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    3 cylinder engine vs 4 cylinder engine

    1. The most powerful 3 cylinder diesel engine used in a currently produced tractor is AGCO's 3.3 L unit used in the Massey Ferguson 4700 series. The most powerful iteration of that engine is 100 HP in the Massey Ferguson 4710. Deere offers the turbocharged 3029 up to 86 HP in marine applications...
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    Current Market Conditions for Buying a Tractor

    it depends on what you are looking for and what is already on dealer lots. In my area, subcompacts, small and medium-frame compacts, and large-framed utility tractors (Deere 6M, New Holland T6/CaseIH's equivalent) are plentiful. Large-frame compact tractors and small-frame utility tractors are...
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    John Deere 4052M vs Kioti DK6010SE

    The Deere 4M Heavy Duty line was supposedly set up to compete with the Kubota MX and Grand L60 series as a "it's getting close to the size of a standard utility tractor but still has a hydrostatic transmission" tractor. I would think that unless you can't operate a clutch at all (and a tractor...
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    Negotiating for a new tractor?

    Replying for the benefit of those who are searching the forum for this topic. It depends on many factors. In general, you will get the best deal being a cash buyer purchasing a tractor that has sat on a lot for a long time at a dealer who really wants to sell tractors. You will generally have...
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    Looking for a new tractor in the 75hp range

    Going off of your "must-haves," most new 70-75 HP tractors can be had in MFWD with a cab, a hydraulic shuttle transmission, and can be had with a third function and/or 3 rear remotes. However, tractors of this size have no more than 4-5 remotes in total including the two mid-mount remotes for...
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    Tractor availability

    Inventory is certainly down around here in Missouri. In general, if it isn't on the lot, the regional dealers say it's at least 2-3 months to get something. The local NH/Kioti dealer is essentially out of tractors, the Kubota dealers have a few (in particular L2501DTs), the CaseIH dealer has a...
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    Is 5065E a good deal for me?

    1. I bet that tractor is already gone, around here anything pre-emissions less than about 25 years old that doesn't have 4000+ hours and isn't beaten to death is sold hours after it's listed online, and often shipped out of state. One of the local dealers around here, who has five physical...
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    Looking to downsize for 2nd tractor

    Hello, I learned quite a bit from my initial tractor purchase and now I am wanting to do it "right." I currently live on 11 acres of mostly wooded, partially hilly and rocky land, about 1.5 acres of which is not wooded and is a mowed weeds kind of "yard." Prior to last summer, the smallest...
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    Buying Advice Old utility tractor vs. newer compact tractor?

    I posted them in the Massey section initially but I'll post them here as well: Part of the horsey area before it got mowed and tilled. It looks a LOT different now.
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    New-to-me 1987 MF 1030L

    I recently purchased a Massey-Ferguson 1030 MFWD with about 3400 hours from a local seller. He bought it at a farm auction from an old man (probably the original owner) to do some loader and blade work and then got done with the job and decided to sell it as well as the Woods 165 loader and the...
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    New MF 1030, a few random questions

    I just got a 1987 MF 1030 FWA and have a few questions as I am going about servicing the machine and becoming familiar with it. 1. I got a manual with the tractor that shows it is supposed to have a 3 range (H/M/L) 4-speed transmission. My tractor has four ranges (two sequential two-range...
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    Tractor weight vs. finish mowing

    I will shortly be moving to about a dozen-acre piece of property with about an acre of "horsey" areas that need rough cut, eventually about two acres of mowed-weeds lawn, a good-sized garden I'll till with a borrowed 3 pt tiller and the rest is trees, some of which I might clear out. I got a lot...
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    Buying Advice Old utility tractor vs. newer compact tractor?

    Hello all, longtime listener but first-time, poster. I recently had the luck to buy a house on a dozen mostly wooded acres in southwest MO not terribly far from Springfield. There is about a half acre of open lawn as well as about an acre of fenced-in paddock the current owner is...