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  1. workinonit

    which grease for slow & fast bearings & bushings

    I use Royal Purple and have for 20 years. We used it on all of our motors at the power plant. If it will keep motor bearings working there it is good for me. You can use 1/2 as much at 1/2 the intervals. I used to get the grease and motor oil free from the rep that called on us. I was using it...
  2. workinonit

    Chisel plow id ?

    I buy my points from AgriSupply.
  3. workinonit

    Chisel plow id ?

    What are you planning on pulling that thing with? My 90 HP tractor pulls the 7 shank well but it's all it wants. The 9 shank needs 100+HP.
  4. workinonit

    Chisel plow id ?

    I don't know who made it but I have one exactly like it. I also have a 7 shank like it as well.
  5. workinonit

    New Purchase Flail mower with Hammers

    I think you need a brand new 75 HP tractor. :ROFLMAO:
  6. workinonit

    Help NH. Workmaster 33!

    Are you saying the revving and shutting off issue is related to the tach not working?
  7. workinonit

    New Purchase Flail mower with Hammers

    If you decide to get an offset flail, get a hydraulically controlled unit. I bought a Maschio Tigre 300 that was mechanical slide and it didn't take me long to go to Ag South and get a cylinder for it. I'm not a fan of ditch bank flails if you are just cutting flat places.
  8. workinonit

    Offers I can't refuse?

    I get them as well. But mine are probably 4 times what I paid for the place but maybe 1/2 what it's worth. Some of the ones I get are legit offers. I've looked them up and they are in the business.
  9. workinonit

    County Noise Ordinances?

    Yea, I can't even imagine someone coming down my 1/3 mile driveway to tell me my Honda engine pressure washer was driving them crazy. They would get laughed at. We have no noise ordinances
  10. workinonit

    Plan Has Come Together To keep Me Busy In Retirement.

    Nice setup. You gotta haul one hell of a lot of hay to pay for those toys.
  11. workinonit

    County Noise Ordinances?

    How far away from you is the guy?
  12. workinonit

    The Resting Place.

    I won't voice my opinion on her except to say that no person should die while serving in Congress unless their death is untimely. We have far too many old farts in Washington that need to retire. I would have respected her if she supported term limits.
  13. workinonit

    PTO Shaft Guard That is Easy to Deal With?

    On the JD tractors that I have had it is just 4 bolts. They flip up but are still in the way. They are just more aggravation than they are worth.
  14. workinonit

    The Resting Place.

    I liked him as Iliad Kuryakin.
  15. workinonit

    Can we clean it up?

    Yea, this site is a perfect example of social media that we get sucked into and don't really consider it to be social media because we discuss "tractors". So we are all guilty of falling into the trap of the interweb in some form or fashion.
  16. workinonit

    Ditch and Bank Mowers -- Too Fragile for Regular Use?

    I still find seatbelts most uncomfortable and don't typically wear them.
  17. workinonit

    Can we clean it up?

    I can't keep up with the different generations, millennials, GenZ, etc. But somewhere along the line the younger gens not only believe but rely on what they read and hear from social media. To the point that it's scary. Imagine if we planned our day on what Kim Kardashian was doing or saying. We...
  18. workinonit

    Can we clean it up?

    The web gave social media the platform to exist. I think social media is a very bad device. We could have done well with the information the web gave us but without the individual anonymity social media provides. Gone are the days of the "you say, own it" mentality and now life is just a bunch...
  19. workinonit

    Ditch and Bank Mowers -- Too Fragile for Regular Use?

    I guess I grew up running tractors before loaders were a thing. To this day a tractor to me still feels awkward with a loader on it. I use it when I need it which is quite a bit but when I don't need it I don't want it on my tractor.
  20. workinonit

    Ditch and Bank Mowers -- Too Fragile for Regular Use?

    I can see that. I don't mow anything that has any surprises in it so that's a non-issue for me. I just find it cumbersome to maneuver with. I put mine on or take it off 4 to 5 times a week at times. I can put it on or take it off in 5 minutes. Mine is easy and fast.
  21. workinonit

    Ditch and Bank Mowers -- Too Fragile for Regular Use?

    I have a rotary ditchbank cutter that I wouldn't even consider doing straight line mowing with for the very reason you posted this thread. Mine is super heavy and if you aren't careful it will flip a tractor in a heartbeat. I just don't think these types of cutters are made for that use. But...
  22. workinonit

    Can we clean it up?

    I do my level best to not derail a thread. I also am not a big politics discusser but when a thread about everyday living or tractors or rural life crosses into the political discussion that is at the core of the reason for the discussion to begin with it's ridiculous to dance around the issue...
  23. workinonit

    The Life of a Custom Mowing contractor

    You're lucky. Most of the "techs" these days are no better than I am after I've had to spend a few hours troubleshooting something. By that time I find that I can teach them things. JD is really bad. There's not a tech at my dealer that can tell you anything about how a regen works on a new...
  24. workinonit

    Can we clean it up?

    What the hell is wrong with you people. The reason these things end up in threads is because we can't talk about anything that the government doesn't have their fingers in. You people need to get some thicker skin. I get not having full blown political discussions because they ultimately serve...
  25. workinonit

    Virginia - 24ft Diamond C HDT 207 Equipment Trailer

    I want the Land Cruiser. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: (y)
  26. workinonit

    PTO Shaft Guard That is Easy to Deal With?

