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  1. Avenger

    XR 4046 no start

    There are a few safety switches to check too. The shuttle shift switch, the clutch switch, and the seat switch.
  2. Avenger

    LS Tractor Oil, Gas, & Air Filter Information

    Mine is a screw in. I'd assume yours is too. But I am not familiar with your model.
  3. Avenger

    Greasing the backhoe

    I've used it twice now. Once in the video, and another time on a zerk on the FEL. The one of the FEL, the tool worked really well. But the one in the video, not so well. I agree about using quality grease. And the grease I use is good quality moly. But things happen, dirt especially.
  4. Avenger

    Greasing the backhoe

    I had a similar problem on my backhoe. It seemed like grease wasnt going in, and grease wasn't coming out of the joint. Mine was on the main boom pin. I ended up removing the pin, cleaning everything, and realizing that the tolerances are so tight, that grease was getting in there, but barely...
  5. Avenger

    Steering column hydraulic leak

    How bad is the leak? Can you post of few pictures of the area and the leak? Is it coming from the steering valve? The block with 4 lines coming from it on the engine side? If the leak is coming from the steering valve, follow the service manual to remove it from the tractor. Contact your...
  6. Avenger

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    ooooOOOOOooooooo....... :eek: I might be heading to Home Depot this weekend! Thanks for the tip!
  7. Avenger

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Sometimes having a smaller tractor around is a blessing. I need to dig a small shallow trench ~250 to bury some low volt wire. My tractor and backhoe is a bit big, and due to its size, wont fit in a portion of the area needed. I get to hand dig. Nice duo!
  8. Avenger


    The turbo is just for emissions, it doesn't really help with power. Is your tractor lugging down when you're blowing? If so, gear down. These tractors will do just about anything you ask of them, including pushing and blowing heavy snow. The trade off is doing how fast you're doing it. The...
  9. Avenger

    Running HOT!!

    In addition to what Peter mentioned, check to make sure the coolant is flowing. A bad water pump or a simple air bubble can cause overheating too. Crank up your engine, and with the radiator cap off, see if you can see the coolant flowing. You will have to wait until it's at operating temps...
  10. Avenger

    Strobe light bar

    I use the existing brackets. It's not a 'bar' but a single strobe. You can have two, one on each side. The plug should be there, its not a regular 12v plug. Its called a 'Hella Plug" here is the link:
  11. Avenger

    Loud hiss/pressure release sound on starting.

    I know this sounds weird... but it could be your fan belt slipping. Make sure its tight. Beyond that, I got nothing. I doesn't sound like an exhaust leak. Injector pump wouldn't make that sound... if it were a gas engine, I'd suggest a loose spark plug. But being a diesel if your injector was...
  12. Avenger

    Loud hiss/pressure release sound on starting.

    A hiss? :unsure: Check your air cleaner? This one is a bit odd. I'd like to see this one to diagnose further. Can you post a video with sound?
  13. Avenger

    MT 573 Issues

    Welcome to TBN... officially! Sounds like the issue is fixed? It sucks having no support when your local dealership, the one who knows you, goes out of business. Happens with other types of business too. I'm forced to buy brewing supplies and ingredients from online now that my local brewery...
  14. Avenger


    For me, its not just the bandwidth. Its latency too. Starlink is better than other satellite ISPs only because they are closer to Earth. Bandwidth is important too, and that will depend on needs and uses. I occasionally remote into work, sometimes while the kids are streaming or playing games. I...
  15. Avenger


    I've had Starlink for a long while now. Loved it! Made my old satellite internet look like dialup... wait, that exactly what I was getting after a few weeks. The latency is not the greatest, but again, better than anything else I could get at my location... at my former location. I recently...
  16. Avenger

    XR3037 speakers

    I hate to laugh and snicker, but I knew this thread was coming. :ROFLMAO: Those terrible 4in speakers suck very bad. One of mine was actually blown! I got a pair of 5in speakers from a yard sale and slapped them in my cab. Some quick trimming with a Dremel tool is required. Here is a set I'd...
  17. Avenger

