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    Envelope symbols to left of threads ?

    I once knew this but have forgotten . The envelope symbol can be several colors . One is a red, one is a gray, there may be a third color . What do the colors mean ?
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    What can I tow ? Sooooo confused

    That was the pamphlet I 'm work off of, but it seems to have conflicting charts . Note: Remember I have 3.7 L engine, 3.55 axle, and 145" wheelbase .
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    What can I tow ? Sooooo confused

    Near as I can tell from charts, 5600 Lbs with no mention of brakes .
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    What can I tow ? Sooooo confused

    After pouring over internet Ford charts related to my truck, I can 't convince myself what weight I can tow. Stats: 2013 F150 XL, Regular cab 145", wheel base, 8' bed 3.7 L engine 3.55 ratio regular axle 6 speed auto trans. GVWR 6750 lbs. At least class IV hitch - hitch was replaced after...
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    Anyone get on of these government surveys ?

    2015 national agricultural classification survey . From the United States Department of Agriculture . Got this one in the mail today with a cover letter . I 've lived on my property for over 30 years and never have received one before ( best of recollection ) .
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    Are LED Light Bulbs a Fire Risk

    I started a slow conversion from incandescent to LED light bulbs in my house today . Then I considered fire risk because if the heat sink in LED 's . Info on internet falls about 50 - 50 on both sides of the fence . What do ya 'll think ? I don 't want to burn down my house . I 've got various...
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    Walther PP ammo

    Years ago I inherited Walther PP from veteran father taken in WWII . I believe it is circa pre - WWII ( before U.S. A. got in it ) . Long ago I bought ammo from Walmart ( not best place ) . Clerk said get .380 auto . Bought some and it fired ok . Wondering now if that is really what I need ...
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    cast iron cookware care

    Was reading another thread on cast iron cookin ' . Not wantin ' to hijack that thread, I post this . I have a number of inherited cast iron pans that have been hard caked on the outside with years of gunk and grease . I 'm thinkin' about cleaning them in my gas oven on the "self-clean oven...
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    Steering wheel lock question

    Not exactly a towing rig question, but it is about a truck . I asked on Trucksbynet, but received only one response . This is gonna sound a little stupid . Do 2013 F150 XL 's have a locking steering wheel ? Bought my truck a few month ago and have never been able to get the steering wheel to...
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    What a great feelin ' !!!

    Made my final payment on my B2320 today . Nothin' like really ownin ' it !
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    Low water pressure questions ( well system )

    Here comes the rest . Plastic pipe is 1" . short copper with the valve is 3/4" . Note slow leak at cut off valve around shaft knob . Been there for years .
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    Low water pressure questions ( well system )

    tryin ' a test pic.
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    Low water pressure questions ( well system )

    I have low water pressure in my house to the point that if I flush a toilet I get practically no water anywhere else . Stats : 2 story house. 2 full baths. clothes washer, dish washer, water heater, 3 outdoor spigots. Shallow well ( maybe 125 ft ) . Jet pump . Water tank rated at max. 75 psi (...
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    5.5 K standalone generator and synthetic oil ?

    Any reason why I shouldn 't use synthetic oil in the engine ( Briggs & Stratton ) ? Manual says nithing about it .
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    Protecting game cam advise

    To all who own game cams . I 've been experiencing repeated vandalism on property and vacant house I own adjacent to my resident property . I 'm considering game cams to get pix, but am wondering what ya 'll do to protect cams from theft . Being a member here for some time, I know I will get...
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    B2320 battery/start problem ?

    Symptoms : B2320 250 hrs 1. I started tractor, warmed up for 5 mins, and drove 50 ft to fuel up, turned engine off . 2. Fueled up and attempted to restart . Nothing . When key was in "on" position, all dash warning lights came on . When moved to preheat, all warning lights went off . When moved...
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    Tire size for 2.375 " axle ?

    Here 's my dilemma . I 've been renovating a 1973 camper trailer ( many previous owners ) . I replaced tires with same size that were on it when I got it . I noticed today that the axle dia. measures approx . 2.37 " . my understanding that this dia . is usually a 3500 # axle . Tongue marking...
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    3 pt hitch strange behavior

    The up / down lever has become stiff and difficult to push up or down . Hitch does move, but when I hit the " slow down " tab with the lever, the hitch goes no further, even though implement has room to go down . I get a clicking sound like a ratchet wrench slipping and a slight bouncing of the...
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    Which UTV SxS for a compromise

    I 'm 2 years away from paying off tractor . When I do, I would like to use the monthly income that will keep coming ( can 't reduce my retirement system check, only increase it ) to buy a UTV . I would like to compromise between speed ( for grins and giggles ) and light hauling power and tool...
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    Maibox baseball problem and worse

