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  1. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    Our county commissioners approved the building of an Amazon fulfillment center against all the protests from their constituents. We already have more jobs than workers and they taut the need for more jobs in their decision. Meanwhile we're in the midst of a building boom but the Amazon center...
  2. TractorGuy

    Tractor Supply doesn't have plow bolts

    They don't come up in a search on their web site and the folks working there say they have NEVER heard of a plow bolt. :confused: Wish I had a Agri Supply nearby. Nearest is an hour away.
  3. TractorGuy

    Modified My Quick Hitch

    I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but when I pull my finish mower the driveshaft will sometimes contact the cross member on my quick hitch. The arms on the mower float and if I try to set the 3 point to the center of the float with it level it will hit on a dip. If I set it to the...
  4. TractorGuy

    Any Dealer Connection Members?

    Do we have any members that have access to the dealer network that would be willing to do a VIN search? I wouldn't want to know any personal information. Just tractor info like warranty repairs, location origin, current status like was it deemed ineligible for warranty due to flood or other...
  5. TractorGuy

    Any way to edit in app?

    I often see a typo or left out word in my posts using the android app. Is there any way to reopen and edit from the app? Yeah, yeah, I know I should proof before I hit the send icon.
  6. TractorGuy

    MFG/Dealer Price Differences

    I recently entertained the idea of buying a newer F150. I just wanted a newer version of the truck I have but with the Coyote V8. My current truck is a 2003 extended cab with a 6-1/2' bed, 4.6 V8 engine, 3:55 posi rear, and factory tow package. It tows everything I have a need to tow with ease...
  7. TractorGuy

    Dual Blades on Finish Mower

    I've been wanting the try out the dual blade idea on my finish mower for some time. My current blades didn't really need sharpening but I touched them up while they were off. I sharpened an old set and put them on top of the better blades. I tack welded them together to keep them square if I hit...
  8. TractorGuy

    Bent my MTL Grapple

    It's not bad but thought the MTL naysayers might like to see it. What happened was I clamped down on a stump and it bent the gusset out which pulled the leg of the clamp in a little. Nothing a rosebud torch and a hammer won't fix. I guess the 2" cylinder applies more force than you actually need...
  9. TractorGuy

    Shipping Logistics

    Seems like this is happening more and more with USPS and FedEx. It's not just the shippers fault either. I ordered this part from a company that is based 6 hours away on August 25th. The order confirmation said it would process in 24-48 hours. After a few days passed I called and they said they...
  10. TractorGuy

    Seat Suggestions

    Considering a replacement seat for my JD 4310. I think I would like something with an adjustable Lumbar and arm rests. I would like to retain the seat safety switch also. Any suggestions?
  11. TractorGuy

    400+ft Internet, WIFI, & Cameras

    The subjects of long distant wifi and wifi security cameras come up from time to time so I thought I would share my setup. It works well and is about as low budget as you can get. My internet wifi system consists of a ZTE Velocity Hotspot Router on AT&T connected to a AR-GL300-EXT travel...
  12. TractorGuy

    Doe and Fawns

    The view out our living room window.
  13. TractorGuy

    Walk Behind String Trimmer to Brush Hog Conversion

    This is a project I've had on my to do list for a while that I finally got around to. So far the results are a resounding success. It squeals the belt a little every time I engage the drive so it may not last as long but it's only worn out one belt in 30+ years. The next thing I want to try...
  14. TractorGuy

    New to me storage tank

    I've run through the gambit on diesel storage. I started with 55 gallon oil drums and they started to rust inside after 4 years. I switched to plastic drums and one of those split this week. Thankfully it split above the fuel level and no spill occurred. I set out on a mission to find an...
  15. TractorGuy

    Corn Price Jump

    I just buy it in 30-40 lb bags to feed the wildlife but it has taken a big jump. Back a month or so it went up two dollars a bag for a 40 lb bag at Academy Sports. I switched to 30 lb bags from walmart because it was easier to access and easier on my back. Went to reorder today and it jumped...
  16. TractorGuy

    Parts Availability - Dealer Availability

    I recently saw a used Massey I would consider but doing research I don't find any dealers within a few hundred miles and online parts seem to be non existent. Are you all finding parts online or do you HAVE to go to a dealer to get them? I wonder why their dealer network is fading away?
  17. TractorGuy

    Dancing Deer

  18. TractorGuy

    Side Discharge Finish Mower?

    Why would anyone make or want one? My finish mower is rear discharge and I can't imagine why you would want a side discharge model.
  19. TractorGuy

    Who Like Billy Strings?

    How about a two hour set with his dad?
  20. TractorGuy

    Wait Time for new Garage Door

    Our 28 year old garage door recently broke another spring. It is uninsulated and been kind of funky for a while so we decided to get a new one. I got a couple estimates and decided to go through Home Depot. Got the order all configured and they charged my card for the $3391.00. Then they sent a...
  21. TractorGuy

    Spell Check

    On this forum and the GTT forum my spell check comes and goes since the format change. Misspelled words will underline in red but if I continue to type without stopping to correct right then the underline will go away. Sometimes when I stop right away and correct the spelling error it will...
  22. TractorGuy

    List all the Cars/Motorcycles You've Owned

    So we have the "What Vintage Car" thread. I thought it would be interesting to know what vehicles people have or have owned. Here is my list to the best of my memory. 1949 Dodge PU 1954 Dodge Meadowbrook, Red Ram Hemi 1962 Pontiac Lemans, 215 alum V8, 4 bbl, 2 spd transaxle 1966 Chevrolet...
  23. TractorGuy

