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  1. marhar

    Leveling box Lift link?

    Thank you for the link.
  2. marhar

    Leveling box Lift link?

    I am interested in the Leveling Box Lift Link. The pic I attached is of a Leveling Box Lift Link...I think. Will you send me a Hyperlink or picture of the Leveling Box link.
  3. marhar

    Leveling box Lift link?

    I am thinking of buying a box scrape. If I want to create a slope with the box it will be necessary to raise one side of the box scrape. That being said, I saw a "Leveling Box Lift Link 3 Point Hitch ". How does it work? I assume it is easier than using the threaded side lift arms, is it?
  4. marhar

    The one thing that you wonder why you didn't buy sooner?

    I have a new one: I had my 2nd story deck replaced. I put a deck dry system in. The system keeps the pad under the deck dry, similar to a carport. It is great to work on small equipment and to park lawn equipment. I keep a riding lawnmower under the deck instead of the shop.
  5. marhar

    Wire Rope

    The 1/4 inch 35ft chain will work. Per the HF website, it is only a little over 20lbs which is light enough to handle. Thank you for the advice.
  6. marhar

    Wire Rope

    I want a wire rope assembly with a thimble already crimped into the ends. I am looking for a 3/8in 50ft wire rope I can use to pull trees over or logs out of the pasture. Any recommendations where I can buy it?
  7. marhar

    Are tractors and equipment a good investment right now?

    Well said. Tractors are a bad investment to buy and hold and then sell. There is too much uncertainty to make them an investment. f you have a use for a tractor buy it. If you are looking to make a speculative investment buy a mutual fund.
  8. marhar

    What compressor would you get?

    IR makes a premium product. Regardless of the compressor you buy; buy a drier if you don't already have one.
  9. marhar

    Any suggestions how to get this tree on the ground safely?

    The members that called this a widow maker are correct; they are called widow makers for a reason. I would try to get a rope around the tree as close to the top as possible (use a bag to throw over; do not climb). I would then try to pull the rope with the hope of getting it on the ground. I...
  10. marhar

    Advice on putting a tube in a tubeless front tire.

    I have a two-wheel drive Farm Trac 60 with 3 ribbed tubeless front tires. I have a very slow leak and I think it is at the rim. Is there any downside to putting a tube in the tire?
  11. marhar

    Drill bit index recommendation

    I am looking for a brand of drill bits suitable for drilling into metal. I do not know what is better, cobalt vs titanium. I am looking for a recommendation on the brand and type of drill bit index to buy. You do not know what you do not know; I know I need advice...drilling wood is a lot...
  12. marhar

    Bought at HBF and it works well

    For the price, you cannot go wrong. And my Dr told me to drink lemon aid as it would help with the stones. However, I am genetically cursed; my father, my uncle, and my grandfather all suffered from kidney stones.
  13. marhar

    Bought at HBF and it works well

    I call I call my water bottle an adult sippy cup. I usually stop to take a drink. Once I had a tree branch take the holder off. You see, I have kidney stones and the Dr told me to do my best to stay hydrated. I would find myself working and not wanting to stop to take a drink. Now I take two...
  14. marhar

    Suggestions on 20” pro saw

    I am a Stihl man. If two brands were exactly the same in price, quality, customer service, etc. I would go with a Stihl because that is already what I have. The fuel mix is the same across the different pieces of equipment and some pieces use the same air filter and spark plug. I know it is a...
  15. marhar

    Bought at HBF and it works well

    I purchased this magnetic drink holder from Harbor Freight; it works great. It is not bolted on; magnets only. I added some leftover 1/2 line to the holder to better grip my water bottle. I bush hogged 6 hours and it never came loose. This is a very small addition but it makes a difference for me.
  16. marhar

    Anyone go from gas to electric, then back to gas?

    I have not made the jump to electric. The technology is not where it needs to be. If the technology can get to where it already is with cordless drills I look forward to running a quieter and lighter chainsaw.
  17. marhar

    Good set of tools for the boy?

    Craftsman, cobalt, and NAPA are all the same exact sockets. I worked at the plant that made them...Danaher Tool Group. The metal was the same, and the heat treatment and the plating were all the same. Some of the Matco sockets were also the same and some went through a different heat treat (the...
  18. marhar

    New Farmtrac's

    Ford used Escort (made in India) to make tractors for 3rd world countries. When Ford ended the partnership Long Agriculture started importing the tractors. Recently Kubota has formed a partnership with Escort; I hope that will lead to Kubota carrying the tractor.
  19. marhar

    Dehumidifier Suggestions...

    Same problem. Insulate the pipes and you will not have the dripping from the water lines. Still, get a dehumidifier and an HVAC water pump. The pump made all the difference in the world; I use to empty it daily.
  20. marhar

    Backhoe attachments

    How difficult is it to detach a backhoe attachment? I am interested in buying a backhoe loader. A friend suggested a put a backhoe on the back of my tractor. I would have to remove the attachment to use any other attachment and I think it would make the tractor more difficult to maneuver in...
  21. marhar

    Banking… how things have changed

    One can easily need 10k in cash to buy a used truck or equipment. I am not going to take a check from someone I do not know from out of town. Am I getting too old?
  22. marhar

    It’s too hot to mow.

    I am one of the slow Southerners and I do not take issue with your post. Our economy revolved around agriculture and one cannot rush plants or livestock into growing. We learned to "walk the fence line" when going down to the fishing hole. I remember my mother picking beans in the morning and...
  23. marhar

    It’s too hot to mow.

