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  1. japody

    Pictures from a skid steer mowing contractor

    That hurt in more ways than one.
  2. japody

    Modular Homes - Good/Bad experiences... I am considering this pretty seriously...

    I will speak from our experience. We have a 4300 sq ft two story cape cod style house. There is no way to tell from the outside that it is a modular home. The house is solid as a rock. 2 x 6 outer walls, 9 ft ceilings, and almost every extra offered by the factory. It's almost 12 years old and...
  3. japody

    20' x 20' storage shed recommendations

    This is a thread I posted earlier this year. The company I worked with was great. You can go on their website and build your shed and it shows pricing. Really neat. Let me know if you want their contact info:
  4. japody

    Cattle- accounting - tax issue

    Don't need an accountant. IRS Schedue F is very easy. Also, if you purchased the supplies within the last 3 years, you could claim them on an amended return, Schedule X. There is no need to over complicate this. Just my 2 cents.
  5. japody

    Cattle- accounting - tax issue

    ...A ....and I thought I was the only one with a loss every year.
  6. japody

    FMC 5x5 Sidewinder auction score!!

    That is correct - you remove the shims to lower the tire. Also make sure the tire is at 35 PSI.
  7. japody

    Cattle- accounting - tax issue

    You don't need an LLC to deduct your operating expenses. The supplies you purchased can be deducted on IRS Schedule F. It is a very easy form to use. That's the way I have operated for many years.
  8. japody

    Pasture mowing

    Got this field mowed today. About 16 acres. Only six more fields to go.
  9. japody

    Pictures from a skid steer mowing contractor

    I see a lot of mule tail in that field. I've got a good crop of that. What do you do for that?
  10. japody

    What is some of your Pet Peeve's

    ...oncoming cars that won't dim their high beams. Wish it was legal to shoot them out. And is it my imagination or are 18 wheelers all using bright lights too?
  11. japody

    FMC 5x5 Sidewinder auction score!!

    Heck of a deal.
  12. japody

    Dropped 20 acres last night

    I thought I had a lot to cut with my 100 acres of pastures!
  13. japody

    New shop started

    I'll give you $11,000.
  14. japody

    Tractor shed is up.

    I imagine you could pour a slab but I don't plan to. Raising the shed would be a daunting proposition.
  15. japody

    Tractor shed is up.

    3 ' rebars every 5' through the ground pieces, both inner and outer. Then 3' anchor screws that are adjacent and then bolted to the ground pieces. It is rated for 145 mph winds. If we get 145 mph winds, I've got a lot more to worry about.
  16. japody

    Tractor shed is up.

    3, a father and his two sons. I was impressed with how they worked as a finely tuned crew.
  17. japody

    Tractor shed is up.

    The tractors are home!
  18. japody

    Tractor shed is up.

    4k for site work, 12k for building. Shopped around and got a heck of a deal on the building from Carolina Carports. They had a 17% off sale that ended May 31. Only took 6 weeks to get it.
  19. japody

    Tractor shed is up.

    Tractor shed was put up today. It's 48' wide, with 24' center section and 12' lean to's, and 35' deep. 12' tall in center, 9' tall on sides. They started at 6 am and were finished at 6 pm. I am very satisfied with the result. Now I get to put all of the tractors in the shed and not have to...
  20. japody

    Anyone else have an unusually large number of hummingbirds this year?

    Was sitting in the den today and a hummer came up to the window peeking in. He said "where are my feeders"? I had to put 2 feeders out.
  21. japody

    Any Excavation Professionals Feel Like Giving Advice?

    Metal from Choice Metal Buildings. Compared several outfits, using the same specs, and they had the best price.
  22. japody

    Any Excavation Professionals Feel Like Giving Advice?

    Tractor shed, 48' wide, 35' deep. Center section is 24' wide and 12' tall, with 12' lean to's on either side. Lean to's are 9' tall. Outside and back of lean to's are enclosed. All other sides are open. Will be used for 4 tractors, attachments, ATV, riding lawn mower, etc. Ordered it today...
  23. japody

    Any Excavation Professionals Feel Like Giving Advice?

