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    $700 muffler?!? :o

    Take it to your local exhaust shop, have them fab up something or just straight pipe it.
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    CANOPY brand?

    36X48, just in that plastic wrap.
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    CANOPY brand?

    Just received it todayfed ex
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    Are diesel conditioners needed for new

    Yep I put cetane but the auto correct demon changed it:LOL:
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    Are diesel conditioners needed for new

    I've used Amsoil's, diesel all in one, in my tractor, rtv, and truck since new. They claim outstanding detergency, improved lubricity, better cold flow, and higher octane.
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    CANOPY brand?

    Some of the other online places weren't accepting new customers, and I did try ordering from JC the lid was about $30, but shipping was $540, that's not a typo. :unsure:
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    What's your favorite Air Fryer Recipe?

    Reheating things, is our main use. Warming up bread for dinners, garlic bread on spaghetti nights etc.
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    CANOPY brand?

    I tried getting a dumpster lid from my waste management, but they said no for purchasing a new one or looking through their damaged ones. So I looked at a bunch of companies on line. Found one for us west coast peeps. Waste built down by LA. 36"-48" $22.47, $10 shipping.
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    HST hydraulic filter and fluid change owner's manual inaccuracy

    I second, third, and fourth the shop vac trick. Lost maybe a quarter of a quart, plus I don't feel rushed, and paranoid about cross threading the filter. Had the wife control the shop vac, and I replaced the filter. Easy peasy
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    Pet Grooming Vacuum?

    We have one of those whole house vacuums. The vacuum is hidden away, we use that sometimes for our dogs. But I have to say the furminator brush is the best, you get so much hair. Our dogs love getting brushed. They try and box each other out when we pull it out, they want it
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    'Professional' grade saws vs. 'Homeowner' saws

    On Stihl's website, they show the different saws and difference between pro and homeowner. I have 2 homeowner saws. Ms271 and a new ms250. My 271 is 10 years old and cuts about 7 cords a year. I've used my 250 for about 2 cords so far, since xmas. No complaints on either, start right up, and run...
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    Home cooked but unusual dinners?

    Savemart has snow crab for $4.99lb, got 5lbs. In my Dad's words, 'we gonna mash up some crab tonight boy'.
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    My wife's GS 850 Side by Side keeps having issues..

    Love my RTV-X900, 9 years old no problems.
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    Rtv X900

    They can be loud, but I'm used to it, driving with the dump bed up is really loud. My shifter has been like that since day 1. Dealer said it will get smoother with time, not true. You just get used to it, doesn't even bother me anymore. Mine is a 2014, never had a problem, it's a workhorse.
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    M&Ms to contain WHAT???

    Maybe these melt in your hands not in your mouth
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    How to spend your legacy?

    Sorry about your health, but I'd go out with a bang. Vegas trip, rent a Hawaii beach condo, spend that million on yourself, hot rods, hot girls and cold drinks
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    Yoder wood pellet smoker

    I have a traeger love it. I've heard the electric ones are good too.
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    Credit Card Scammer left his name/address

    I'd be sending them some nice gifts.:devilish:
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    Amazon shuffle only music player

    I actually like the shuffle feature, I usually choose a favorite group 'station's, and they will play them like every forth or fifth song. I have found some new favorites with the songs they play inbetween.
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    Seasoning Firewood

    I have lots of dead pine and cedar, harvest in the winter, split and stack and it's ready by the next winter. I have lots of white and black oak, takes a couple summers for the right moisture content for me to feel comfortable to burn. My favorite is the cedar, smells good, burns hot, low ash. I...
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    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    12/25/2022 @ 1:23am
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    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    We use the Citibank Costco credit card for everything. Never use my debit card, except to get cash out of the ATMs.
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    All Things BBQ

    I have a Traeger, my brother has a Rec Tec. They both are great, we both use remote thermometers. His seems to keep the temps a bit more accurate. When I'm in smoke mode it can go anywhere from 170-225, which I guess is normal for Traegers.
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    Paint or Stain on Shed

    Looks good, nice job. When I built mine it was my first one too, I watched lots of you tube videos. Lifting the walls and putting up the ridge beam was tough, also putting on the shingles wasn't fun. But so glad I did it myself, and didn't pay anyone
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    Tip of the day.

    I can't get mine online, won't ship to Ca. But tractor supply sells them in Ca. All my cans have them
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    Tip of the day.

    I bolted a piece of strap to the end of my log splitter to hold my hookaroon, less bending if a piece falls to the ground.
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    Is this an Oak tree?

