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  1. japody

    Pasture mowing

    Got this field mowed today. About 16 acres. Only six more fields to go.
  2. japody

    Tractor shed is up.

    Tractor shed was put up today. It's 48' wide, with 24' center section and 12' lean to's, and 35' deep. 12' tall in center, 9' tall on sides. They started at 6 am and were finished at 6 pm. I am very satisfied with the result. Now I get to put all of the tractors in the shed and not have to...
  3. japody

    Can't find a new rider

    My Snapper LT200 riding mower finally gave up the ghost after 20 years. I like the new Snapper SPX line because they have a fabricated deck that is 10 gauge steel. But, they are not to be found. I searched a 200 mile radius and no one has any. One dealer told me that he ordered them last year...
  4. japody

    K1 kerosene in tractor?

    I've got a few hundred gallons of K1 kerosene that I didn't use. Is it safe to use in a diesel tractor?
  5. japody

    Temperature gauge

    The temperature gauge on my NH TN65 goes to full tilt with 1 -2 minutes of a cold start. There are no signs of overheating from the radiator. I'm thinking a faulty sending unit. Any thoughts?
  6. japody

    Can Am Outlander 450

    Walking the fence lines through the woods has started to take it's toll on this aging body. So I'm in the market for an ATV. After some research, I'm leaning towards the Can Am Outlander 450. Anyone have any experience with it? Feed back would be appreciated.
  7. japody

    New baby

    The calving season has begun.
  8. japody

    Is there such an animal?

    Looking for gloves that are waterproof, warm and will stand up to outdoor work. I've used the leather gloves from HF, mostly when handling hay, but once they get wet, the misery factor goes up. Internet searches brought up some, but the reviews were not favorable. Anyone have good experiences?
  9. japody

    Drill Bits

    I bought a set of Dewalt drill bits thinking they would work well. Boy, was I wrong. Had a hard time drilling through 2 x 4's and some even broke with little pressure. Does anyone have recommendations for a quality set that won't break the bank?
  10. japody

    TN65 Operator's manual

    Does anyone have an operator's manual for a TN65 they would be willing to share? Thanks in advance.
  11. japody

    Look at what Santa brought me today

    New Holland TN65. 1500 hours, FEL, SSA, 6 ft grapple, 6 ft bucket, hay spear, loaded tires, serviced with oil change and filters. $15,250 delivered. :dance1:
  12. japody


    I was bush hogging with the Ford 4000 this afternoon when I think the clutch tanked. I pushed in the clutch, put it in reverse, let the clutch out and her a pop. Tractor started backing up, but when I pushed the clutch in again, nothing. Tractor kept backing up so I had to cut the tractor off...
  13. japody

    Anyone watch "Yellowstone" on the Paramount network?

    It has strong language but **** it's good. Stars Kevin Costner as a ranch owner in Montana.
  14. japody

    I tought I was retired....

    I've been officially retired form my 9 to 5 job about 6 years. Moved to the farm full time. Before we retired, we used to come down on weekends and get everything done. Now there aren't enough hours in a day. How is that possible?
  15. japody

    Drone suggestion

    I'm thinking about getting a drone. Just today, a cow had a calf and would not let me get near her. A drone with remote video would have made that easier. Anyway, anyone have ideas, recommendations, suggestions, negative feedback, etc. on drones. Looking to keep it under $500. Thanks in...
  16. japody

    Mahindra 2510

    Got a friend that wants to sell his Mahindra 2510 but doesn't know what it's worth. It has a FEL, Mahindra tiller and 4 ft cutter. Only 150 hours. Any one have a ball park number?
  17. japody

    Tie rod boots

    I had a guy replace the tie rod ends on my Ford 4000. He did not put the boots on. Having him redo it is not in the cards. Is there any way to place something on to replace the boots short of taking the tie rods apart?
  18. japody

    How are you dealing with the drought?

    We have not had any appreciable rain for the last two months. Fields are brown with little grass. We usually don't start feeding hay until late November. I'm afraid we will have to start much sooner this year. How are you dealing with this?
  19. japody

    Ford 4000 engine surging

    Been doing a lot of bush hogging lately. Yesterday, as usual, I fueled her up and checked fluids before starting out. She had been running fine prior to this. After about an hour, the engine started surging. Would speed up for a few seconds, then slow back down, did this about every minute or...
  20. japody

    Got my road in

    Finally decided to go ahead with the crushed concrete road. Grader graded the red clay road bed. Took 15 dump truck loads of 16 tons each. Vibratory roller followed. Added ditches on sides with 2 pipes in low spots to divert water. Came out pretty smooth. Waiting for rain to see how it...
  21. japody

    Crushed Concrete for driveway

    Has anyone used crushed concrete for their driveway? I've got a contractor telling me it works as well as 57s. It's $300 for a 15 ton load vs. $500 for the 57s. I'll need at least 12 loads. He's doing a major overhaul including using a road grader to get down to hard pan, vibratory...
  22. japody

    Found this today...