    Face Shields

    I was in my local Home Depot today and they had the Bullard brand face shields in stock. It looks comparable to the premium HF face shield that has been out of stock since covid. $15
  24. TractorGuy

    Birds in the Barn

    I had an open front barn built this year. I knew birds would become a problem and as I was working out there yesterday some small ones were investigating the area. No nests yet but I know that is the next step and then comes the poop all over everything. Do those fake owls work to detract birds...
  25. TractorGuy

    Deer Rarin Up

  26. TractorGuy

    A Couple of Bucks

    A couple of bucks feeding on some corn I threw out near my gate. I wish they would spar a little more and shed that ten point rack for me to collect.
  27. TractorGuy

    Ads on Facebook

    Don't trust ANY of them. Facebook has allowed the scammers to infiltrate both the marketplace AND the news feed. Most of the marketplace ads are the obvious low price tractors and such. The ones being allowed on the news feed are a little less obvious sometimes. I also noticed the marketplace...
  28. TractorGuy

    Fogerty Fans

  29. TractorGuy

    Services in nearby counties. (tags, vaccine, etc.)

    The county I live in has been very slow to make appointments for the Covid vaccine. I actually live closer to a smaller county so I went there to sign up. My sister lives across the state line and she also signed up in the same county I went to. We signed up on a Monday, got called back on...
  30. TractorGuy

    Inexpensive R14 looking variant

    I just ordered a pair of Roadone Cavalry M/T tires for my rail buggy project. I haven't found a comprehensive list of sizes but I have seen them advertised in many different sizes. I know they have the typical 15 inch sizes which would fit some X55 series John Deere tractors. I paid $250 for a...
  31. TractorGuy

    One of our bucks

  32. TractorGuy

    Ten Point

    Our resident 10 point buck stopped by last night but didn't partake in any corn. Probably just following the doe trail. Durn camera had reset itself so the image is foggy. I have to manually set the contrast on this one but once it records at the default setting I can't fix the foggy.
  33. TractorGuy

    Frolic Attack Part 2

    This is what I woke up to see out the window this morning. Action begins at the far right. Best viewed in full screen so I'm just posting the link instead of using the embed code. Play Time - YouTube
  34. TractorGuy

    Frolic Attack

    A young doe needing to get some energy out by dancing around some. We have named this one Dancer.
  35. TractorGuy

    How to measure a Hydraulic Cylinder

    I used your cylinders in my rebuild of an old John Deere loader. It has worked out okay for a fraction of the cost of OEM. One thing it does every time I start the tractor and raise the loader is the loader judders like something is binding. After a few cycles it works smooth. It has done it...
  36. TractorGuy

    Vines tangled up in tiller

    I have only used my new tiller a couple times. Each time it ends up trapping vines under the bearing protection tabs on the ends of the axle. The tines remain perfectly clean. They just wad up around the ends of the axle. Anybody have a solution? I'm thinking I will try sharpening the leading...
  37. TractorGuy

    6 ft Country Way Tiller

    I bought a 6 Ft Country Way Tiller from Rural King this week. This is their cheap "made in china" tiller. I think they may be phasing these out in favor of the King Kutter they have rebranded with their name on it. This one was $1500 before tax. It looks exactly like the no name "made in china"...
  38. TractorGuy

    Pumpkin Carving in 2020 with a SIG M17

  39. TractorGuy

    We don't need no stinkin baler!

    This girl will show you how to stack hay.
  40. TractorGuy

    Young Doe Followed by Young Buck

  41. TractorGuy

    Installed Generic Gauges on 4310 (long)

    My fuel and temperature gauges on my 4310 have been going to full sweep. Sometimes they would work but most of the time it read full and hot no matter the fuel level or actual temp. My tach and all my indicator lights still work fine. My temp sending unit tested okay and I replaced the fuel...
  42. TractorGuy

    Open Station AC/FAN

    This has turned into just a fancy fan but it works good still. Just thought I would share my half failed attempt at an open station AC unit. The original idea was some way to get cool air blowing on me as I work. I acquired a under dash evaporator unit off of eBay for about $75. I looked at...
  43. TractorGuy

    4310 temp sensor thread size?

    Anybody know the thread size on the 4310 temperature sensor? I am looking into sticking a generic gauge on mine and they all come with a 1/8" NPT sensor. I want to figure out if I can find an adapter bushing. Edit: May have found a solution. There is a plug under the sensor that is labeled...
  44. TractorGuy

    Circle TV

    How many of you tune in to Circle TV?Fair amount of rerun material but good entertainment. Mostly opry and country with a few rock and roll documentaries thrown in.
  45. TractorGuy

    This morning's moon

  46. TractorGuy

    Google installed a Covid-19 tracker on my phone

    Ever looked at the Google settings in your phone? Google installed a Covid-19 tracker on my Android phone. It is turned off but there was no notice it was installed. While I was in there I found the setting to turn off personalized ads. In my Android phone it was under settings/google.
  47. TractorGuy

    Kites in Flight

    We had 5 of our Mississippi Kites flying around over the barn yesterday. They have become comfortable with having us spectate and sometimes do a fly through between our barn and garage at eye level.
  48. TractorGuy

    Screenshot your funny CL SCAMS

    Please blur any phone numbers or email addresses. Saw this one today and had to share. Bass Tracker Pro Engines upgraded with ISKY cams and dyno'd over 600 horses. ONLY $1600 ROFL!
  49. TractorGuy

    Home and Auto Insurance

    Who do you use? What do you pay? How satisfied are you? I'm thinking it's time for me to shop around my insurance. Would like to know what some of you are using and how it compares. We are using Farm Bureau and just got another renewal increase on our auto. They went up to $1187 for 6 months...