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    New floor mats

    Made these from the thinner size stall mats at tractor supply. Stole another person's idea, but definitely a keeper.
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    What is this?

    I was crawling around under my L2501 today and found a few more zerk fittings. While greasing I came across this big nut with (not sure what to call it) a movable pin. Looks like some kind of vent maybe, but I'm not sure. Any ideas. Thanks
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    rtv-x900 200 hour

    Did my 200hr today. Replaced the hydraulic oil, transmission oil, and both hst filters. The hydraulic oil came out pretty clean, guess those filters were working good. Now the transmission oil was pretty cloudy, and dark kinda gray, had just a small amount of metal on the magnetic plug. The...
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    Rtv-x900 dash lights

    So my 2014 rtv-x900 just got something new that happened. When it is on or just the key on to use the glow plugs, I get a constant left blinker light and seatbelt light. Now keep in mind that this vehicle has neither of those options. Going through the wsm schematics, I see that both of those...
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    Third function too fast

    I have a third function valve and handle with switches for left and right angle on my snowplow blade. When I tried it out, it really flies left and right with the buttons. My question is there a way to slow down the movement? I couldn't find anything in the third function valve paperwork, but it...
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    Truck bedliner spray on step and platforms

    I saw someone did this on theirs, but did it to mine today. Was surprised how thin the paint was as I was sanding down those areas. I was going to remove them to do it, but looked like a pain. So I carefully masked off everything, only had to pull the hst pedal.
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    Hello from cali

    Hey everyone, love all the info, been reading this site for sometime. I have a new tractor coming very soon. L2501 hst, 4X4, fel, land pride snow trip blade, and a land pride quick hitch. Have been enjoying my Rtv-x 900 for 4 years now. Bill