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    JD 4210 4x4 stuck on.

    The tractor defaults back to 4wd when the 4wd solenoid doesn't work. It's letter "M" on the schematic. I believe all the solenoids in that stack have the same part # so you might be able to swap them out to rule out it is definitely the solenoid.
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    Grand jury indictment for shop removing diesel truck emissions devices.

    Back in the 90's diesel sulfur was as at 500ppm. Through refining they were able to get content down to 15ppm. That was as far as current technology could get us. After that, Engineers had to completely redesign the diesel engine. A lot of good came out of it but fuel economy wasn't one of...
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    JD 3032E

    A better compare and contrast is going to be what chores you are using your 1050 for currently. Loader work the 3032e will run circles around a 1050. Hydro, SCV, greater lift capacity and higher hydraulic flow will make a world of difference. If you are using it for things like bush hogging...
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    4400 john deere starting problems

    Wasn't the battery posts it was the terminals that go to the posts. My positive lead had about 3/4 of the copper strands broken. It was still able to carry low amperage to the accessories but as soon as you tried to crank the starter it couldn't handle the amperage. Honestly I thought this...
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    4400 john deere starting problems

    My 4400 had a similar issue years ago. Accessories would work, Try to start it would click a couple time and then all electrical and then come back after a few minutes. My situation actually ended being the battery posts. I cleaned the grounding point and then put new battery posts on and it...
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    Wildland fire fighting equipment

    This is a situation where the best offense is a good defense. In that I mean if you want to save a structure is to prevent minimize combustables around your home. These dried out evergreen trees, shrubs, bark mulch, or especially pine straw are great fuels for a fire to take off...
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    Does HST Transmission Rob Horsepower??

    Personally I would look for a good 10 series ford mainly because of their simplicity. 70 ac of brush mowing is going to offer a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong. With these newer tractors all it takes is one stick to catch a wire and all the sudden you have an engine shutdown because...
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    What third valve kit do I need John Deere 4700

    I put a WR long Diverter on my 420 loader and one set of rear remote on my JD 4310. The diverter kit is for the grapple honestly is a better option for a grapple. It just is push button control and your hand never has to leave the loader joystick. WR long kit is great comes with all the...
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    Drum mower for hay and all purpose? 3/4 remotes and TnT?

    Definitely recommend the hydraulic lift. You never be able to put it in the upright position otherwise. It's actually probably a better transport way then the transport position because then it sticks out so far out the back it will make the front light without a FEL unless you are using a...
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    Drum mower for hay and all purpose? 3/4 remotes and TnT?

    Drum mowers ride along the ground on a disc/stump jumper. You can can raise the height through spacers but still cuts way closer then a hay bine or disc bine. With spacers you probably can get a 3-3 1/2 inch cut. Without spacers you are probably looking at 2". With 2 rear remotes already...
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    Does engine HP affect driving power

    Years ago tractors used to list drawbar power which essentially gave a rating at how well the tractor could maintain momentum under load. Hydro tractors are incredibly easy to use and for loader or work that has constant F/R or finesse work they win hands down. Plus the ease of use is well...
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    Drum mower for hay and all purpose? 3/4 remotes and TnT?

    I have a Tar River 165 drum mower that I use for hay and for that purpose it is incredible (only downside is it cuts very short) but it is fast and never clogs. For pasture management it would not be a good fit because it cuts too short and for brush management the breakaway would constantly...
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    John Deere 950 Tractor Yanmar 3T90J rebuild.

    Just out of curiosity did you do a compression test and what was the PSI you got out of each cylinder?
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    Can not replacing valve stem seals create bigger problems down the road.

    Texasmark I agree. Once the tractor is warm and everything starts expanding it goes away. It's only on cold starts and much more noticeable in temps below 30. I figured if I was going to dive into it eventually I'd have the valves lapped and other things since I'd have the head off. But the...
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    Can not replacing valve stem seals create bigger problems down the road.

    It's going to be a little bit before I can get to it but I will post results when done. A bench injector tester can be found on amazon or ebay and are not terribly expensive. Basically all it is a reservoir for fuel, a pressure gauge and a hand pump. You hook the injector up and keep...
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    Testing clutch at a dealer

    Thanks for pointing that out. Only time I ever really noticed my governor kicking in was when I was working the tractor but what you say makes sense. For me the quality of the governor especially on older tractors is more important then the clutch. Clutches are readily available, Governors...
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    Grain drills

    Well not needing no-till really opens your options. You can either go with a seeder or a drill with your typical disc openers. Both have their advantages. Seeders such as Brillion and Frontier are way better at running small seeds like alfalfa, clover or brassicas but a drill seems to work...
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    Ford 2000 Engine Seized

    Should be able to get to it from underneath between the engine and radiator. There definitely should be bolt tucked way under there inside the crank pulley. You'll definitely need an extension on the socket and it's usually a larger socket from 1" to 1 1/4". Some older tractors have a...
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    Can not replacing valve stem seals create bigger problems down the road.

