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  1. dannoGT

    Which end of the egg comes out first?

    I was thinking the same thing! So to solve this once and forever. I ordered one of each from Amazony and I will tell you tomorrow! Danno
  2. dannoGT

    Pot metal repair

    You are right! The piece I would use is at the bottom of the scrap bin and it would take me an hour to get to it and then 20 minutes to make it. If the pot metal survived this long then a piece of steel plate with an ear welded on it will last forever. Danno
  3. dannoGT

    Pot metal repair

    This would be a very easy piece to make up from steel any small fab shop or buddy with welder should be able to make this up in 20 minutes. Danno
  4. dannoGT

    Portable work benches?

    I like this style of saw horse from toughbuilt They are rated at 1300 lb each or 2600 lb per pair and you can put a couple of 2 x 4 in the clamps and throw a sheet of plywood on and make a table. Plus the legs fold down into the top "box" to take up less space for storage or for transporting in...
  5. dannoGT

    Found this on the ground ???

    I usually find things like that with the blade from the lawnmower. And usually the projectile will bounce off the side of the most expensive to repair car in the driveway Dan
  6. dannoGT

    CK35 Burned Out It's Clutch AGAIN?!

    Exactly....... Why did it fail?...... I had a co-worker that had a brand new Ford Taurus SHO and Ford replaced the clutch 6 times under warranty ......everybody on the planet accused him of abusing clutch! Dont know how to shift! ....finally Ford warranty people sent Ford engineering to look at...
  7. dannoGT

    Fastest Old Tractor to use on the road?

    I like this idea for truck/tractor
  8. dannoGT

    Tractor Percussion

    I wast sure which heading to put this under but it was too good to pass up! Sorry if it has been covered before. Sweet Georgia Brown & traktor (edited version) - YouTube
  9. dannoGT

    Front ballast / Suitcase weights - DIY or cheap

    Been thinking of adding 2 in receiver and one of these to front of mine and just use it as a carry all ?
  10. dannoGT

    2020 Siverado HD

    Looks the same?