    I live in a rural country area. I seem to be the main and singular target most of the time. My mail boxes ( have 2 ) have been gettin' repeatedly bashed but last night it got worse . They were bashed and egged out side and in including mail I had inadvertently left in them over night . I know...
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    My Kubota dealer 's great service

    Got a call from my dealer today. He informed me my warranty will expire soon . He said they would be glad to bring my tractor in for a check up in case anything covered by warranty looks bad before expiration. And, yes , free of charge !! Gonna talk with them in person to see if there is a...
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    Cleaning chain saw methods

    I 've got a stihl ms250c . What methods, stuff, and cleaning solvents do ya 'll use to cleanup the saw after use ? Like when the bar and chain are off and ya gotta get rid of all the junk/gunk that has accumulated .
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    My B2320 Tool Box

    I put these pix in another thread, but decided its time for me to step out on my own. Got some finish work to do. Thought I 'd do proof of concept before wasting a lot of work .
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    Camper trailer renovation - need advice

    I 'v gotten good advice on the trailer forum from members about brakes, but its time to expand here for more feed back on other aspects. I 'm having trouble prioritizing work order for this project. I want to get it minimally serviceable for short camping trips ( mostly primitive ) while I...
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    Odd Engine cut off and a possible tip

    Sinned yesterday and hosed/washed my tractor :ashamed:. I did not sin enough to use soap or wax :thumbsup: I tilted the seat forward for quicker drying. This a.m. I tilted seat back and cranked her up. Noticed that the seat was not level from left to right. Put her in M gear, moved forward and...
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    Electric brake testing on old trailer

    I inherited a small 1973 Tag-A-Long travel trailer. It appears as though it was rigged for electric brakes. There are two wires ( cut ) coming out of each of the well drums( total of 4 wires ). How might I test to see if the brakes still function before buying needed vehicle controller and...
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    PTO bushhog shaft wobble ?

    Unhooked bush hog this a.m. to do other work. I noticed when sliding the shaft and working it side to side a bit that I have a very slight side to side wobble ( less than 1/8 ") . Most pronounced at longer shaft position. Non-existent at shortest shaft position. Shaft doesn 't look damaged in...
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    Wire gauge OT but I gotta know

    What would be a good wire gauge to wire a 12 volt lighting system in an old travel trailer camper ( 1973 ) ? Kinda tractor related 'cause I move it around in my yard with my bota 2320.
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    Frozen lug bolts

    On a 1973 small Tag -A - Long travel trailer. All 4 lug bolts on one wheel are frozen. Theses are not lug nuts that go on studs . They are bolts that actually screw into holes. So far I have tried wd40, liquid wrench soaking and a 3 foot extension pipe for leverage on tire iron along with light...
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    Cetane revisited

    Bought 5 gals. of fuel yesterday and didn 't notice until I was done that pump said minimum 40 cetane. Manual says minimum 45 cetane. I have added power service white bottle. I gotta ask even though it may have already been asked ( search didn 't quite get me the answer ). Can I use the 40...
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    3 ph lowering speed knob jammed

    B2320 tractor - knob located below seat will not hand turn in either direction. It is set so that the 3ph will raise and lower. Knob has worked in the past, but I 've not tried to turn it lately until yesterday. I 'm reluctant to use any kind of wrench at this time for fear of braking the...
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    What should my rear ballast weigh ?

    I 'm pretty much just tryin' to ballast FEL a bit when using for wood hauling, dirt, or road gravel. And I 'd like to stick with and average rate instead of adding or removing weight for a particular job as I 'm gonna use concrete for weight in one of those post cylinder things with a rod...
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    My possibly botched fuel filter change job questions

    Kubota B2320 - changed out my fuel filter and it appears I may have a small leak somewhere around where the bowl screws into the receiver. My first thought is that I damaged one of the rubber O rings that seal bowl or tightened too much and cracked bowl. Bought replacement rings and, to be...
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    Countyline boxblade weight

    been lookin' at boxblades on TSC website. A 48'' and 72" are listed. Unfortunately, no weights are given so I can 't match them well with my Kubota B2320 recommended max. 54" 375 lbs. Is there anyplace on web I can get the weights ( nearest TSC to me is 30 mi. one way) ? I'd like 5 ' for 6"...
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    Genie output voltage problem

    My 5 K genie has not been gettin' my power tool saws up to operating rpm . I metered it and found it is outputting 112 V. Seems like this is a bit low especially if a long cord is used further reducing output. It was suggested to me to try to adjust engine speed. I know genies have a governor of...
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    Boxblade/rotary cutter weight comparison

    My B2320 specs out maximum weight for boxblade 375 lbs. and rotary cutter at 405 lbs. Would the difference in weight be due to extra drag weight of materials in boxblade and power needed to use scarifiers ?
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    Bee experts ?