    This has an intake pre-heater so not the glow plugs but the injector idea has me thinking. I thought it might be an injector but the thing runs great once warm. Perhaps the seat is bad in the injector and could be dripping down into the cylinder once shut off. I think when I get some free...
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    Can not replacing valve stem seals create bigger problems down the road.

    My 2001 JD 4310 is starting to get pretty smokey on startup. I am 99% sure it's the valve stem seals because it's a blue smoke. It clears up after about 30 seconds when the engine starts to smooth out. I never have to add oil between the 100 hr changes so I know it's not leaking terribly...
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    Ford 2000 Engine Seized

    I've always had my best success with a breaker bar on the crank pulley. Think of it this way. When you pull it you are trying to get the rings to go past where it is seized on the cylinder wall because the engine is only going to spin one way. If you manually spin the crankshaft bolt and can...
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    Grain drills

    If the tractor in the pic is the one you are using for the planting I would look at either a Great Plains/Landpride 3p series or an RTP grain drill. Essentially it all depends on your budget but you can find reasonable deals at auctions. Tractorhouse can help you get an idea of cost...
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    Crank seals and blow by?

    I think your on the right track as to sit and wait and evaluate from the time it's been sitting. A lot of times these seals dry out from lack of use. Especially if it is an older style rope or felt type seal. Keep an eye on the rear main for oil on the pressure plate. There should be an...
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    Testing clutch at a dealer

    For a tractor I always used low gear to mimic it under a drawbar load. Low gear/high throttle the brakes shouldn't hold and the tractor typically won't stall out but it's a good simulation pulling a plow or disc. Don't stand on the brakes but a firm pressure. On a mid-range gear you can...
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    Testing clutch at a dealer

    As Ralph said letting the clutch out while holding the brakes is a good test to not only check the quality of the clutch but also the brakes. Another thing to inspect is the linkage. If the clutch linkage is getting close to being maxed out then most likely you have a well worn clutch disc.
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    Anyone downsized their tractor? Compact to CUT

    I agree the one size fits all will be a hard fit for your needs. The 1050 is a great tractor fill your "farm" needs where I think a subcompact will fall short. The smaller tires on the subs really beat you up when working uneven terrain and such. It's worth the investment to just get a...
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    Need info on John Deere 4210

    I have 4310/420 with the power-reverser and I have been overall satisfied with the tractor. The loader has respectable lift for the size of the tractor. The Yanmar engine is great. Easy starting and maintenance free at least for me. My biggest dislike is the over engineered circuitry for...
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    Truck transmission wizards need some advice

    I have a '67 ford F100 that has a transplant late 70's ford 351m with a C6 transmission in it. Problem I am having is the the truck is acting like a manual when you don't push in the clutch when stopped. It just flat out stalls. Put it in neutral starts right up put it in Drive and...
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    John Deere 4300 3 Point Malfunction

    Mine was doing all or nothing as well. I had to adjust the jam nuts on item 38. One had backed out. What mine was causing was there was so much slop between the jam nuts that that it would raise to the top but not stay at top unless completely bottomed out and you could hear the pump was...
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    Anybody thoughts/ideas on feasibility of sound dampening aftermarket cab.

    Got a Curtis cab on my 2000 JD 4400 and while I love it, Its not like a factory cab and it is loud inside. A lot of resonance from the engine and transmission bouncing around. Was looking ebay and seen self stick sound dampening pads used or autos with those super stereo systems and was...
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    Installing a 420 Loader on a 790 tractor - has anyone done this?

    Looks like the only difference between the 419 and 420 loader is actually the loader mount. It's appears the 790 has a frame/sub-frame where the loader mounts go. The 4000 series has mounting holes already in the transmission case I believe. As others have said the part numbers for the...
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    JD XU 550 problem

    If it is a John Deere XUV 550 then it is from the shift cables being out of adjustment. It is a common problem. that JD did a TSB on. My 2012 XUV 550 did the same thing. Shift cable adjustment has one on the transmission and one on the shift lever. You can see it clear as day if you lift the...
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    John Deere 4310 spool valve & top-Tilt, Power Beyond kit

