Woodland Mills WC68 on a Kioti CK2610 : is this a good fit for my tasks?

    Lots of autumn olives to chip here, and would like to handle them as little as possible. Also a fair dollop of grape vines and wild roses. Some small garbage trees (poplar, summac) that I would like to uproot and get rid of to make way for real trees. I could buy a lot of matches for 3k, but...
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    Quiz : Who made this Rear Blade?

    Picked up this 72" yesterday. Thinking of using it for snow removal exclusively, as I already own a HD box blade for dirt work. ID plate has been painted over 100 times, but best guess is manufacturer starts with "DA" The good: Curved mold board, fairly heavy construction Very little rust...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Bercomac 64" 3 point hitch "Economical" Snowblower opinions

    Looking for something to put on the CK2610, if I can't find a good deal on a used Berco for the garden tractor. Berco has a very good reputation in the garden tractor front mounts, wonder if anyone has experience with their "new" 3pt designs. They also have a 72" but I fear that may be too much...
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    CK2610H : front axle pivot won't take grease

    Coming on 15 hrs I decided to hit all the grease fittings on the tractor (Amsoil GLC grease, in a Powerfist 18L air grease pump, lockn lube fitting, 5000 psi). Most fittings took grease well, with some loader bushings not expelling grease on both sides (heard this was common with new/tight...
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    New CK2610 : rough running/clanging engine, cold and hot

    OK, admittedly I have not had a diesel in a while (last time was a 1987 diesel VW Jetta), but I swear this engine sounds like it wants to throw a rod when cold. It gets better when hot, but still rough sounding, with a lot of mechanical hammering noises. To be clear it is not missing or...
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    CK2610 HST New owner questions

    Just took delivery of my 2610HST, with the 4030 loader. I like it so far, but a few things are annoying me. Stinks to high heaven. Morning first start puffs a black cloud of smoke in the garage, half hour to vent it out. Tends to stink a lot, lots of diesel fumes, even after it is close to...
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    Paumco Quick Spade in Canada

    Looking to buy this spade in Canada. Quick Spade | Paumco Products, Inc I found some "equivalent" products, but the prices are way too high. Does anyone know if Paumco has a dealer in Canada, bonus if they are in Ontario? I'd accept a comparable product, at a comparable price also. I have a...
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    Extra fees for financing added to the quoted price

    I just got $400CAD tacked on to my quoted price, it was presented as a "loan registration fee". Sounds like a dealer mark-up to me, but I wanted to see how widespread this practice is.
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    Pallet fork grapple : best value option

    Due to overwhelming nudging by the members on this forum, I am pretty much set on getting some pallet forks delivered with my tractor (HLA 4200lbs, 48", with optional full height brick guard). I like the lower cost of the slip on pallet fork grapples, given that I may not need a grapple all...
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    Toothbar, bucket spade abd bolt on forks : anyone make a compatible system for all 3?

    My Kioti CK2610 with 66" bucket is being prepped, so this is good time to start the shopping. I know I want a toothbar, so far the leading players are BX piranha and EA wicked. My biggest concern is will either of these let me use a bucket spade and/or bolt on forks with the toothbar attached...
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    How may tubes of grease do you go through greasing at 50h intervals?

    I am looking for a ballpark figure, on a CUT (say a CK2610) with FEL, maybe a rotary mower or flail mower. Just trying to see if going with a bulk grease pump would be worth it, on a cost per year basis. I'm a firm believer in buying once, and I like the idea of the small (3 gallon) pneumatic...
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    Financing Kioti April Incentives?

    I am pretty much set on an CK2610HST, and we have 0%/72 months here in Ontario Canada until March 31st. My question is, do they usually extend this into April each year? With the zombie apocalypse going on now and markets in the hole, I feel like they almost have to, if not even sweeten the...
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    Comparison Kioti CK2610HST vs Kubota L2501HST : what am I missing?

    Pretty much decided on a full frame, and dealer availability has narrowed it down to the 2 machines above. On paper it seems like the Kioti holds the advantage everywhere, except maybe rated engine speed (2200rpm vs 2600rpm for Kioti). Are there intangibles I am missing? Higher torque at x...
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    Craftsman G5500 with K66 tranny : can I add the differential lock option?

    I have gotten stuck a few times now, even with loaded AGs and wheel weights. Always a 1 wheel burnout situation. I know the K66 comes with an electric or manual diff lock option, which would solve most of my issues. Anyone know if it is possible to add one to a standard k66 tranny?
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    New tractor for smallish property : J2023H vs G3033H vs G3038H vs XR3032H

    I just bought a 7 acre property, 3.5 of which is a wooded very steep ravine. I am sure I want a CUT, but I'm not quite sure where I should stop. I initially looked at the J2023H, mostly because of price, and because I can probably get it with turfs and run around on the grass without too much...
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    G5500 on order, should I return it and look for a used 75-89 GT?

    I ordered a Sears G5500 (or canadian equivalent), 24 hp briggs platinum, 23" tires, 54" deck, G730 tranny. Looked like it would do nicely, and hopefully curb my appetite for true CUT for a while. I just bout 3 acres, and finally could justify the purchase. I got a decent deal ($2400), but...