    While searching for a missing cow in a remote corner of the farm, I came across this. Guess I'd never been in that spot before. Anyone have a guess as to year/make? Would make a heck of a project car! :laughing:
  23. japody

    What kind of tractor is this?

    What kind of a tractor is this? - Heavy Iron World
  24. japody

    I knew I shouldn't have said anything,,,,

    On another thread about frost proof faucets, I extoled the virtues of a Mirafount cattle waterer. I mentioned how mine has never frozen, even in the coldest weather. I guess I jinxed my luck. Checked on one of the waterers yesterday and it was frozen solid. I guess I'll have to wait for the...
  25. japody

    Generator light

    This is a weird one. Replaced the battery on my '69 5000 yesterday. Now the gen light gets brighter the more I rev the engine. Shouldn't it be the other way around. Any thoughts, ideas on how to fix? Thanks in advance.
  26. japody

    Where's the coolant going?

    The coolant in my '69 4000 is going somewhere, but I can't find where. It has a relatively new radiator, water pump, & thermostat. There is no water in the oil, nor oil in the water. Don't see any signs of leaks. I have to put in about a gallon after using it 4 -5 hours, filling it only to a...
  27. japody

    New Baby

    Born yesterday.
  28. japody

    Tire popped off rim

    About three weeks ago I had a flat in my filled rear tire, 16.9 x 30. I had the local tire place come out and replace the tube and put a boot in the tire. At the time he stated that the bead on the tire was very rusted and the tire would need to be replaced soon. He even went so far as to say...
  29. japody

    God Bless the USA - The Texas Tenors

    I thought this was a fitting rendition to honor all of our service men and women this weekend: God Bless the USA - The Texas Tenors - YouTube Thank you for your service!!!
  30. japody

    What's with the WWE smack down links?

    There have been several posts lately trying to get you to click on a WWE smack down link. They are posted with misleading thread titles and forums. I'm assuming they're some sort of spam or virus and have not opened them. Anyone experienced an issue with them? If so, is there a way to report...
  31. japody

    Saw a beaver in the pond today....

    Drove down to the back pond (about 10 acres) this afternoon and saw something BIG swimming across the far end. Pulled out the binoculars and saw that it was a beaver. Watched it for a while and it came close to where I was. I stood there waiting with my .22 when my wife (yes she was with me)...
  32. japody

    Another electric fence question...

    Does anyone have any experience using a mix of electric and barbed wire for cattle? I'm thinking of using electric on wires 1, 3 & 5, with 2 & 4 barbed. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  33. japody

    That's a lotta barbeque!

    Father, son bag charging 700-pound boar in North Carolina | Fox News
  34. japody

    Water on Flywheel

    Had a problem with the starter not kicking in on my 1969 Ford 5000. Heard a clicking when I turned the key. Voltage was good. Took starter off and found rust on the bendix which was stuck in place. Looked inside where the bendix engages the flywheel and saw that there were water droplets on the...
  35. japody

    LS Ads

    I just picked up the latest issue of TractorHouse Southeast edition yesterday. TractorHouse is a publication that is all ads for tractors and related equipment. I found it odd that there wasn't a single ad for an LS tractor in the entire issue of 240 pages. No manufacturer, dealer, or private...
  36. japody

    Buying Advice Mahindra 6525?

    Anyone have any thoughts or experience with the Mahindra 6525 or any other model near this size? I'm thinking about one for my next tractor - including FEL, SSQA and filled tires. Thanks for any input!
  37. japody

    Looking at Mahindra 6525......

    I'm looking at a Mahindra 6525 with a FEL and filled tires. Out the door price I have been quoted with delivery is $20,677. Is that a good price? Anyone have any experience with this tractor? Thanks for the feedback.
  38. japody

    New guy from VA

    Hello y'all! I've been reading posts om TBN for a while and finally decided to join. We have a Ford 4000 & 5000. Looking forward to joining in on threads.