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    TC33da new holland[ford}

    I just bought the above tractor . I love it so far but would like to have aux hydraulic outlets, at least one. Does anyone have one or has anyone bought one for a tc33?
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    Briggs Question

    I know this isn't a lawn tractor, but the answer will apply to them. I have a Terrimite T5 with a Briggs 18 HP engine. A couple days ago the starter bendix went out. I got a new bendix yesterday and installed it this morning. Bear in mind that you have to remove the fuel tank, grill, then the...
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    I'm getting TBN on my new laptop by wifi and I don't have a router. Am I stealing or is it like an antenae for TV? Tell me what you think. later,Nat PS I'm out it the country, but within 1/2 mile of a high school as the crow flies
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    John Deere 40 finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I forgot to take any before pics, but here are some finished pics. When I got it the hood was bent down in the midle, 2 flat tires, grill screen missing, tool box and battery covers missing, lower grill cowl broken off top section, no seat and it didn't run. The running problem was fixed by...
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    Southeast Old Time Threashers Reunion

    My brother and I went to the threashers reunion today in Denton NC. I heard someone say there were 3000 tractors there. I know there were a lot. The newest I saw was a 1965 806 Farmall that was nicer than it came from the factory the oldest That I saw a date on was 1916 Altman-Taylor. I'd bet...
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    Sargent York!

    A few weeks backs there was a post where someone had just watched the movie about Sargent York.The topic was on his farm in TN. I went to the Southeast Old Time Threashers Reunion today and made a couple pics of Sargent Yorks personal tractor the he bought new in 1958. Hope someone enjoys...
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    John Deere 40 standard

    I picked up a new toy today. A JD 40. It hadn't been started in nearly a year. One front tire was down, fuel tank was dry, but it has a new battery, so I put gas in it , hit the starter and it fired. I flooded it so I had to pull it 10 -15 feet and it started right up. I drove it onto the...
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    Red Hot Pokers??????

    Vickie planted some red hot poker plants a couple years ago. I don't know the proper name and realy don't care, we just like to see them. The attract a lot of butterflies and hummingbirds and the look nice. My problem is that they grow the spikes pretty long and they just fall over then they...
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    Need some math help!!!!!

    I picked up an old C Allis Chalmers tractor last week. It seems to be a pretty good old treactor. It has been converted to a 3PH. The hitch works good but the arms on the rock shaft are to long. The rockshaft arms stick out 14 1/2 " drom the center of the shaft to the center of the swivel eyes...
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    Allis Chalmers B and CA

    I have posted pics of the last B that I rehabbed, but none of the CA that I bought last summer. I didn't mess with it till winter and then repainted it and put a 3PH on it. This is a real good stout little tractor. It pulls a 2 bottom 14 " turning plow and runs my 5' bushhog well. It's hard to...
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    Big Cat Concrete mixer

    I guess this is a good place to vent. I bought a Big cat Mixer to mix small batches of mortar mix/ concrete. It has a 1/3 hp electric motor and a worn drive. I bought it at an estate sale and it had never been used, it cost me 95.00 which I thought was pretty reasonable. I took it home and...
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    can't proove it. but!!!!!

    this was sent to me today. It may not be true, but sure is a good story BEST LAWYER STORY OF THE YEAR, DECADE AND PROBABLY THE >> CENTURY >> >> > Charlotte, North Carolina. A lawyer purchased a box of very rare >> and >> expensive cigars, then insured them against, among other...
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    Need some help!!!!

    I have been on this forum for years and " know" lots opf you are pretty good on computers, so I need some help. In the past I just logged on to TBN and every time I returned I was still logged on. Now however, I have to logon each time and I also have to refresh each page, cause the topic that...
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    127 cub cadet questions

    I have an old 127 Cub Cadet mower. It has a 12 hp Kohler engine that was getting pretty tired. It took a long time to get it started and it didn't have enough power so I tore it down to find the problem. The rings were wore badly and 1 was broken so I put new rings in. While I had it apart I...
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    Allis Chalmers B

    A while back I posted about a B- AC that I had bought. I thought it would be pretty rare as it had a Snap Coupled that was unuasal on a B, and the cultivators were a quick mount that I had never seen before. I finally got it finished except for the decals that should be here in the next day or...
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    3 cyl deisel engine-Perkins

    I know a lot of you here are always building a small tractor of some type and the power plant is always an issue. I have a small 3 cyl Perkins diesel that would make a great small tractor, repower a garden tractor, wood splitter, home generator ect. If anyone is interested e-mail or PM me...
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    How to find what kind of engine I have?

