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  1. workinonit

    New Cole 12MX Planter

    Until a few months ago I had no idea Cole still made these planters. I have 3 old ones that are in decent to rough shape but because I have nom plates for the best one and the other two are in pretty rough shape I decided to buy one of the new ones. Surprisingly, the new plates fit the Cole 1200...
  2. workinonit

    Limb Hog

    I bought a Limb Hog a few months back and just found time today to fab a bracket to mount it. I've been back and forth in my pea brain about how and on what I was going to mount it. Finally had an epiphany today and came up with a much less intrusive way to mount it than what I was originally...
  3. workinonit

    Third 140 Addition

    I just added this 140 to my collection. These are the two I already had. The one in the background is having touch control work done.
  4. workinonit

    Live and Learn - Hydraulic Couplers

    I've lived most of my adolescent and adult life pulling, pushing and beating on ag style couplers on JD tractors. Back in the day some JD tractors were made easy by having a lever that locked and released the couplers. Naturally, that made too much sense or cost too much, anywho they got rid of...
  5. workinonit

    Global to Skidsteer Adapter

    I bought a new hydraulic PHD a while back off of a farm equipment auction. It is a SS attachment and my loader is global. I ordered an adapter from Bell Precision Tool and received it today. Nice piece that fit like it's supposed to. And with the PHD head mounted. I've never seen a whole...
  6. workinonit

    Solar Interest and Selling Power Back

    As we reach retirement age we are becoming more interested in solar power to supply our home. I've read a lot on here about solar power and many of you guys incorporate solar at your homes. I'm very interested in opinions and experiences. If I decide to go this route, I want a system large...
  7. workinonit

    ZD1211 Question

    So I just purchased a 1211 and have a fuel question. Mine has the LCD display that has the fuel gauge on uit. The manual says the fuel level is for the RH tank. My question is during mowing and moving around do the fuel tanks equalize so that the fuel level is what is actually in both tanks or...
  8. workinonit

    Pulled The Trigger On A ZD1211

    I own all green and have been looking at a new ZT to get the comfort seat and hydrasulic deck lift. I had my dealer move a 970R from one of his other locations so I could test the deck lift because I couldn't tell how it worked from the propaganda and of course no obne at the dealership knew...
  9. workinonit

    Just Used One of These Welders

    Battery powered Fronius. Amazing! I laughed at the term battery powered welder. Not anymore. I guess Fronius is supposed to be about the best on the market.
  10. workinonit

    Tater Time

    Got the hedge row cleared Thursday and my potatoes planted Friday. Next to get my electric fence up. Just a pic to show where the 140 laid out the rows.
  11. workinonit

    717A Low Power Issue

    So I'm handy enough on small engines that I rarely have to have anyone work on any of mine but this issue has stumped me. I was cutting yesterday and like the flip of a switch the power on the mower went to 3/4 or maybe even 2/3 of what it normally runs. And not just RPMs but power. It never...
  12. workinonit

    Frontier FM2120 Hydraulic Release Mod

    These mowers, or at least mine came with a pull cord to release the 3 decks to let them down. That was quite good as long as I had my 5310 open station. It doesn't work with a cab. I could never find the Bestco kit to install on it and could never even get a pic or drawing of it so I made my...
  13. workinonit

    Maschio Tigre 300

    I was at my John Deere dealer and spotted a Tigre 300 flail mower. Ask my salesman about it and was told it was purchased for someone that backed out on the sale in 2017. The cutter has never been run and has never had a cylinder installed on it for the slide. It has a manual locking bar for the...
  14. workinonit

    Got em both home!

    Picked up the second 140 today. Little work to do but I'm pleased with the trade.
  15. workinonit

    Just Picked It Up

    Just picked up my new 24 foot, 16,000 pound trailer. Had to wait a couple of weeks for it to be built. I have to build a structure and mount the new winch then I can measure for some sort of tool box to keep accessories dry.
  16. workinonit

    PTO Extension

    So I'm gonna throw this out there. Wanna hear all the reasons why it's a bad idea...or a not so bad idea. Some of the ideas I already know. I would like to make a PTO shaft that connects to my 5090 PTO and extends far enough back to make connecting the PTO not so difficult with the QH on...
  17. workinonit

    Faster Attachment for 3rd Function

    I got this from my dealer's bone yard a few days ago. Had to fab the mount from a mount they had and get some new fittings on the two tractor hoses. Thais is what I ended up with.
  18. workinonit


    Well, look what the tooth fairy dropped off today. Haloview 7108, 3 cameras, power supply for a remote camera and 3 mag bases. I'll have to fab a bracket to mount the monitor. I know exactly where it is going. Bad thing is I have to go to Phoenix area for a job, probably a month to month and a...
  19. workinonit

    How Do I?

    Turn off email notifications for threads that I post on. Very annoying and it blows up my email. I can't seem to find that switch in my settings.
  20. workinonit

    Traded For This

    I've owned a JD 5310 for years, a MF 289 before that. I've accumulated an array of attachments over the years and in fact I farmed my 35 cleared acres for years but the primary function of my JD has been to mow 5 or so acres of pasture grass in front of my house and take care of keeping the...