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    Bobcat E10 OEM Lug Tracks

    Used lightly for 103 hours, in great shape; no cuts, gouges or nails/screws. Replaced them with with turf tracks, have no need for these narrower lug tracks. They are sized 180x72x39 and I think are used on some stand on skid loaders.
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    Bobcat 2540 - Has Steering Brakes - Yes/No?

    I'm looking at a tractor that I need to be able to use on my small lot for mowing, but is capable to run snow equipment. One of the machines I am considering is the Bobcat 2540. Bobcat is the closest machinery dealer to me and I already have a piece of equipment from them (E10 mini excavator)...
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    Opinion of Value for an SC2450

    Hoping those that have a good sense of value can give me an idea of what might be realistic to expect for our tractor. Not too keen to sell it but, in being practical, this SCUT is just much more machine than we need....I didn't think I would ever use that phrase but it really is just too much...
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    186D delay relief valve rusted in place

    I have been troubleshooting my problem shifting (trouble getting powershift to engage), have done all the easy stuff and have moved on to the delay relief valve. When I pulled the cover plate there was no o-ring seal behind the plate, not surprisingly I found rust behind the plate and when I...
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    New Yanmar 186D Owner

    Just thought I'd throw out a quick introduction, I am a complete newbie when it comes to tractors. I grew up around heavy equipment and for a while I had a little mini excavator (Yanmar YB281). A while ago I started looking at getting a little tractor to do some projects with and started looking...