    Easiest option for you is going to be to just add a plug and play diverter to your rear hydraulics. Basically your one rear remote control is going to control two separate lines with a selector switch. Hydraulic Multiplier Kit, SCV Splitter/Diverter Valve Including Couplers and Switch Box Control
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    Grapple Feedback

    I have the Dirt Dog 60" grapple for my 4310. Due to the lack of a flat lower section it's kind of hard to scoop up debris so usually I push it all into a pile before I start grappling it up. I do like how it's fairly light and how much the lid can come into the frame to pick up object. I've...
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    Bought a 4310

    I have been real pleased with my 4310 e-pwr reverser. I've had it 4 years now and have had no serious issues with other then a neutral safety switch and the silly seat safety switch in cold weather. Thing has had zero issues handling 4x5 round bales with the 420 loader. I liked it so much...
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    Deere 3038e won't start, just a click, but not the good click.

    Try running a jumper between the two leads on your neutral safety switch. It should be a shielded loom on the left side under the floorboards that goes to a sensor on the transmission. On the schematic it is #22. Part # RE12363 My 4310 had similar issues and I just pulled the two wires out...
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    Tell me about hay tarps

    I know this seems like a silly question but looking for advice on what type of tarp to use for outdoor hay storage. Here's the parameters: Climate: Northern Michigan-mild temps low humidity summers/fall weather all over the place from warm temps to snow/winter-snow, snow and more snow with...
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    6 lug center hub/disc do they make them

    Been shopping for 24" rear rims for R1 tires. Most come without a center/disc and the center disc I have seen sold by places such as nebraska tire, miller tire and others all have an 8 lug center disc. I have seen a few 6 lug rim sets but it doesn't look like you can adjust the spacing on...
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    Rural King going to start selling tractors again

    Looks like Rural King is going to give it another shot at selling tractors. Just got a flyer email from them stating they are going to run a pilot program at a few select stores. From what I read in the blog it looks like they are using TYM platforms with Yanmar engines from Georgia and...
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    Skid Sheds

    I been considering on purchasing or building a what I call a skid shed. Sheds that are delivered assembled on flatbed and have no foundation or set posts. I see a lot of vendors on craigslist selling them and they look to be of good quality and pretty reasonably priced. Plus they apparently...
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    sickle bar mowers love them or hate them?

    Whats your thoughts on sickle mowers. My experience is only based on about 20 feet of mowing before I had a catastrophic failure of an old MF 41 3 point sickle mower. I obviously bought the thing used but it was in great shape for it age other than the drive belt. Put a new belt on lubed...
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    4310 runs for 9 seconds and dies

    I was going through my schematics and your fuel pressure solenoid should have 3 wires to it. Red,white, black. When you disconnect the connector only the red lead should have power. When it is connected back up the white lead should also have power to it because the solenoid should have...
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    Lets see your Deere

    Here's my 4310 with a Dirt Dog grapple. Have had the tractor for almost 3 years now and has been a very good performer.
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    JD 4300 Will Not Turnover

    It almost sounds like the F/R potentiometers if either of them are sending a signal that the Forward or Reverse is depressed than it will send an override to not allow the tractor to turn over. All other electrical will work like the lights and turns but when turning the key you will get...
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    Needing some advice good early model balers.

    Been considering buying an old baler for years and have narrowed it down to an IH 420/430, NH 56/57 or a JD 14/24T. Would consider an old Ford 420 or Oliver 60 but I have a feeling that parts for those are probably next to impossible to find these days. My biggest concern is ease of parts...
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    Can a power steering pump be used as a drive pump??

    Here's my situation. This spring I picked up a Case 446 tractor with a mid mount mower and rear hydraulic tiller. To my dismay, I can't keep the fast hitch linkage on the tractor and the mower at the same time on the tractor. I been thinking about taking the mid-mount mower and...
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    Tell me about your Case/Ingersoll garden tractor

    I just recently purchased a Case 446 16hp Onan with a blower, mower and tiller. I've watched vids of them on youtube and from what I can gather they look like pretty rugged machines. One of the big selling points for me was the larger rear tires for a smoother ride on uneven terrain...
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    Deere 4300 steering hard to turn at low rpm.. Please help me out

    I just checked on my tech manual and they stated it could be an internal leak on the steering cylinder or on the Steering control unit. This is for a 4310 so I do not know if it is the same layout or not. It almost sounds like it could possibly have air in the cylinder but after turning...
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    Whose else is using Ecobrick fire blocks?

    Bought a pallet of those Ecobrick fire blocks from tractor supply and absolutely love them. Don't get me wrong I still burn conventional firewood probably 60-70 percent of the time but I have to say I am impressed with those compressed sawdust bricks they sell. I only use them when I want a...