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    Injector leak

    I don’t think i would use anything like that. Just take it back off make sure it’s clean, and keep your fingers crossed
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    which grease for slow & fast bearings & bushings

    I agree with you on Andy. But I do business with AMSOIL and the people on the phones sometimes don’t have an idea their product. It’s just to sell
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    Heard of this grease fitting?

    This was the first I had ever witnessed. I kept wondering how to grease the rollers with nu alimite Research told the tale but I think they are only on these vintage machines.
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    Heard of this grease fitting?

    That’s it! I thought it might help somebody because I looked a while before I found it. I even ask the Cat dealer here and the young person who I was talking to did not have a clue as to what I was needing. On my Cat tractor I just have them on the big top rollers I think on both ends. My U...
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    New to pls

    I have seen people fix a gas tank leak like that. I understand it because soap want cut gas washing your hands. First time I seen it I thought the guy was crazy.
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    Heard of this grease fitting?

    It called a Gaint button head fitting. It’s supposed to grease top roller on a tract style tractor. I guess it’s the only way to “lube” them. Some use heavy oil some use grease
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    which grease for slow & fast bearings & bushings

    Thanks that is an awsome suggestion. I believe in quality grease. I made a mistake that will take me a while to use up. I got a case of 10 tubes from AMSOIL. I think just the moly kind per his unprofessional recommendation. Live and learn sir is my motto. Again thanks. I have quit AMSOIL all...
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    Tap brass oil

    Well it was a bottoming tap in a set from harbor freight. I think the drilling size is one sixtyforth bigger than a five sixteenth which is what I have. I wasn’t going to tell that and just see what posts I would get on here! So the problem is I don’t have proper stuff. And I trying something I...
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    John Deere 3046r Error Code Plague

    If it’s under warranty I would stay out of it and make them fix it. It their job
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    Tap brass oil

    Jonathan I had just about given up and ordered one with correct threads. You know how much trouble to sit down and order, especially one thing. Back to what I was doing….my shifter knob was broken on a little cat tractor I bought. One brand new came with it in a pack brand new. My shifter has...
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    Tractor died, slow blow fuse blown... what to look for?

    Those windings probably don’t have enough resistance to read.
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    Ford diesel won't move

    We need more. Hydrostatic drive?
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    Ford 3600

    My goodness. I guess your goal first is to get it down. And that means a trip to town and get some line wrenches and a cheater pipe. The maybe it. Will be easier to troubleshoot
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    600 series ford

    If you are standing at the rear of the tractor, PTO engaged does the PTO turn the same direction as the engine? Thank you
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    Vintage parts

    Does anyone have a suggestion on where to find Caterpillar tractor parts. Aftermarket will be fine
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    Yea the old ones work that way. Starve it for air to shut it down
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    Hey pump guy sorry bout your tractor is that an older tractor? I have a 1080 mf it’s a 1979 model. You choke it to kill it. I do not know about the newer ones
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    ASV RC50 Fuel Gauge / Hour Meter HELP

    It sounds like a bad meter to me. But I’ve never had a reason to work on one
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    Hydraulic Cylinder Question

    So does mine
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    Tap brass oil

    Big tiller you are most likely right. Ones I seen on eBay are expensive by my standards, for a knob. The hole size for a 3/8 fine thread is 21/64 bit I don’t think I own one. That’s a 64th bigger than a 5/16 which is what I have. And I’m having a problem getting my harbor freight bottoming tap...
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    KUBOTA EK1-261 - opinions anyone?

    Knowledge no. Strong opinion yes. I’ve owned Kubota for twenty years. It is proven to be great. Others I don’t see how they can beat Kubota. Good luck sir
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    Tap brass oil

    Well I thank you for passing judgement on it. It’s either try something or just get another with proper threads. That thing is difficult to shift at times. We will see how well it serves the test of time. I’m improving the looks of this thing one step at a time and I love my dozer
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    Tap brass oil

    Thank you number two. A little about my task. I needed a knob for my shifter on my d2 cat crawler. My stick is three eights fine threads. I found the ideal knob but didn’t notice it was course threads until I went to install it. So today I bought a tap set at harbor freight and I hope I can run...
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    Blocking the clutch pedal when parked?

