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    Member of the Month.

    Congratulation to DeereMann being selected as Member of the Month.
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    Member of the Month

    Congratulations to "Deathtoblackberries" for being chosen Member of the Month.
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    Membe of the Month.

    Congratulation to Wagtail for being selected as Member of the Month.
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    Member Of The Month.

    Congratulations to "Shucksters" Newest Member Of The Month.
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    Newest Member of the Month

    Congratulations Mike R for being selected the newest Member of the Month:thumbsup:
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    Newest Member of the Month.

    Congratulations to Big Dooley for being selected the Newest Memner of the Month.
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    For Your Enjoyment.

    Scroll down for the 25 Brutally honest No Trepassing Signs. Your thoughts on the one you like the best. Miscellaneous - List25
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    Member of the Month.

    Congratulations to Kootch88 for being selected Member of the Month. BTW, Dear Sir, I respect you.
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    General Norman Schwarzkopf is dead..

    General Schwarzkopf died in Tampa, Florida. He was 78.
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    Member of the Month-Artisan.

    Congratulations to Artisan. Best wishes.
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    Congratulations-Member Of The Month

    Congratulations - "The Kid". Best wishes.
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    Does anyone remember? I do. Share your memories..

    While clearing fallen branches yesterday morning from the trees bordering the creek, during one of my breaks, my mind started reflecting on some memories from my earlier days. With the advent of cooler temperatures, I started thinking about hog killing that was done in late Fall and the early...
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    Diesel Aid - Any member using this additive?

    Two days ago, I dropped by my Kubota Dealer for a few supplies. The manager of the Parts Dept. showed me a bottle of "Diesel Aid" and highly recommended this product. I had never heard of this additive until then. Are any of you currently using this product? I would greatly appreciate any...
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    Congratulations. Member of the Month. wdchyd

    Congratulations in regards to "wdchyd" being chosen Member of the Month-August 2012.
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    Around two hours ago, I received a PM from a New Member that just joined today. The OP stated that he had a client in New York that was doing a survey in regards to "Compact Tractors". The OP asked me if I would take five-5 minutes to take the survey. He then asked for my telephone number...
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    Beretta M9

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    War Horse - Highly recommended movie for Horse Lovers

    My Wife and I watched this movie last night. We subscribe to Netflix. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. Especially, Horse lovers. I, personally guarantee that there will be some tears flowing. Excellant movie to watch. Thanks for reading. It is very doubtful that you will be disappointed.
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    What do you personally do when a Thunderstorm approaches?

    While listening to the local evening news today, the meteorologist pointed out these facts relating to thunderstorms in the State of North Carolina. (1) *There are an average of 500,000 strikes in an average year, resulting in around 9 to 12 strikes per square mile. (2) *From 2001 to 2010, North...
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    There are various quotes or sayings that I have heard or read during the course of my life, that have captured my attention. Some of these have even influenced my life in some way. One of my favorites is: "What is Honor? Honor is what no man can give you, and what no man can take away. Honor is...
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    Attention Dog Lovers- Sad beginning but good ending

    I was cooking supper and I just overheard this report on the Evening News. Dozens of Beagle dogs were just rescued from a now closed research lab in Spain. They had been kept in cages their entire lives. They were poked and prodded, and had never had the chance to go outside, walk on grass, or...
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    Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone-in advance

    I realize that there are two more days until Thanksgiving. But since some of you will be traveling for the Holiday and others busy preparing for the occasion, I just wanted to take the opportunity to express my deepest wishes to all of You and your Families that this Thanksgiving will be most...
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    What happened to TBN?? Previous post by Creekbend 08-28-2011

    I think that this website is great. All of us have probably learned something about various topics in relation to our love of tractors from the forums and threads interjected here. I know that I have gained invaluable information. Our seat time, whether it be farming or keeping up our...
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    What make of Tractor you own and what name have you given your Tractor?

    In regards to our association with our Tractors, I thought that it might be an interesting subject for ALL of us,as members of TBN, to list our Tractor's make and model and the PERSONAL NAME we call our TRACTOR. I don't know if this Thread has ever circulated before. I have a 2011 Kubota L4400...
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    Fire extinguishers use on farm???

    I am a relatively new member and I have reviewed many threads and posts regarding safety issues. Wondering how many members out there have fire extinguishers on their tractors, in their shops, and other locations on your farm. Thanks for your replies from Creekbend.:tractor::tractor:
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    286 Bush Hog Brand Rotary Mower- right choice?

    I recently purchased a 2011 Kubota L4400 equipped with front end loader and AG tires. This model has 45.3 engine HP and 37.5 PTO HP. I am looking to buy a Bush Hog brand rotary mower. The mower is a 286 model with a six foot cut. My tractor has a lift capacity at lift point of 2870 pounds and a...