    I live in S.E. La. in deep thick woods and brush and am wondering when do those small horrible ground bees/wasps/hornets that swarm and attack relentlessly when disturbed begin to ground nest ? I need to do some heavy tractor work in back woods and want to be prepared. Doin' bush hoggin' and...
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    Left oil filler cap off. Did I mess up ?

    Ownin' up to bonehead move. I left oil filler cap off when adding a small amount of oil. Ran tractor intermittently for a total of maybe 45 mins run time. No oil lost, no oil warning light ( that I noticed ), no over heating. What is the likelihood that I did serious engine damage ? Feelin' real...
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    reversing carryall lower pins direction

    I have a cat1 KK carryall. The lower pins point outward and are long. This causes me to have to spread lift arms very wide to insert pins in fisheyes. Is there any reason I shouldn 't or can 't reverse the direction of pins inward ? This would allow me to lift arms from the inside of pins and...
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    Yet another tire pressure question

    Ok, I did search the forum for an answer to this question, but found nothing that quite fit. I have a B2320, industrial tires. Manual says 40 psi rears and 35 psi front. Tires say the same, but call it max inflation. Geez, 40 psi rear seems way high and 35 psi front also unless using loader. The...
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    Genie fuel tank condensation ?

    Been fightin' this a long time. I have a 5K coleman gasoline genie. The fuel tank has a recess at bottom of tank where screen filter empties into stopcock. I constantly get water condensation in tank so that water is the first thing sucked into the carb. Impossible to drain tank fully because...
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    Road lights safety question

    Posted this in Safety forum, but realized that forum is mostly stories about "already happened " issue. Thought I 'd try here. I just got finished building a deck and back wall on a KK carryall. I didn 't notice 'till I finished that in raised position my tail lights and flasher lights are...
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    road lghts safety question

    I just got finished building a deck and back wall on a KK carryall. I didn 't notice 'till I finished that in raised position my tail lights and flasher lights are covered up. Also SMV sign on back of seat is partially covered. I live in Louisiana. I don 't do ,uch public road driving at all and...
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    How critical is the weight of a middle buster ?

    Not in terms of what my tractor can handle, but in terms of how the buster performs. I 'm planning on getting one. Having never used one I don 't know if it has to be heavy to penetrate the ground or if the blade actual takes care of this. I 'm in fairly soft dirt with small diameter roots...
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    Front-End Loader Digging techniques with FEL

    B2320, 48 " bucket, no tooth bar. I would be digging in fairly soft top soil ( no rocks ) with clay under it at about 6 " no deeper than a light drainage ditch maybe 8 ". Is this possible and what would be a good method ? How deep can a person dig with a FEL ?
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    Light weight home made fel forks without welding

    May have been covered already but I can 't find it. Anybody made fel forks for light work without welding ? Like pickin' up light brush piles or movin' 10 - 12 2x4 's or 4-5 sheets of ply wood.
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    Seat damage on new B2320

    I've got 52 hrs on tractor. Noticed yesterday that the seat vinyl is separating from the foam on the left "butt" side leaving a bubble as big if not bigger than my hand. Anyone had this problem ? should it be covered under warranty ? I 'll be wound tight if I here b.s. from dealer tomorrow...
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    B2320 HSD trans/hydro fuild capacity confusion

    I asked this in oil, fuel and lubricants forum, but thought I might get additional response here. Coming up on 50 hr service on B2320 HSD with fel. My owners manual lists transmission case capacity as 15 L ( 4.0 U.S. gals. ). 15 L is actually 3.96 gals. which is close enough, but dealer service...
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    B2320 trans/hydo fluid capacity confusion

    Coming up on 50 hr service on B2320 HSD with fel. My owners manual lists transmission case capacity as 15 L ( 4.0 U.S. gals. ). 15 L is actually 3.96 gals. which is close enough, but dealer service guy said his manual lists capacity a 4 U.S. qts. Kubota quick reference site lists it at 4 qts. I...
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    Rotary Cutter bush hog drive shaft greasing questions

    I have a new Brushbull 48x. I 'm confused by the manual 's instructions on greasing the drive shaft. The instructions say: 1. Lubricate driveline slip joint every eight hours. 2. Lower cutter to ground, disconnect driveline from tractor PTO shaft, and slide halves apart but do not disconnect...