    Bucket size for backhoe

    My advise: Get 2. Get a small bucket for trenching and root ripping. Get the big bucket for digging. And get the thumb. Always get the thumb. I have a Woods BH that I bought used and came with a 24in bucket. Love it for moving dirt. Digging a hole is quick and easy. However, digging stumps was...
  18. Avenger

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. Nicely done!
  19. Avenger

    XR 3037 radio

    I searched my Amazon order history and found the radio I installed in my cab. I don't remember spending $100 on it! I pretty certain it has gone up in price a bunch since April of 2018. However...
  20. Avenger

    Combine Turned Snow Blower

    Bumping an old thread I see. Right on! I was impressed with this concept. Its a good way to recycle.
  21. Avenger

    Tie Rod issue.. what would you do?

    That's kinda where I was heading. Not having this issue myself, still have the factory tie rods since 2018 makes me think there is something going on with the tractor itself: something is out of alignment or damaged causing the tie rods to fail. OR lack of lubrication... OR it could be a bad...
  22. Avenger

    Filling a Gap

    I need some help, some advise on what to do about this gap. I recently purchased a new home and moved. The new home has a HUGE shop. It's large partially because at one point, the lean to was walled in and insulated. However, I noticed this gap along the back wall of the lean to. You can see...
  23. Avenger

    Where to buy LS parts?

    If you don't have a New Holland dealership near you, you can order parts from dealers like Messicks, that will ship the parts to your door. While Eagle1's advice is solid, there is a caveat, LS makes some tractors for New Holland (and NH carries those parts), but not all LS tractors are NH...
  24. Avenger

    LS MT357 Link petal

    Somethings on these tractors are "fly-by-wire" and some systems are mechanical. Check the physical linkages first, then check for fuses... or vise versa.
  25. Avenger

    LS XR4046 Battery Removal

    Honestly, you're in the right place for that kind of thing, especially tractor specific. The folks here are a huge wealth of knowledge and most are eager to help. However, if you're looking for videos specifically, obviously check out mine (but I don't really do "how-to" videos), check out...
  26. Avenger

    LS XR4046 Battery Removal

    That doesn't look factory. I'm assuming you didn't purchase this tractor new? Can you follow the wire and see where it goes?
  27. Avenger

    LS XR4046 Battery Removal

    First thing you need to do is clean the area, especially your radiators. Those fins look plugged. Cleaning the area will help you (and us) identify things a bit better. Your ECU is mounted on top of your battery. No worries. The bolt you circled, and the one on the other side, looks like it...
  28. Avenger

    LS XR4046 Battery Removal

    Your tractor is very similar to mine. Check out this video I made when I replaced my battery. Hope it helps
  29. Avenger

    Buying Advice MT3 Series Weights?

    The equivalent New Holland tractor to the LS MT352 would be the Boomer 45-55. As far as the weights go, if you need more weight on the rear, try beat juice in the tire. If you already have that, and for some reason you need more, take a look at Everything Attachments. They have a selection of...
  30. Avenger

    R4047 Shuttle shift runs but won’t move!

    I suspect it's a linkage issue as others have stated. The clutch will burn up, especially if engaging the pedal at high RPM, that's really rough on the clutch (this is why we have a gas pedal) But even then, it will be noticeable over time, the clutch will slip more and more, and you will likely...
  31. Avenger

    front axle fluid level

    Some front axles have a check port on the side and a fill port on the top, like a regular gear box. Pull the check port, if fluid is at the bottom of the threads when parked on a level surface, then you're good.
  32. Avenger

    G3033H Snapped Tie Rod

    I snapped the upper control arm part when my tire chains got bound up in the loader brackets. The parts were covered under warranty, but I did the repair myself to save time. Interesting that it simply snapped though. Must have just been fatigue or something. Least it's not horribly expensive...
  33. Avenger

    Which plug to AC controller

    My tractor is similar, probably the same as far as the AC system goes. I have a shop manual on PDF. PM me your email and I'll share it with you.
  34. Avenger

    XR4040 ignition switch removal?

