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  1. Root Cause

    What is this?

    My trail cam takes a picture at 3 pm just to verify it is working. Here is today's pic. Beginning at 6:31 this afternoon this popped up. It happened about 3 more times. Does anyone know what this is? I looks like a dome or air blast. I am stumped and hoping someone will say, " oh, it...
  2. Root Cause

    I have a hydraulic leak

    I have had a small leak at the oil filter seal for some time. Very slow and figured I would address it when I change the filter. But now I am seeing more oil on the ground. I traced the leak to what looks like a very small set screw (could be an NPT or some variant) that is near the bottom of...
  3. Root Cause

    RV water heater - Propane Problem solved

    Thought this might be of help to others. While living in an RV part-time to build a house, filling the propane tank is a 60-mile round trip (added cost) just to have hot water. I just installed an electric conversion kit and it is working great. Under a $100 and I can use propane if I need a...
  4. Root Cause

    Backhoe Carryall?

    Like everyone else, I have wished for a carryall that is handy, low to the ground, and out of the way. I have a backhoe that I need to keep mounted as ballast and started thinking about the square space on either side of the backhoe or just under it that is available. It isn't intuitive to use...
  5. Root Cause

    Material costs rising- what would you buy now to hedge inflation

    So, I was supposed to build a house this year. I just finished phase one (well, septic, roads, and drainage) and am ready to start the actual build. With gas prices, inflation, supply-chain issues etc. it looks like the worst time in history to build something. I just read that Shanghai has...
  6. Root Cause

    Anyone use a HF plate compactor?

    I have a couple of large, residential projects underway. Renting a compactor is $175/day and that doesn't mean you get it when you need it. So, anyone buy or use one from Harbor Freight? I am not going into business with it. I need it to last for 20-30 hours. Ratings and YTube channels...
  7. Root Cause

    Neighbor thinks pot growers are in the area

    Wondering if anyone has had to address this issue. First off, I have no open areas to get much light. Not sure if that is good for this crop or not. Maybe I don't need to worry about it if they need 1/2 day of sunlight. My instincts are to not start a fight without knowing who the enemy is...
  8. Root Cause

    3rd function switch is backwards

    I have a 3rd function rocker switch on the joystick that is wired backward. Should I start at the + battery terminal? I don't see flipping the switch itself due to the way it is wired.
  9. Root Cause

    3rd Function hoses dragging - looking for a good solution

    I just installed a grapple. I can see where I need the length of hose on the rare occasion I have to elevate it. But there is a lot of excess hose dragging even after I coiled it a couple of times. So what do you all do? Coil it more? Is there a coiled cord like we had on old land lines...
  10. Root Cause

    hydraulic fittings don't match #%*@#

    My dealer whom I bought the tractor from just sold me a grapple. Tractor is 100 miles away and neither of us knew if my 3rd option lines were OEM or aftermarket (bought it with 80 hours). Of course the fittings don't match. And of course, I broke a crimp trying to get one of the fittings off so...
  11. Root Cause

    Water Stove Installation Ideas

    Other than smoke staining the ceiling of a metal building, is there a reason not to install a water stove inside my metal building? This is going to heat the house/water heater in house. If I buy one big enough, I can heat the building but it isn't a primary goal at present. Also, my gravel...
  12. Root Cause

    Maintenance thread for Mahindra Owner's

    It is well documented here and FB that the manual provides no information even for simple tasks like normal maintenance operations or pictures. Therefore, I am starting a thread to add pictures or information for those who follow in our footsteps. I will respectfully ask that others don't...
  13. Root Cause

    I feel like Steve Martin in, "The Jerk"

    It was probably dumb but Navin didn't feel like he existed until he found his name in the phone book. After 6 months, I finally have an address sign (not much else) in front of our new property. Now it makes sense. At least I got the tract-hoe out for a short spin today.
  14. Root Cause

    Out in field with 2638 manual is no help

    It looks like I am low on hydraulic/tranny fluid. No eyepiece or dipstick in sight. Manual offers nothing. Anyone know where it is on 2638 or 2538? thanks in advance.
  15. Root Cause

    Do I need a general contractor to build a house?

    I am recently retired. I have done my own repairs or upgrades in regards to electrical and plumbing over the years. I can do basic carpentry and have the tools to build anything. I have project management experience in the manufacturing world. I recently bought an IRC 0016 book online to...
  16. Root Cause

    How do you accurately find your property line to post signs and paint trees

    I want to purple paint some trees on my property line but no idea how to do it really accurately. I don't want to paint new neighbors' trees. I had it surveyed and know where the stakes are. What is in between is the issue. It is steep and dense. Hilltop on both ends. I have onXhunt...
  17. Root Cause

    Making a safe cable fence - looking for suggestions

    I am building a new home site but only there a couple of days a week right now. I put up a cable fence across the driveway with a "No trespassing" sign. I strung the cable through a couple of pieces of painted PVC so it shows up better. I don't want to strangle a kid or a deer so I...
  18. Root Cause

    My twisted sense of humor-what's yours?

