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    2012 NH T4.75 buying advice

    I just want to say 'Thank You' to all of you on the forum! I really got a lot of good feedback and advice when buying my NH TC40DA. So I have a $1000 dollar deposit on a 2012 NH T4.75 with a 655TL loader (open station) 240 some hours! I'm probably one of the few that specifically does not want...
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    Buying Advice Buying a 2007 NH Tc40 DA w/ 250TL loader (today) ~ What to look for in assessing ???

    I know this is short notice but if there any suggestions on things to look for in my pre-purchase 'once over' I'd appreciate your $.02... The Tractor looks 'mint' with just under 600 hr's. Primarily I would like to tease out any transmission / cruise control issues (its a hydro) & I have NO...