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    Clarkson’s Farm

    Yea, that kid is the real deal. So glad they took locals from the village to play their natural parts rather than some know-nothing actors.
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    Clarkson’s Farm

    We watched the first season of Jeremy Clarkson who decides to run his own 1000 acre farm in the UK after his farm manager retires. Was quite good and funny.
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    How long before Compact Diesels are obsolete?

    Battery technology is one of those areas that doesn’t improve. The lead acid battery was invented in 1859, 162 years ago, and we still use them today. Electric vehicles really only trade one inefficiency for another. Trade an inefficient combustion engine for an efficient electric motor, but...
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    Choosing between sub-compact and compact options.

    For the OP’s needs I’d be looking at a zero turn for the mowing and a Kubota Grand L or MX series or equivalent tractor from another manufacturer.
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    Why don’t tractors have dedicated tie down points?

    Can’t answer your question as to why tractors don’t have dedicated tie down points, but axle straps hooked to chain binders or 10,000lb ratchet straps work good. Lodi Metals is your friend for all things tie-down related.
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    2021 Chevy Silverado 2500HD gas vs. diesel?

    I’m looking into buying an F350. I like diesel, but my concern is out-of-warranty repair costs. Just bothers me knowing that at any moment you could have a $5000 repair bill to replace the injectors. Reminds me of a chat I had with a guy who owned a big diesel box truck. He said he keeps $10K...
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    GM 2.7 I-4 Turbo gas engine.

    Toyota is coming out with their new Tundra soon which is rumored to have the 400+ hp twin turbo V6 out of the Lexus LS500. I’m waiting to see what the specs are on it before pulling the trigger on a new truck. It’ll either be a new Tundra or Ford Super Duty with the 7.3L V8. In principle, I’m...
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    New Member Looking for small Hobby Farm Tractor (part 2)

    Good post and you’re on the right track laying out your needs to help us help you. A budget of $4-5K will get you an older 2wd tractor which is OK. All our fathers got’er done with that so you can too. The key is to get as much weight in a 2wd tractor as possible in the frame size you want...
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    Shipping vehicle cross country. Experiences?

    I had my Land Cruiser shipped 2000 miles from Virginia to New Mexico. I opted for a covered trailer instead of open one for more protection. It cost $2K and rode with a few Lambo’s and Ferrari’s. No problems.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I clocked this 90’s Chevy truck towing a double axle horse trailer at 90mph today on I-25N in central New Mexico.
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    Need / want a pickup truck

    My 40 year-old Toyota Land Cruiser still runs good.....:)
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    Box Scraper Notch Box Blade

    Have you fellas ever seen a box blade like this before? Looked pretty interesting. I like the hydraulically controlled gauge wheels and tilt features. Seems it’d work better than on the 3pt because it could undulate with the terrain. What’ya think?
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    Common sense and GPS?

    A few years ago a trucker followed his GPS down the Schafer Trail in Canyonlands National Park, Utah. It’s a Jeep trail with a 1000ft drop off that switch backs down the cliff. He couldn’t make it and had to disconnect the trailer. He had his back wheels dangling off the cliff trying to turn around.
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    Float Ride Gooseneck Trailer

    This TFL Truck video came across my feed about a company called Float Ride that’s building gooseneck trailers with a unique air-cushioned neck design. Claims to offer a much smoother ride and improved braking performance. Thought you fellers might find it interesting.... Exclusive: Can This...
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    New Mexico 330 Gallon Plastic Totes

    Saw this on Craigslist, Las Cruces, NM. Seems like a pretty good deal. Metal cage with metal pallet underneath for $75/ea. 33 GALLON PLASTIC TANKS...IBC TOTES - general for sale - by owner
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    2020 Ford Tremor

    What do you fellas think of the new Super Duty Tremor package? Here’s a good video of the new gas and diesel Tremors playing in a rock quarry. I Drove the Gas and Diesel Ford F-250 Tremor Off-Road, and THIS One is Clearly Better! - YouTube
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Saw this leaning semi cab on a utility trailer today on I-25 South in New Mexico.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Seen today in El Paso, TX
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Saw this today. Have no idea if it’s legal but I reckon it is. Sure seems like a lot of weight up high.
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    Tractor Sizing Please help a guy out!

    Did you try the rocker pedal on a Kubota Grand L? It’s way better IMO than the rocker pedal on the standard L’s.
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    Buying Advice First time on 5 acres - tractor selection?

    I don’t believe the hp should be a concern for you. I borrowed my neighbors L2501 to mow my 8 acres of thick pasture here in Virginia and it did great. And if you have HST you can go as slow as you need to mow through anything. I believe in your case, on 5 acres, the benefit of having a large...
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    Sending Oil Samples For Analysis

    My neighbor and I got into a heated discussion about Toyota recommended 10,000 mile oil changes. I believed that if Toyota recommended this in their owners manual then it must be fine. He believed that it was crazy to go 10,000 miles between oil changes. Blackstone settled it, it and confirmed...
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    Moving Cross Country - Questions

    I accepted a three-year long job opportunity and will be moving cross country from Virginia to New Mexico. We’ll be renting out our eight acre horse property in Virginia and moving into a subdivision home in New Mexico. I noticed there’s no grass in New Mexico, so the question arises of what to...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Ha! Yea, the Family Truckster!
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    This guy looks like a real least he has positive toungue weight.
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    Utility Trailer - What type of design worked best for you.