    We have the black, white, and live oak varieties, I still have to use this, the acorn type helps figure it out too
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    Pop Quiz

    Another one bites the dust-Queen
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    Pop Quiz

    Who let the dogs out- baha men
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    Do you cook a good steak?

    I always cook our steaks on the grill, have a traeger. They are always great. But the wife does the filet mignons on the stove top, sears them well, puts them in the oven to finish them off. So good, better than any steakhouse, she just told me they are from a recipe from Ina Garten a food TV...
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    Adding wired remote to winch - is this dumb?

    You should definitely go wireless. I installed this on my rtv, and my dump trailer
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    'Service Update' for RTV-1100C but not a recall (?)

    I got a call from my dealer, for my 2014 X900, they replaced both rear hubs, and said there was another one coming for the seat belts. Now this was 6 years ago. Never did the seat belts if it was another service update.
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    Counterweight on a jcb

    Not sure how to remove it. Probably safe to drive on flat surface without carrying anything.
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    Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs...

    Shiver me timbers!
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    Paint or Stain on Shed

    I tossed paint and stain back and forth as I was building my shed. I ended up painting mine. To match my shop, which matches my house. I rented a paint machine from Kelly Moore, and used their mid grade paint, got a color match for free. Was very easy and fast, it's been two years still looks...
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    Kioti UTV MEC2200 wont start

    Try and jump start it, probably the battery, enough juice for dash lights etc. Probably wont do the starter clicking like on a car with a dead battery. My RTV had the same problem
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    Hole in the Wall Buffet's and Restaurants

    We have a couple hole in the wall restaurants. El Rey taco shop, is very small, three tables, but they have a great salsa bar, and the burritos are massive, probably 50 things on the menu, very very good. And Flappys pizza, huge slices like Sbarro in the mall, they have pizzas ready to eat by...
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    How many brands does your dealer sale?

    My Kubota dealer sells New Holland too. Probably 70 percent Kubota.
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    If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

    At first I would just chill, maybe take a few weeks to let it settle in. Then definitely pay off all the bills. Now really is not a time to buy anything, but a nice 10 day vacation would suit me. House needs a new roof.
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    Simple fix...dumb fixer.

    I've pulled started my log splitter like 10 times, remembered the switch started right up. Lol
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    What are you OCD about?

    I am the same about the garage door when we leave. Did I close it? Have had to drive back a few times to check, sometimes a good drive. Now we both pull ahead a bit and confirm the garage door is closed and say it out loud. And we don't pull away till it is closed completely. Lol
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    What are you OCD about?

    Kitchen towels need to be on the oven and dishwasher handle. Not draped over the sink, piled up on the counter.
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    wood oil based stain/preservatives?

    The ATO at the big box stores are water based only. Have to go to a specialty paint store. Here Kelly Moore has it in stock. Dunn Edward's, or Sherwin William's can special order it if not in stock. Another choice is Armstrong Clark they use a mineral oil base.
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    wood oil based stain/preservatives?

    Cabot does make a few linseed oil based stains. Their ATO Australian timber oil, and their 3400 series. The ATO at lowes is not the same its water based. Also another brand called Penofin, and Ready Seal all oil based
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    RTV 900 equipments and accessories

    I bought a jeep top off of Amazon, made my own windshield out of plexiglass that I had custom made from TAP plastics, cheaper than glass, Led lights front and rear, A winch is a must. Front carry rack for tools when the bed is full. I have the worksite model too. I've done lots too it. It's a...
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    Portable work benches?

    Not sure where I saw this, but I made 2 saw horses out of only 2x4's, I think it was in the Family Handyman magazine. They are sturdy, easy to carry around, and I just throw a sheet of plywood on top. Been doing that for years.
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    lowe's wrong chain saw in box

    Nowadays you have to open the box in the store for any high priced items. I worked at Lowe's for 3 years, it happened so much. People would purchase something, return it within a couple days. Most of the time it appeared it hadn't been open. The return desk wouldn't open it, back in the...
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    Snow plow on FEL

    I have one on my L2501, works great as long as there isn't too much snow. I've used mine for about 8 years. I have a third function for angle, but on the farthest angles the blade does not sit flush. I really like how I can push the snow into big piles, as I don't have a bunch of room to put it...
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    Premium UDT Oil for Kubota

    I just got a 5 gal and a 2.5 gal $119/$63 at my local dealer. Surprised prices haven't gone up much since 200hrs ago, 4yrs
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    Good movies,,, well there are a few.......

    Just watched Top Gun Maverick. Thought it was a good sequel done right. For the first one it was F-14's, wasn't in the Navy yet. For this one I was already out, but as a contractor I worked on a few of those super Hornets at VFA-125. Brought back some good memories as an Aviation Electrician (AE)