    I blame my Dad for having a dry, twisted sense of humor that few others appreciate. I once told my wife that I could only laugh at her if she stopped laughing. In retrospect, that didn't go over well either. So I just saw this headline and wondered, how will we tell the two companies apart...
  19. Root Cause

    Post your favorite winter time stew or soup (Bonus points if it's easy)

    This is our favorite winter meal and maybe the easiest to make. Chopping up an onion is the hardest part. Freezes great too, we get about 12-13 bowls out of a double batch. Hoping others will post their favorites.
  20. Root Cause

    Grandma needs a new riding mower

    A good friend's Mom of 83, needs a new riding mower. She is not quite 5 feet tall. He has a new apartment ready for her when she gives up the single life but she is not close by so a used one is probably out of the question. Hoping someone here has a good answer and guessing it needs to be a...
  21. Root Cause

    security camera without service or a router?

    My outbuilding is complete on a new home site (to be built next spring). I have a wifi, motion camera, and solar panels but no router or service yet at the site. Wondering if anyone has overcome such an issue. I have a hot spot through Verizon and wondered if I could use it but I have to...
  22. Root Cause

    Looking for a better idea on how to improvise cutting back a road

    I am looking for a cheap and efficient way to trim back tree limbs from the road with what i already own. Pole saw, trailer, SXS or tractor is what I have. I looked a flail mower here where the tongue could offset mowing ditches and wondered if I could improvise using my trailer by making a...
  23. Root Cause

    Titan Attachments Anyone?

    I have a 2638 Mahindra with a 60B backhoe. I want a 9" bucket and looking for options that are in stock now. Any feedback is appreciated especially if someone has the same backhoe and found an off brand that works.
  24. Root Cause

    If you were building from scratch....

    Just some background info. to pick your brains and my questions are mainly regarding drainage and fire breaks. I am clearing for a home and storage building in the mountains of NC. The area is on a 10° slope. The land is covered in oak, maple, and pine trees. The mountain laurels are thick...
  25. Root Cause

    Whatcha listening to?

    I spend a lot of time listening to spotify. I grew up on 60-80s rock and 90s country. But it all gets old and looking for new stuff. I just stumbled onto "Home Free" and like the their version of Seven Bridges by the Eagles. Looking for ideas and hoping others will share what they listen...
  26. Root Cause

    Metal building install- looking for ideas

    Short version: I am about to have a large, metal building put on the new property. Funds are not unlimited so thinking a dirt floor is fine for RV, tractor, etc. Seems like gravel would just cost more and make it difficult to roll a chipper, tiller, or trailer around by hand. Thoughts, ideas...
  27. Root Cause

    General safety tips for all things CO2 and LP gases

    I highjacked a generator thread that had turned into a propane thread so thought I should put this in a separate thread. I felt compelled to write this as we can all relate to the fact that time passes quickly and we don't think to check these things on a regular basis. Manufacturers and...
  28. Root Cause

    Cheap carry-all

    Cobbled this 1st cross member last night. It can be improved for sure but good enough for prove of concept. I will add posts to hang gloves to dry and will add canopy once the cross beam is right. Used it all morning and no steaks or issues. Not heavy weight and need a better phone holder...
  29. Root Cause

    Water-stove vs. Heat pump vs. Propane

    What makes the most sense when planning a new house? I want a primary and a backup system for heating. I will definitely have a generac in place as well. Details below if you are willing to digest all of it and thanks for any feedback. Background- Just now clearing about an acre of mostly...
  30. Root Cause

    Mahindra with 60B backhoe

    I am stuck out here in God's country a new thumb and can't find directions. Looks like multiple ways to assemble it. Hoping someone has a good picture of one to see which bolt goes on top vs. bottom and see which way the C channel, adjusting bracket faces. Thanks for any help as google was no...
  31. Root Cause

    Is a 6' box blade too much for a compact?

    I am clearing land with a 2638 Mahindra. I would like a 6' box blade to further reduce the cost of having someone do the finish work. Next year, I am thinking a smaller compact will maintain the drive and clear a tree on occasion. IF that puts 5-10k back in my pocket, then I will do so. (if...
  32. Root Cause

    Trouble finding insurance for tractor

    My homeowner's insurance agent has been exceptionally slow to respond to my inquiries so I have been looking for another company to provide a standalone quote for my new tractor. I have connected with the major companies with no luck. I am in NC if that helps. I am not a business owner, it is...
  33. Root Cause

    Found this on the ground ???

    Greetings everyone, My first post and of course, it comes with a question. I just bought a used tractor with 80 hours on the clock. (Mehindra 2638 with FEL and backhoe) After adding 4 hours on it, I found this on the ground and hoping someone will know what it is. It's about 10" long...