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    Kubota Transmission/Hydraulic Oil

    Mobil 424 is a very high quality oil that meets or exceeds Kubuta udt specs. Unless you operate in a lot of sub zero weather it should be more than up to the job. I purchased a 55 gallon drum about 18 months ago for $725.00. A lot of dealers stock it. You can buy 5 gallon pails, do not know...
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    Kubota GR2000 & GR2100 Rear Axle Failures

    It sure seems that Kubota knew there was a design flaw in the original design. And that they stuck owners of this model with a big repair bill knowing the design was flawed. Other manufacturers have pulled this stunt too. Based on Kubota's reputation one would think they would have handled this...
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    What is the good Chainsaw for clearing?

    Echo chainsaws are not made by MTD. Yamiboko Corp owns Echo. The only chainsaw I could find on a google search owned by MTD is Remington. Echo builds quality equipment although they are often set up lean from the factory. A good tune and muffler mod wakes them right up. They do fall a bit short...
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    Stopping re growth of cut brush

    I in the last 2 years have eradicated an invasive plant called Japanese Barberry bush. It is a very hardy hard to kill picker bush that spreads very easily and grows into large clumps up to 7 feet high. I found that cutting it off and immediately spraying the stumps with a 12 oz to the gallon...
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    no till drill's

    I generally plant red and white clover. Red @ 8 lb acre and white @ 5 lb acre along with wheat or oats @ 60 lb to the acre. I simply mix it all together and then put it in the seeder and set it up so it spreads the entire mix in one acre.
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    no till drill's

    Yes on the Great Plains unit. With the Genesis I just mix the seed before putting it in the planter. As mentioned I just sewed wheat and clover mix. If you wanted to just seed for instance clover on the GP unit you need the small seed box. On the Genesis you can get it adjusted without one. But...
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    no till drill's

    I am pretty sure when I bought my Genesis they were listed at almost 3000 lb. Someone mentioned the newer models were lighter? The hitch capacity on the 4700 is 2500 lb. Never even tried it. But I can tell you after owning mine for something like 6 years, I believe a utility tractor is the right...
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    no till drill's

    I have the Genesis 5. I have planted corn @ 21 inch rows, 3 rows per pass, wheat mixed with clovers, turnip/radish mixes and soybeans. It works well and is relatively easy to set up. It is too heavy for the 48 HP John Deere 4700. I use it with the 80 HP McCormick. Never had any trouble with it...
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    Tanaka clogged carb

    I am not brand specific, usually, just look for a quality product. Always put in my own stabilizer regardless if it lists it as having it or not.
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    Tanaka clogged carb

    I too have a Tanaka saw, a pole saw, as well as a Stihl which extends. Much prefer the Tanaka. It is a very high quality saw. Tanaka is not popular in the US and they only make smaller saws, 50 cc is about it. I cut a lot as I have an outdoor wood furnace and a sawmill. I have Stihl, Husqvarna...
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    Tanaka clogged carb

    A quick google search indicates we are both right. Some Tanaka parts are made in China and there have been some ownership buyouts. Hitachi was listed as one. Did not see anything about Makita.
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    Tanaka clogged carb

    Tanaka is not chinese junk. It is a high quality japanese product. Not properly taking care of equipment will wreck the best made stuff out there. Leaving fuel to go bad in a small engine is hardly the manufacturer's fault.
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    TSC has their Traveler Premium HDEO oil on sale.

    Thought a few of you may be interested. TSC has their 15W40 Premium HDEO oil in the 2.5 gallon containers on sale. $26.99 compared to Rotella @ $35.99. That coupled with a 10% off coupon and the fact that I have a no sales tax account there made for a very good buy. I picked up 4 jugs. I have...
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    Ford F150 5.0 vs eco...

    Thinking on a new truck. Looking at all makes. For the first time in 34 years I am seriously considering a Ford. Very impressed with the King Ranch option. I would prefer for this thread NOT to become a brand basher, seeking opinions related to the 5.0 vs the eco. Looking for real world...
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    Pequea CX550 chipper

    One of these are listed in the local paper for $1500. Ad does not state condition. So before I call does anyone here on the forum have any experience with this unit? Any idea of what new price would be and if this is a good used price, pending condition of course? Any good or bad comments...
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    3 Point Woods Dual Forklift

    Have been searching for a set of forks when I came across these. I could not find much info on the net on these. They are Woods Dual and have 2 hydraulic cylinders, 1 to lift and 1 to tilt. Mount on the 3 point hitch, Cat 2. They are in very good condition. They connect into remotes, obviously...
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    New Implement Shed

    A few pics of the implement shed that a few friends and I built over the last 2 weeks. This all started when I purchased the new McCormick this year and did not have enough space in the garage. I also had several items that I was storing under tarps which my wife just hated. So what else to do...
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    Iseki - Bolens parts?

    Can anyone recommend some places that sell parts for the Iseki Bolens machines. Have a friend that needs some parts for the front PTO that drives the MMM. Thanks in advance for any help here!
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    3 Point Sprayer?

    Any recs from the users here on a 3 point sprayer? I do not do that much at a time so I have already figured on a 55 gallon or so unit. Also since I go through the woods to get to food plots I need booms that will go vertical. Any recs on brands etc? Thanks!
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    Buying Advice Mccormick C80L

    Hello to all! - I do not post here much but I read the forums several times a week. Looking to add a tractor to the stable. Currenly have a JD 4700 with loader/backhoe that has been excellent. Looking for something a little bigger for tillage, planting, etc. Came across the CL series from...