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  1. bpsooner

    New mower arrived. Yeehaaah

    Thanks. Looking forward to the first mow. Fertilizer is like gold these days.
  2. bpsooner

    New mower arrived. Yeehaaah

    I purchased a new z412kw-48 today. That is one comfortable seat. I cannot wait to mow for the first time
  3. bpsooner

    New mower arrived. Yeehaaah

    Kubota z412kw-48
  4. bpsooner

    New mower arrived. Yeehaaah

    I am looking at at z412kw-48. I would appreciate any and all opinions and experiences with that machine. Thank you
  5. bpsooner

    Purchasing a New UTV

    Just purchased a Kubota XG-850 Sidekick. Great machine. Built on the workhorse Kubota frames. Top speed 42mph. With the rebates Kubota are offering they are the best quality machine with the less expensive price.
  6. bpsooner

    Forks Quick Attach forks for M5040

    I am looking for some QA forks for my M5040. I would like to know where some of you have purchased forks and what you paid for them. I am also interested to see if anyone had made alteration to their forks to work with a Kubota tractor. I have my eye on some forks off a JD. Totally different...
  7. bpsooner

    How do you get rid of Honey Locust Trees?

    Does anyone have any experience and advice on how and when is the best way to get rid of Honey Locust trees? 2 flats on my tractor this week was the last staw. Those thorns are killer! Any help will be most appreciated.......
  8. bpsooner

    Rotary Cutter WOODS Brushbull Rotary cutter

    I recently bent my tailwheel assembly while mowing. Does anyone know if these are universal or would I need to replace it with a WOODS specific tailwheel? Thanks
  9. bpsooner

    When do you change your oil?

    I just completed my 50 hour service and I noticed in the owners manual that the next oil change should be done at 300 hours. That sure does seem like a long time to go between oil changes. I wanted to get some insight on when others usually change the oil. I was thinking about every 100 hours.
  10. bpsooner

    Pictures of new Pole barns

    We just recently had two poles barns built. One barn was for me and one for my wife. My wife said she needed a barn for her animals. She wanted an old style barn and I think we came pretty close. The builders did a great job and very reasonable.....
  11. bpsooner

    FEL Joystick on my new M5040

    I just purchased a M5040 with FEL. The Joystick on the FEL is very stiff and at times is very difficult to operate. It seems the biggest issue is when you try to push it forward to lower the FEL. Is this common on a new tractor or should I be concerned? When they delivered the tractor the...
  12. bpsooner

    My first Tractor Just arrived

    They just delivered my first tractor. I bought the M5040 with FEL. What a sweet tractor. I also got a WOODS BRUSHBULL Rotary cutter (6 ft) with the tractor. My wife already hates it because I have not been off it since it arrived. I appreciate all the help and input you guys gave me while I...
  13. bpsooner

    Any experiences with the 5055E

    I have been looking at the 5055E tractors. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions or experiences with this tractor. With this being a new line of tractor there is very limited information on them. I own 40 ac and will use it for FEL, Brush-hog, and moving round bales. Any thoughts would...
  14. bpsooner

    Price Check Price check on 2008 5203 FWD

    I am looking for some opinions on a 2008 JD5203: 56 hp, 20 hrs., 4 X 4, pto, 3 pt., rops, joystick, 1 set of hydraulics, w/ JD 522 frontend loader and 6 foot bucket, includes boxblade Asking price is $24,000. Still under full JD warranty........ Any Opinions?
  15. bpsooner

    Price Check Price check on Used 5105

    I am needing some opinions on a used 5105. 2006 5105 4WD 522 FEL 300 hours $19,000 I have 40 ac and need a tractor to brush hog, dirt work, and move round bales. I have been looking at the 5203 and the Kubota M5040 and MX5100. The $19,000 sounds like a good price but being new two tractors...
  16. bpsooner

    M5040 (2WD) vs MX5100 (4WD)

    I have narrowed my first tractor down to a M5040 (2wd) with FEL and the MX5100 (4WD) with FEL. I have received a quote on the M5040 for $23,700.00 and $22,900.00 on the MX5100. Both quotes include AG tires, Fluid in tires, and a 6ft Brushhog. I am torn between the upgraded M5040 and the 4WD...
  17. bpsooner

    Opinions on MX5100

    I am looking to purchase a MX5100 (4WD) with FEL. Looking for any opinions, experience, or problems with this tractor.
  18. bpsooner

    Need Advice

    I am looking at purchasing a Kubota MX5100 tractor. I cannot decide whether to go with 2WD or 4WD. Big cost difference. I have a 40 ac farm and will use the tractor to brush hog, moving round hay bales and front end loader work. My father-in law insists that I will not need 4WD to perform...