    Tractor shed site finished. 4" of crusher run was rolled. It feels very firm. Area at front of site has 57's that were rolled. Also very firm. I think it will hold up well.
  24. japody

    Any Excavation Professionals Feel Like Giving Advice?

    I am in the process of getting a 48' x 36' tractor shed. Had a local company come out and prep the site yesterday. Took off top soil, built up and leveled the clay pad, and rolled it. Tomorrow, he will be topping it with 4" of crusher run and rolling that. Pics of progress so far:
  25. japody

    Case 450 Dozer Battery

    I have a 450 Case. It takes a 31 battery.
  26. japody

    Ford tractor identification

    This will break down the serial numbers:
  27. japody

    My order went in On Dec. 27. Got it yesterday. Hooked it up today. It's a beast. Took a couple of swipes in the field next to the house that has broom straw. Hit a rock that sparked and started a fire. I had to jump off and stomp out the fire. That was the end of hogging today. Not the...
  28. japody

    Tires on a utility trailer.

    Don't forget to check the bearings in the axles. They're probably dried out.
  29. japody

    Cleaning lawn of branches

    Best one yet!
  30. japody


    Those are the best for working around the farm. Great for working with barbed wire, cutting trees, handling brush, grabbing calves, etc. They actually last a long time. Only issue i have with them is the seams sometimes come apart. Simply get out a needle and use dental floss to sew it back up.
  31. japody

    Could not access it. Says "This video is private".
  32. japody

    Did you know that your cows are out? (Or sheep, or horses, or...)

    When I went up to my front gate this morning, 6 of our cows were standing in the field across the road. I opened the gate and walked around behind them. Took a few minutes, but they walked in. Spent the rest of the day walking the fence to find where they got out. Of course, the hole was...
  33. japody

    Error correction

    I always throw an old blanket on the rope or chain, about halfway up. This keeps the rope/chain form coming back at you if it should break. A snapping rope/chain will hurt you.
  34. japody

    geothermal questions and possible DIY

    We have a Bosch system. It is a closed loop with 5 runs of 600 foot loops, each buried 6 feet down. We 've had it 11 years. After the tax credit, the pay back period was 6 years. The thermostat stays on 73 year round. The backup strips have never been used, even in 0 degree weather. We are...
  35. japody

    Ridge repair on steep barn roof?

    We used chicken ladders for steep rooves.
  36. japody

    Southern Farm Show - February 1 - 3, 2023

    Thinking about it. Can you see it all in one day?
  37. japody

    Anyone had a lumbar fusion?

    Had mine done in 2004. The worst part was where they had to cut through the muscle to get to the spine. Took a few weeks for the muscle to heal. Other than that, it went fine. Still have an occasional ache but now I'm able to do most chores.
  38. japody

    Things You Find In The Woods *POST YOUR PIX*

    I believe it was a 32 ford Model T. Found it when I was walking in the back of the farm looking for a cow. My wife, who had grown up on the farm, did not know it was there.
  39. japody

    Things You Find In The Woods *POST YOUR PIX*

    I posted this a few years ago.
  40. japody

    The offer was too good to pass up. My order went in today. Now the wait begins.
  41. japody

    What Do You Do For Exercise?

    Feed the cows, fix fences, cut trees, bush hog fields, trim fence lines, clear culverts, clean ditches, chase cows, pull calves, etc.
  42. japody

    is the HOHOHO coupon in addition to the sale price? Where do I find the coupon?
  43. japody

    How long will the 72" rotary cutter be on sale until?
  44. japody

    Weird Stuff in Tree

    Is black knot fungus harmful? While mature trees can handle the fungus, those with weak branches or the trees that are younger cannot, and the disease can lead to tree death. Black knot fungus is also dangerous because of how quickly it can spread
  45. japody

    Is a "hybrid" barbed wire fence more friendly to wildlife?

    Oddly enough, we had a young deer get caught in a woven wire fence yesterday. By the time I saw it, it was already dead. So, barbs were not an issue.
  46. japody

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Friend of mine says he's had it for over 30 years.
  47. japody

    Tire driven Sidewinder advice

    I don't have a pic. The top deck of mine is all rusted out but it still cuts like a champ. One of these days I'll replace the deck.
  48. japody

    Tire driven Sidewinder advice

    Man, your sidewinder looks practically new compared to mine.