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    Heard of this grease fitting?

    It called a Gaint button head fitting. It’s supposed to grease top roller on a tract style tractor. I guess it’s the only way to “lube” them. Some use heavy oil some use grease
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    600 series ford

    If you are standing at the rear of the tractor, PTO engaged does the PTO turn the same direction as the engine? Thank you
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    Vintage parts

    Does anyone have a suggestion on where to find Caterpillar tractor parts. Aftermarket will be fine
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    Tap brass oil

    What kind of oil do I supposed to use to tap brass?
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    Finding aftermarket parts

    Where do y’all go to get aftermarket things like oil filters and fan belts caterpillar tractors? I’m having a terrible time, but I know I just haven’t looked in the right place yet
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    640 ford lift problem

    Does anyone know how to troubleshoot the pump on an old 640 ford tractor. I primed mine, disked about two hours using the lift. After lunch about an hour the prime was lost again. And it’s kinda shaken going up and down. Any help, I’ll be thankful for. Mike
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    1085 Massey Ferguson looses prime after 48 hrs. 1979 mod

    My problem is: I have to prime the injector pump and bleed the injectors after it sits for two or three days. The tank is lower than the rest of the stuff. It's been this way for several years and I just joined this site and thought I would post this and get some ideas. I'm thinking the fuel...