    I have a 7’ x 14’ PJ trailer with a single 5200lb axle. It has removable sides, well protected wiring, bull dog coupler, spare tire, and LED lights all around. I use removable stake pocket D rings for tie downs and PJ’s Ready-Rail system allows you to add a lot of extra features. I plan on...
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Saw this beefy trailer on I-66 today. Looks like they just chopped the rear end off a 53’ flat bed. Bet is has a **** of a payload!
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    Ford 7.3L Gas Engine

    Specs were just released on Fords new 7.3L gas motor, 430hp and 475lb/ft of torque. Cam in block push rod motor, forged crank, pistons/rods ready for boost, 4 bolt main bearing caps, cast iron block, built for durability, longevity, simplicity, and ease of maintenance. Makes 400lb/ft of torque...
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    LED Lighting For John Deere GT225 Garden Tractor

    I replaced the halogens on my X590 with these. Worked great, night vision is much improved: LUYED 2 X 1700 Lumens Extremely Bright 1156 4014 102-EX Chipsets 1156 1141 1003 7506 LED Bulbs Used For Backup Reverse Lights,Xenon White(Brightest LED in market)...
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    Rotary Cutter Say No to Rear Bands on Rotary Cutters, Get Chains!

    Today, for the second time this year, I bent the rear metal band on my bush hog backing up into a small low cut stump hiding in the grass, causing the blades to impact the back of the bush hog. Last time I spent a lot of time repairing it, this time I’m just going to remove it all together and...
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    Why virtually no single axle 5,000 lb GVWR cargo trailers

    I have a single axle 7’ x 14’ PJ utility trailer with a 5200lb axle. It doesn’t have brakes so it’s legally limited to 3500lbs total weight in the state of Virginia. If I installed brakes then I’d have to get it inspected every year. So far I haven’t had a need to carry that much weight but the...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    At least try and strap it down....geez this guy pulled over to let me pass and almost took out the mailboxes in the process...
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    Rake Landscape rake guage wheels

    Tractor supply sells gauge wheel kits for $299. Everything Attachments also sells a kit for ~$350.
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    Chicken Tractor for Tractors

    Wanted to update this thread with the solution we came up with for our new chicken tractor. I was originally going to use hydraulic cylinders to lift the coop. Then in the Hydraulics section they recommended I use linear actuators which I thought would work well. In the end, due to cost, $62...
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    Hydraulic Lift for Chicken Tractor

    The new chicken tractor is officially mobile and had its maiden voyage this morning! In the end, frugality prevailed and we end up using a single trailer jack to lift the coop and move the swing arm. I wanted to go for a high speed solution with linear actuators but the cost was $330/ea then I’d...
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    Hydraulic Lift for Chicken Tractor

    This is what I’m going for if you can envision it. Will have a bar going between the swingarms that two linear actuators will push down on, one on each side.
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    Hydraulic Lift for Chicken Tractor

    Thanks for the replies. I’m already committed to the wheels and their positioning since I already bought the steel, wheels, spindles, bearings, etc. and I’ve already fabricated some components. I’ll take more pics and provide them so that you guys can see how it’s coming together and help me...
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    Hydraulic Lift for Chicken Tractor

    Howdy, I’m almost done building a chicken tractor for the wife and I need to decide on how to lift the chicken tractor onto its rear wheels. I’m debating between a hydraulic lift system or one using trailer jacks. My question is: Is it possible to have a single manual hydraulic pump operate...
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    How long you been in the game?

    I just turned 48 and we bought 8 acres about 40 miles outside of Washington DC in 2015. We went from a town house in the city and two compact cars to 8 acres in the country. It’s been a challenge ramping up to get all the equipment needed maintain the property. An even bigger challenge has been...
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    Want a MIG welder, but what kind?

    I just got a new Millermatic 211 dual voltage MIG welder and it packs a punch even on 110V. It’ll weld as thin as 24ga and up to 3/8” on 220V. It’s very versatile because you can use it for thin stuff like auto body or thick stuff like tractor implements. I’m running 75/25 Argon/CO2 mix. My...
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    Rotary Cutter CountyLine Rotary Cutter for a NH TC35a?

    Is this the one you’re considering? I saw one today at Tractor Supply. Seems like all that flat bar on the deck would trap all kinds of grass, dirt, and moisture leading to rust, etc. It’s also stitch welded instead welded all the way around.
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    Buying Advice The Bathtub Curve of New Product Quality

    I found this video interesting explaining that new manufactured products have higher failure rates at the very beginning of their life cycle and also at the very end, which can be represented by a bathtub shaped curve when plotted against risk of failure (y axis) and time/usage (x axis). So...
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    I know its cool... but what is the real world purpose?

    We just had a chicken coop delivered on one of those. They’re good for maneuvering things into tight spots in yards and gardens, etc.
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    Single Axle Utility Trailer

    I’m about to pull the trigger on a PJ 7 x 14ft single axle utility trailer with a 5200lb axle to tow behind my 2006 Honda Ridgeline. It’s going to be used for hauling 16ft fence boards, metal roof panels, and dead trees and brush. I won’t be towing tractors or anything really heavy. The...
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    Buying Advice New L3560 Limited and Standard Versions

    Yea, I’ve measured the widths of both the L3560 and L4060 recently, both with R4’s, and they were about the same width, about 70-71in. Top pic is L3560, second one is the L4060. I know the widths are adjustable on the Grand L’s, looks to me like most dealerships set the rear tire width to match...
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    Buying Advice New L3560 Limited and Standard Versions

    Went to Messick’s today and had a great experience. When I arrived the tech had just finished assembling their first L3560 Limited Edition and they let me drive it around the building. It’s a beautiful machine. It was a cold windy day in PA today and the first thing I noticed was how nice it was...