    That tractor guard is one of the first things that gets removed on a new tractor for me. I can't deal with them. I have 3 brand new ones in my shop.
  27. workinonit

    Add Rear Three Point Control Lever and Toolboxes

    It comes standard on any JD that has electronic lift controls. That doesn't happen until the M models. It's no big deal with a quick hitch but the two implements that I have that are not modified to fit my hitch are a real pita to hook up without that rear lift control.
  28. workinonit

    Add Rear Three Point Control Lever and Toolboxes

    Nice. I like that. I need to investigate my lift lever and see if that's possible for me. All cab tractors should have that as included equipment.
  29. workinonit

    New Holland Workmaster 65 3 pt hitch wont go down

    Do you have an implement on it now? If not it may not go down without some down pressure. You could also check the rate of drop adjustment and see if it is closed off too much.
  30. workinonit

    MF210-4 Mystery Switch

    Looks as though you did well. Those are some good tractors though I never saw one in a 4WD around here. That switch could be anything from a light to an ejector seat. You may have to follow the wiring and see.
  31. workinonit

    New Cole 12MX Planter

    Until a few months ago I had no idea Cole still made these planters. I have 3 old ones that are in decent to rough shape but because I have nom plates for the best one and the other two are in pretty rough shape I decided to buy one of the new ones. Surprisingly, the new plates fit the Cole 1200...
  32. workinonit

    Add Rear Three Point Control Lever and Toolboxes

    I like the idea of the lever to operate the lift.
  33. workinonit

    Should I consider a diesel for residential?

    Any ZD above a ZD1211 will have DPF. My 1211 doesn't. A member on here, Browndog has 2 ZD1511s that do and I don't think he has had any issues with them. I too am in the camp that these add ons don't scare me. I have a JD 5090 with it.
  34. workinonit

    Safe to pull trailer???

    What are you pulling on the trailer? That's a 60 HP tractor that weighs 3700 pounds. If the trailer has brakes, connect them up. If the tractor won't pull that trailer you probably need to get a new tractor.
  35. workinonit

    B2301 Loader Fell Off !

    I probably wouldn't call it abuse depending on what you were actually doing when it came off. Carelessness is more in line I think. I'm at a loss for how your loader arms come out of the brackets and you don't see or hear it. And then I guess you kept going after the event happened. I can almost...
  36. workinonit

    Need serious help.

    Yea, I forgot about him. Can't remember his name on here. Good source.
  37. workinonit

    Need serious help.

    Apparently the kid had no idea how to fix them. You should probably gather the parts and find a good pump repair location to get it refurbished.
  38. workinonit

    The best poultry seasoning

    Angelo's, Ft. Worth, Tx. They also have the best pork and brisket rub I've ever had.
  39. workinonit

    What cab options do you wish you had?

    2 things I wish my tractor would have come with is electro-hydraulic lift controls for the 3 PH especially and the loader. I also would have gotten a swivel seat if it were available but I will find one that will fit it.
  40. workinonit

    Front End Loader Conversion to Skid Steer

    I have one from Bell Industries. Great quality product. Mine is Global to SS but I think they make JDQA to SS as well. I have been well pleased with mine.
  41. workinonit

    Dozer Blade or Grader Blade?

    I don't have TNT but I do have hydraulic top link. I don't do enough digging to need TNT but if I ever spot a tilt cylinder in Agri South I will pick me up one. I think the top link is mandatory for any blade work.
  42. workinonit

    Shredder Vacs... Good, Bad or Ugly???

    Funny. Trade in the gas so the power companies can use more gas. All my zero turns have mulch kits. I wait for all my leaves to fall and make one pass. You would never know there were any leaves to begin with. Of course no gas mower will make that difficult. That's something I never have to...
  43. workinonit

    Dozer Blade or Grader Blade?

    I'm not much of a fan of a rear blade. They tend to just not be heavy enough. TNT would be a really good adder with a box blade and scarifiers. I also have a landplane that I made which I use more than anything but it's primarily for leveling. Mine does a pretty good job moving dirt from A to B...
  44. workinonit

    Stop closing threads

    You close anything political yet it is quite difficult to have a discussion about anything these days without politics entering the picture. Heck, name me something that we discuss on here that our federal government doesn't have it's hands in. I agree that there are a bunch of arguing children...
  45. workinonit

    Dozer Blade or Grader Blade?

    If that's a 100 HP tractor I would think you can do pretty much anything with it you need to other than maybe moving rocks. I would get me a good size box blade and go to work. It won't be as fast but it will be affective.
  46. workinonit

    Issue With ABI Land Plane ... I Think.

    All of that is what 3 PH adjustment and draft settings are for.
  47. workinonit

    If you were in Alaska for the first time, where would you go and what would you do?

    I would go find the Browns or maybe that bunch on the Last Frontier. I would like to smack all of them for crowding my TV channels with their crap.
  48. workinonit

    What size hydraulic hose for 7320 rear remote?

    Why not 1/2" Kenny? I'm running 1/2. Fits and works fine. I run 1/2 on everything. It makes it easier to have everything the same size.
  49. workinonit

    What size hydraulic hose for 7320 rear remote?

    I used 1/2" on mine but 3/8" would be just as good.
  50. workinonit

    Hurricane Idalia

    Yea, we got lucky on wind with this one. But man did we get the rain.