    I bought 2 portable welders a few weeks back. One is a Lincoln 225 with the 2 cyl Onan engine. It works great. The other has had a short in the generator and burned up the generator and would cost more to fix than it would be worth. BUT, it has a great running 3 cyl diesel engine. The seller...
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    need some info please

    I'm back. Had to go to work for a few weeks out of town. It was a great job but 72-78 hrs per week and could only work 6 days in 7, so not much time to post. Vickie and I are going to go to S. Dakota with some friends for vacation for a few weeks. We are leaving the first of June and need any...
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    Here is a little project I'm working on.I picked up an old service station signpost from an old American Gas station that we ran when I was a teenager. My dad farmed, built houses, was a loom fixer in a local cotton mill, and he opened a gas station, and this signpost came from it. I took it...
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    Road of death!!!!!!!!!!!

    SIL sent me a link to this road, I don;t want to drive here Fundumper - Weird Pictures - Road of Death Later, Nat
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    Anyone's elses wife decorate YOUR tractor shed?

    My wife loves the Christmas season, the house is always decorated just so. This year it took a new turn, she decorated my tractor shed. She put a small Christmas tree on the porch, ceramic candles in the windows, and old santa peeking out a window. Then she put a wreath on the door and I had to...
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    Need some B Allis experts.

    I brought and old B Allis home today and it is pretty unusual. It has 3 piece cultivators, not like the 1 piece that is all I've ever seen on a B, and it has seperate front and rear lift simular to a super A Farmal. It also has a snap coupler on the rear that raises and lowere the rear toolbar...
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    Does anyone have Rheumatoid Arthritis? I went for years having arthritis and the associated pain, taking asprins till my ears would ring. Some days it wasn't any problem and then on others I didn't even want to move. I sorta figured I learn to live with it. I also Have torn the rotator cuff in...
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    Here is a pic of the current old iron I'm working on. It is a 1951 Allis Chalmbers B. It origionally came with an Allis Hitch. They called this the "family" tractor. I think it was because it took a whole family to put the cultivators on it. I converted it to a 3PH. I used as much origional...
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    Allmond TLB 25

    I picked up a TLB 25 last week. I wasn't sure how much work it was capable of till I got it home. I'm amazed at the power and capacity it has. I always have some prroject going on and need a backhoe for some clearing and footing work. I figured I would buy this and use it till I didn't need it...
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    PM flashing Flag

    Why don't I have a flashing flag when I have a PM any more, I used to, now I don't. ??????????Any Ideas? thanks, Nat
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    Drill Press

    Anyone want one? This is a 20" excelsior and it is free to whomever picks it up. It appears to be in good condition, just needs a motor. I put an old 1/3 HP blower moter on it and it ran fine just didn't have enough power, I expect a 3/4HP would be plenty. This thing probably weighs 800-1000 lbs...
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    3PH forks

    I made me a set of forks for the tractor a while ago and just havn't gotten around to posting it. I used some short pieces of 4" and 5" chanell that was at the shop. All the cuts are square and none were over 32" long. except for the forks which are 2" x2" x1/4" tubing and they are 36" long. It...
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    landscape rake

    Eddie started a thread on making a simplified landscape rake a few weeks ago. I asked him where to get the tines and ordered some for myself. I used steel that was already here so I didn't have to go buy any more. I made the main frame out of some 1" X 2" X 1/4" tubing. The triangle shape is so...
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    A different tractor shed!

    I have been keeping the tractor under the front of my shop and it is always in the way, so I knew I needed a tractor shed. Vickie has been wanting an old building like an old store or a saloon so she could decorate it to fit our place so I killed 2 birds with one stone. I made it by laminating...
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    126 Hydro CUB Cadet

    I have an old CC 126 with the hydroststic transmission. It works, mows,pulls good, but you have to keep your hand on the hydro lever to keep speeding up/ slowing down. The lever isn't moving but the speed keeps ghanging so you have to keep moving the hydro lever to compensate. I had heard that...
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    I need some help

    OK, our trip is on for the first 2 weeks in April. It will be Vickie and I, and another couple. We pull a 33' 5th wheel and they pull a 29' TT. We want to see the area of TX from just S of I-20 from LA to maybe just W of Dallas. Probally not even go into big D, just cause I'm an old country boy...
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    Dump trailer

    I sold my old dump truck because I can't justify the expense of tag and insurance for no more than I use it, and it was awfully slow on the road. Since I need a dump often I thought I would build me a dump trailer. It seems like there is a lot of interest in dump trailers so I thought I would...
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    I picked up a C-farmall today and will be doing some repairs,painting, decals, and converting to 12 volts. To cold for me to take pics today, but I will take some tomorrow, and will update till finished. I'm putting on a 3PH, and may make it a keeper. I have a 3000 ford with a FEL, but use it...
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    Yard trailer

    Harbor freight had some tires and wheels on sale last week, so I bought the last 4 4.00 x6 x 13" OD tires they had. Our daughter has Vickie's trailer so I decided to build me one. I used 2"x2"x1/8" angle for the frame and some 2"x2"x1/4" tubing for the walking beams. It has 1/2" treated plywood...
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    tree grubber.