    My Kubota 4330 has a little thing down at the clutch pedal to hook and keep it down. Mine stays ohm the go all time
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    Tap brass oil

    What kind of oil do I supposed to use to tap brass?
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    New to pls

    Fixer sorry if I offend you. My comment was sincere and not intended to offend you or ruffle you up. I have done a many a job an messed up something whlie doing it. I’ll try and remember not to comment on your posts and if my honesty and spelling are a problem to people on here I’ll sign off for...
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    Has anyone put a quick disconnect on a grease gun?

    Well I’ve had that notion several times. I’m 68 years old. They say only a fool never changes his mind. Well, my mind changes rapidly. Go to the coffee shop and someone say they put out to much grease. Any way I just don’t think I need one. It’s to easy and infrequent. Just be a new toy
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    Has anyone put a quick disconnect on a grease gun?

    Jjt I do to. And all mine are manual no battery. Some small ones. I tell my wife I like a variety
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    Ford 6600 Ball joint stuck in place

    Sir I don’t know but I guess with the right tool and a big hammer it should come out. In short just keep on trying
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    New to pls

    Harry one thing about this forum is we don’t always hear the full story, and more importantly the end of the story. I had a vintage ford last year that would not hold prime. I been around the horn long enough to know exactly what the problem was. So I ordered a pump seal and a new wobble shaft...
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    New to pls

    I think the presence of air is the problem. And that could be something not tightened properly or a seal damaged or dirt allowing air to the system. In other words just do it over and see. What do you think? It was fine before the leak.
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    New to pls

    Harry my apologies if it is offensive. It’s just that I have done it a time or two. Keep me informed
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    New to pls

    In all sencerity I think you did something to it while working on the leak. It happened before
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    Hydraulic winch won't push out cable

    Best of Luck to you sir it looks like you are on your own. But the right guy may surface
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    third function

    Sounds like you are more knowledgeable about this than most
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    Tractor Colors~ What Would You Pick?

    I love the deep red of the new Massey
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    What beautiful sites and what a wonderful life you must have making those dreams come true. I hope you enjoy every second you spend as you work on that. It will keep you young in body and mind. Good luck blessed sir
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    Rebuild kit for hydralic pump Chevy C65 dump

    Alan really good info a pump is no job for an amateur. And a cylinder that size would have to go to a shop if it were mine. And if he fixes that cylinder there is a good chance his pump is good because it’s allowing air into the system. My take and I hope him a lot of fun doing it, as I would...
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    Rebuild kit for hydralic pump Chevy C65 dump

    Sir I would fix the cylerder first. Then the pump might work right. Just a try
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    80s Satoh Bull Tractor Hydraulic Problems

    You are definitely on a roll! Good luck with the results
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    Mahindra power steering

    Raster if you’re happy that all that is important! Drive on
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    Mahindra losing power

    Rusty iron bear in mind it was running perfectly until he serviced it. Fuel is what he work on. That what I’m betting is wrong. Sucking air probably
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    Mahindra losing power

    Where I would start, since you changed the fuel filters is to simply check and re do all that. Then make sure no air is in there. Since you worked there, it where you will find your problem. No offense mean sir, it just my opinion
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    Is a Kubota L6060 (60hp) strong enough to run an 8' brush chopper?

    Yes sir that machine is strong enough to handle that width. And the machine is heavy enough to handle the weight of the bush hog. So in my opinion you made a great choice!
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    Three point hitch slow leak down and hiccups when in use

    Stewart my I totally agree. I read what I’m thinking sometimes. I missed that part and I’ve never had one do that. I consider myself better than average at hydraulic problems.
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    Mahindra power steering

    I understand sir. well you might be right. They are similar. Should be enough posters on here to get a feel if one is of a lower quality than the rest. I know I am reading where komatsu is gaining ground on Caterpillar as far as quality goes
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    What is some of your Pet Peeve's

    Yea it erks me on here when I do my best to help someone and get ignored
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    Bale storage...

    Lens may I ask, why use a “white” cover. I have a white German Shepherd
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    JD 2240 leaking hydraulic oil geyser

    Well Jim I had thought that exact same. Now I wonder if it can be welded. Maybe shore it up with JB weld? If you could get the oil cleaned up