    I am with you. During the summertime in High School, I worked full-time on a farm doing manual labor.
  24. marhar

    Farmtrac 545

    In my Farm Trac 60 I use Shell Rotella. For my location 15W40 is the proper weight. I also recommend you check the inner and outer air filters; replace them if they are dirty.
  25. marhar

    It’s too hot to mow.

    If it were a competition you win! When the ground is frozen I think it is cold. I can only imagine needing a block heater. Down here no one knows why some diesels have an electrical plug.
  26. marhar

    It’s too hot to mow.

    I don't even have a canopy.
  27. marhar

    It’s too hot to mow.

    I said we still do it...that is, we still work in the heat. For me, it is just getting harder as I get older.
  28. marhar

    Quonset Hut vs Conainer

    For about a year I have been mulling over buying a container. What do you think about Quonset huts? Any idea on the "ballpark" price per ft on a Quonset hut? What are the disadvantages of a quonset?
  29. marhar

    It’s too hot to mow.

    Curious, as I have gotten older I can take the cold better than the heat. Both extremes are more difficult than they used to be. How about the rest of you?
  30. marhar

    Front Tire Puncture Question

    Use soapy water around the rim to find a leak where to bead should seal. Tractors fail to seal more often than cars or trucks because the wheels are often rusty. Using a tube works, just take your hand and rub the inside of the tire to ensure there is nothing poking through the tire that might...
  31. marhar

    It’s too hot to mow.

    For the folks like myself that are not cutting hay but using a rotary cutter to clean up around the farm: It is way too hot to mow. In the sun, sitting on a diesel tractor, over 50, overweight one is flirting with a heat stroke. We still do it.
  32. marhar

    The one thing that you wonder why you didn't buy sooner?

    I bought a Stihl 135 since I asked the question. This pole trimmer is incredible. I can add it to the list of things I should have bought years ago.
  33. marhar

    Source for 1/2"x72" cutting blade for Land Plane Build

    I would contact Tractor Attachments And Skid Steer Attachments For Any Tractor Or Skid Steer They ship free to a local FedEx terminal. I have bought from them and they are easy to work with.
  34. marhar

    Name Brand on tools

    First hand, when they were made in the USA, I know that Craftsman, Kobalt, and NAPA sockets were the exact same product except for the name stamping. Depending on size some MATCO sockets were also the same. The sockets went through the same forming, heat treatment, and plating process.
  35. marhar

    Name Brand on tools

    What tools are worth paying extra to buy the name brand? I can think of several but the one that stands out the most is a Nicholson File. The flat b. file by Nicholson is on another level when compared to files bought at HF or any other retailer. If I am taking the time to use a flat file I want...
  36. marhar

    What is some of your Pet Peeve's

    My theory: If you are over 50 and go to the doctor he will say the condition is pre-existing....regardless of the condition. It is like an old car, the oil leaks, clutch is soft, brake pads are worn, engine matter what the problem it is pre-existing...LOL
  37. marhar

    What is some of your Pet Peeve's

    I hate it when I go to buy gas and there are cars waiting behind the car at the pump. And the driver of the car at the pump goes into the station to buy a drink and lottery tickets while blocking the pump.
  38. marhar

    Steel gate post

    I cannot take credit. Down the street, the power company has a high-voltage line. The access has a steel farm gate. The power company used a utility pole at the gate entrance and ran a guide wire to the end of the gate at about a 45 degree angle.
  39. marhar

    The one thing that you wonder why you didn't buy sooner?

    What tools (cheap or expensive) have you purchased and thought why didn't I buy that years ago? For me two come to mind: I went years without a toolbox on my truck. I don't know why but after I bought one I couldn't believe I made it without a toolbox. And a farm jack; the jacks have so many uses.
  40. marhar

    Steel gate post

    It looks good. Now post is likely stronger than the gate. You could add a support wire.
  41. marhar

    Gas for chainsaw...

    Buy "real gas" with no ethanol. Then use a synthetic pre-measured mix. The 2-cycle oil is more important than the gas. I use Stihl synthetic and I have had great results.
  42. marhar

    Hardy backhoe manuals In this previous post, one user offers a copy of a manual.
  43. marhar

    1980 Ford 1700 radiator screen

    I second gregster613. It looks good. Part of working with equipment is improvising.
  44. marhar

    1980 Ford 1700 radiator screen In the past, I have made purchases with them.
  45. marhar

    1.5 acres. Am I nuts for thinking about a tractor?

    When you start googling implements and window shopping at TS you have a problem and you can turn to us to discuss your problem and get ideas on where you can use the implements. Just don't tell the wife what you are spending (a rookie mistake I have made).
  46. marhar

    Cigarette Lighter

    You asked the point of the exclamation mark: My tractor has no cab. Smoking and cutting hay is dangerous; it is dangerous to my property and my neighbor's. Are you frustrated because you cannot stop smoking?
  47. marhar

    Cigarette Lighter

    I am interested in installing a cigarette lighter on my tractor. I do not plan on smoking! It may be nice to charge a phone while working. Has anyone ever added a cigarette lighter to a tractor without a cab.
  48. marhar

    Long Tractor Oil Specifications

    I would give these folks a try. I have a FarmTrac sold by Long and they were able to help me. Sundowner Tractor for Farmtrac, Montana, Long, Belarus, Vicon
  49. marhar

    Tractor for land clearing and preparation

    If money was not an object and you enjoy working the land" I would buy a Turbow saw.
  50. marhar

    Lynch Pins

    One time....only one time I got "pinched". I still remember it. I will do my best never to let it happen again. Thankfully my young son was not there...he would have learned new words to express pain.