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    TSC has their Traveler Premium HDEO oil on sale.

    Thought a few of you may be interested. TSC has their 15W40 Premium HDEO oil in the 2.5 gallon containers on sale. $26.99 compared to Rotella @ $35.99. That coupled with a 10% off coupon and the fact that I have a no sales tax account there made for a very good buy. I picked up 4 jugs. I have...
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    Ford F150 5.0 vs eco...

    Thinking on a new truck. Looking at all makes. For the first time in 34 years I am seriously considering a Ford. Very impressed with the King Ranch option. I would prefer for this thread NOT to become a brand basher, seeking opinions related to the 5.0 vs the eco. Looking for real world...
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    Pequea CX550 chipper

    One of these are listed in the local paper for $1500. Ad does not state condition. So before I call does anyone here on the forum have any experience with this unit? Any idea of what new price would be and if this is a good used price, pending condition of course? Any good or bad comments...
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    3 Point Woods Dual Forklift

    Have been searching for a set of forks when I came across these. I could not find much info on the net on these. They are Woods Dual and have 2 hydraulic cylinders, 1 to lift and 1 to tilt. Mount on the 3 point hitch, Cat 2. They are in very good condition. They connect into remotes, obviously...
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    New Implement Shed

    A few pics of the implement shed that a few friends and I built over the last 2 weeks. This all started when I purchased the new McCormick this year and did not have enough space in the garage. I also had several items that I was storing under tarps which my wife just hated. So what else to do...
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    Iseki - Bolens parts?

    Can anyone recommend some places that sell parts for the Iseki Bolens machines. Have a friend that needs some parts for the front PTO that drives the MMM. Thanks in advance for any help here!
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    3 Point Sprayer?

    Any recs from the users here on a 3 point sprayer? I do not do that much at a time so I have already figured on a 55 gallon or so unit. Also since I go through the woods to get to food plots I need booms that will go vertical. Any recs on brands etc? Thanks!
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    Buying Advice Mccormick C80L

    Hello to all! - I do not post here much but I read the forums several times a week. Looking to add a tractor to the stable. Currenly have a JD 4700 with loader/backhoe that has been excellent. Looking for something a little bigger for tillage, planting, etc. Came across the CL series from...