    Could be the switch. But before you go replacing the switch, check your chassis ground. These tractors (and many like them) are plagued with ground issues. Either the connection gets loose, corroded, or broken. Take it completely off, clean the connections really well, inspect it all, and...
  35. Avenger

    Need help finding a Hydraulic Top Link for my MT352

    This is the one I got: It's cat 1 only, but the majority of my implements are cat 1. If my implements are cat 2, I use bushings, and they are cat 1. The measurements are...
  36. Avenger

    Hearing Aids?

    These hearing aids changed my life! Not only can I hear people, and other sounds, but they have so many other wonderful features. I have the Roger Device for crowded rooms with my hearing aids. Its a little puck that sits on the table with directional microphones that my hearing aids connect...
  37. Avenger

    Oil & Fuel Oil filter cross red.

    That is the same engine as the XR41 (LS L3C19-T). The Wix WL7426 is a tad longer than stock, but works just fine.
  38. Avenger

    Putting jack stands under the rear of a MT3 tractor

    Deciding on what jack to use, honestly, I don't think about. I walk over to where we keep the jacks and grab one. Wheel it over and start jacking. If it wont lift, I realize the object I am lifting is too heavy for that jack, and I go grab another one. I admit, that is probably not the best...
  39. Avenger

    Putting jack stands under the rear of a MT3 tractor

    Well, there's a big difference between a Kubota M9000 and an LS MT357HC. Your tractor is a 92HP tractor with large rear tires. That kubota weighs in at 6750lbs according to tractordata. The LS MT357HC is litterly half the tractor. It is a 57HP tractor with smaller rear tires weighing in at...
  40. Avenger

    Putting jack stands under the rear of a MT3 tractor

    When I was installing my subframe mount, I took both tires off for better access. I didn't use the jack stands on the axle as I needed to work on those specifically. So I used the floor jack on the drawbar and placed the stands under the transaxle housing. It was stable. For other times, I...
  41. Avenger

    Removing loader joystick handle MT357

    I twisted the crap outta mine, believing it was threaded on. But when it didn't come off, I jerked it up a few times and it finally popped off. It was glued or pressed really hard into the plastic. You can see the shaft in one of my videos at the 14:41 mark. No threading. and this one at 18:16...
  42. Avenger

    Bought a New House, Need a New Mower!

    That's right! We actually sold our home that had a small yard on the side of a hill, and bought a new home with a very large, 1 acre yard that is all flat. Well, mostly flat. It has a slight hillside along a fence. The yard boasts mature deciduous trees of various verities, so leaf collection...
  43. Avenger

    MT357 bending parts on 3pt

    That's what I was going to suggest, what @ptsg said. But also, they will only bend like that if you're backing up and put a significant load on the mower. I have the exact same mower. It's impossible to mow a field with any obstacles without backing up while mowing. My problem is either backing...
  44. Avenger

    Anyone done a triple rear remote kit?

    I looked at doing this on my tractor after owning it for a few years. I asked my dealer over the phone how much the kit would cost, he said "It's a few thousand" That pretty much ended my research right there. Now, I don't know if he was blowing smoke, but maybe he was accurate. Looking at the...
  45. Avenger

    LS 235 in the shop

    I'm guessing you're actively working with your dealer? He is keeping you updated on progress or lack thereof? Is it a parts availability issue or something else? Have you paid them anything for any work already done? Have they claimed it's fixed, only to discover that it's not? I don't have...
  46. Avenger

    Hearing Aids?

    I've been wearing hearing aids for a while now. But just got prescribed glasses... isn't getting old fun?! My hearing aids are the behind/over the ear ones. I love them! Very comfortable. However, with my new glasses, they don't work for me as well. I had to get the straight leg glasses that...
  47. Avenger

    Best way to get diesel into the tractor?

    Thats awesome! Did you purchase that tank new? It looks new. If you don't mind, what what the price tag?
  48. Avenger

    XR4140 Fuse Box

    Since you have a cab tractor, there is also a fuse bank on the left pillar of the cab. FYI.
  49. Avenger

    MT235E Front Axle Oil

    Ahh... Tacoma diffs... I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two. :cautious: Not exactly fun. Amazon sells spare plugs for a few dollars, fyi. As far as the ass backwards on the plugs, for me, my manual specifies to check the front axle oil every 50 hours. So this is not necessary...