    Several people have mentioned these, so I thought I would post some pics of the most recent one I made. I made one 25 years ago and cleared 5 ac. with it and an old WD Allis Chalmers.
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    Where is Eddie?

    Havn't heard from him, must be to hot to work, but it never stopped him before, Latter, Nat
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    Anyone going to The Denton Threashers Reunion?

    The Denton Old Time Threashers Reunion is this weekend, will prolly have 300-500 vintage tractors, threashers, etc. Last year I watched a Rummley Oil Pull steel wheeled tractor pull 6 ,14" plows, and old cat 10 pulling a combine, A working steam shovel and more tractors than you can shake a...
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    Eddie Walker, How's the Campground coming?

    Eddie Walker, How\'s the Campground coming? My wife and I, and another couple are going to the San Antonio area the first of April and remembered you were building a campground. Was just wondering if you are getting close? Later, Nat
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    hydronic (underfloor hot water heat

    I'm building a new house and I want to use under floor hot water for heat. The local gas company will install 500 feet of line free and will give me 550.00 rebate to use on appliances, so I'll have a water heater and another water heater for the underfloor heat. I am going to use PEX piping and...
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    I have a TS2205, w/4 ' bushhog and a 4' scrape blade. I'm building a new house and have the tractor there. The footing inspector came by today and saw it sitting there and said he wanted a small tractor, and I want a bigger one so I said I'd sell it. He asked how much and I used the SWAG method...
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    Field repairs!!!!!!!!!

    I was digging my basement with my 555B TLB, when the linkage from the dipperstick to the bucket fell off. On inspection I saw the C-clip which holds pin in was gone. I found the spacer/washer in the dirt, but no C-clip. To far to go get another, so looked in truck, closest thing I could find was...
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    Major project started today!

    Wife and I bought 7 acres and are going to build a new house and shop. We currently live in and own a 1400 sq ft house sitting on 3.4 acres, with a 30 x36 shop. We're going to sell the present house after the new one is finished and it should be free and clear with money left over, Debt free...
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    Those little fittings with the hole in them!

    I just bought a 555 ford backhoe and the previous owner didn't know where they all were. I talking about grease fittings. All the points were creased except for the ones on the bottom of the front bucket. I had to remove the bucket and install new bushings. The origonal ones were worn paper thin...
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    lost the trailer!!!

    I posted this on the construction equipment page, but I thought it might need to be here also. Some of you have been following the thread on my search for a backhoe, so I thought I would fill you in. I ended up buying a Ford 555B. A friend of mine and I went to get it today with his F-9000...
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    Lost the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!

    Some of you have been following the thread on my search for a backhoe, so I thought I would fill you in. I ended up buying a Ford 555B. A friend of mine and I went to get it today with his F-9000 tri-axle dump and 20 ton Hudson trailer. We were about 1/2 way there( about 15 miles), when the...
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    need some help,answers on backhoes

    I posted this on another forum and I hoped ya'll could help. I'm going to build a new house and want a backhoe around during construction. I bought a 7 ac tract and it will require a good bit of grading, ditches, water lines, footings, and will need a loader to put plywood/ stuff up to roof...
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    I'm fixing to build a new house and am going to buy a backhoe to have around to dig,lift,grade,ect. I have owned several hoes before, so ain't totally ignorant, but still have some questions. I looked at a ford 555B, a 580C case, and a 310A JD. All were rough,beat up, put up wet to many times. I...
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    Zero turn mowers

    I really appreciate all the help in picking a new mower. I looked at Cub Cadet, John Deere,Yazoo,Ferris'Walker,Great Dame(same as John Deere),Toro, Simplicity,Husky, and Kubota. I bought the Kubota. All have some good points, and all have some weaknesses. The main reason for the Kubota was the...
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    Price Check zero turn mowers and price differences

    I'm looking at new mowers and have found a huge difference in price for several mowers that look comparable to me. 1. Cub Cadet Z-Force--3995.00--22 hp B&S 2. Yazoo/Kees midmax--4995.00--18 HP B&S 3. Great Dane Chariot--6000.00--17 hp Kawasaki 4. John Deere 717 Z-trak--6400.00--19hp Kawasaki...