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  1. The kid

    Cub Cadet 1042 w/18hp courage

    I have a Cub 1042i which is running great but some how the two exhaust bolts can completely out. I have search the net for what size these bolts are and come up empty. It's a Kohler Courage 18 SV540S-0020. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. The kid

    Vintage z-145 ID tag

    Hello folks, I’ve been away from this forum for quite some time. I restored a z-145 1965 135. One of the details damaged was the ID tag. I had several of these reproduced because no else had any. They turned out great. If anyone is interested in one of these. Message me. Attached is a picture...
  3. The kid

    Cub cadet i1042 mower deck exchange

    Hey all. I just bought a near new i1042 zero turn which has the infamous timed blades it cuts smooth as glass but the reputation of breaking belts worries me. I almost bought one that the guy swapped the timed deck for a MTD 42" standard deck. Anyone here heard of this done?
  4. The kid

    Anyone have a Yamaha Terrapro?

    Hello Terry. Just remember the PTO is rated a 10hp which simply means it will not cut down anything bigger than a 1/2. It will do great on saw briars and tall grass and young sapplings. Keep those rear wheels greased to avoid them seizing up and making turns difficult. I've totally restored my...
  5. The kid

    MF TO35 with Z134 falls flat after engine heats up

    Does your exhaust manifold have a heat shield on it. The heat shield uses the same studs and mounts on the exhaust/intake manifold. It's a real b!tch to take off and put back on. So when a leak in the manifold occurs, it seems many throw the shield away. I bought one at a tractor salvage years...
  6. The kid

    Spark Plug Access?

    The Perkins both gas and diesel open on opposite sides (hood) if the plugs are behind the side logo you have have to partially remove the sheet metal in one piece and tilt it forward to access the plugs. Never done a Perkins gas. But if the plugs are mounted higher than the Continental then that...
  7. The kid

    ipad app gone bonkers

    Using a iPad Air 128Gb Newest OS. Press the login button and that area of the screen goes black and you can't see what your typeing while logging in. Anyone else experience this? I could however login. I just typed my screen name hit enter, the typed my password and hit enter again. But you...
  8. The kid

    Spark Plug Access?

    The way I see it you will need a stepladder setup on the exhaust side. Open your hood and feel for the rubber boot. Pull it off and use a socket to loosen and install new plugs. That's the way I would do it. OR you could remove the side plate bolts and loosen the two front securing bolts...
  9. The kid

    67 Massey Ferguson 135 Diesel restore

    I found that my right brake pedalis slightly bent where the locking pin won't mate up. My question is. It it made of cast. Can it be heated to be bent back into shape?
  10. The kid

    Paint scheme for 135 late 60's

    How about these.
  11. The kid

    Anyone using Straighttalk phones

    Got tired of Verizon's ever escalating prices and looked for a feasible alternative. I decided to go with Straighttalk. Fortunately my area is only good for Verizon towers. So the transistion was somewhat painless porting over into a ST phone. Just keep in mind you neeed to exercise patience...
  12. The kid

    Thinking of adding another tractor to my stable

    I saw a Ford 1600 that looked to be in decent shape for sale on Craigslist near me. They where asking $3100 for it. The ad stated it was a diesel. Can anyone tell me what to look for when I go check it out? Here's the link with pictures. -kid 1600 FORD DIECEL TRACTOR
  13. The kid

    Stepper Motors a closer look

    Todays electronics are so much more than when I was a kid. Everything now is electronic. Let's take the speedometer, tachometer, gas gauge, volts, etc. In modern tractors these little critters may exist behind that pretty instrument cluster facing. So what is a stepper motor? In a since, it's a...
  14. The kid

    Sunny day to get the twins out for a spin

    I couldn't resist getting the Terrapro's out totday. Temp here in Tenessee around 60 to 62 degrees with a cloudless day. Ohh it will change. It's Tennessee. Here's a few pics I took of them. -kid
  15. The kid

    Ice Storm pics in Tennessee 12-07-13

    We recently survived a ice storm that passed thru our area. We where right on the border from moderate to extreme ice. Certain areas of our county lost power due to tree damage falling on the power lines. Here are a few pictures. This is nothing like the storm of February of 1994 which pretty...
  16. The kid

    Bought a Yamaha Terrapro

    Ealier this week I drove to west Tennessee and bought a somewhat unique ATV. A 1988 YMP350U Yamaha Terrapro with a finish mower. I'm going to restore it back to it's grandure. The FM48 mower is in sad shape and will need a total going over. The ATV is amazing in good shape. It needs carburator...
  17. The kid

    Continental 4 cyl gas heat shield for sale

    Many of you have the Continental Z134 or Z145 gas engines. One of the headaches working on these classic is replacing exhaust manifold gaskets. The problem you run into is the heat shield that wraps around the exhaust manifold. Sometimes they are thrown away of the headache of puting them back...
  18. The kid

    Connection error with pics.

    On my ipad, I constantly get error messages while trying to view a chain of pictures in a thread. Anyone else having this problem? It's been going on for a few weeks now. -kid
  19. The kid

    1936 Massey Harris Challenger

    Welcome to TractorByNet. Post some pictures of your prize so we all may enjoy. -kid
  20. The kid

    Supermoon 6-22-13

    Here's a shot of the Supermoon taken in my back yard. Using a Fuji finepix S3100 14Mp with a 24X digital zoom. Settings where as followed. f/5.9 Speed: 1/480 sec ISO: 100 Time: 11:26p Date: 06/22/13 Color temerature was edited to reflect true color and brightness. I had to really shut down the...
  21. The kid

    Do you need a brain rush?

    Check out this video rush in HD.
  22. The kid

    Here's your Sign

    Roadside signs are not mean't to confuse.. but.....
  23. The kid

    Any MMZ Tank owner here?

    Looking for Tank owners. The CC Tank and the MTD MMZ PRO are one of the same. I found an interesting training link today that described repairs and adjustments. I was looking for info on changing my drive belt. I wasn't quite finished with the backyard today and my MMZ2554 quit pulling. The...
  24. The kid

    Craftsman Sears 2K Pressure Washer repair

    I have a Craftsman 2000 psi pressure washer I'm repairing since the parts are reasonable. Model 580.762010 I replaced the brass head on it three years ago. We loaned it to now my ex son in law and I think he left it out and froze the spacer body and cracked it. I've got all the parts to...
  25. The kid

    Saw a Pro Model Arains max zoom 60 today

    Anyone got one of's got a Kholer 25 on it. It looks well built. $4995 at Home Depot.anyone own one? -kid
  26. The kid

    New Member of the Month of May 2013 -- MIKE R

    Congratulations Mike. I enjoy your post and feedback. -kid
  27. The kid

    How to remove front wheel on agco/Simplicity tractor

    Welcome to TractorByNet.
  28. The kid

    AGCO ST30X front wheels lock up in 2wd

    Welcome to TractorByNet. :tractor:
  29. The kid

    Safety around the fan blade

    Sometimes things happen. My 135 obviously at one time had been worked on my previous owners. The fan cooling shrowd was abit off center. I have been refurbishing mine for the past four months. I kept hearing a dinging noise comming from around a radiator and first thought I had a headlight...
  30. The kid


    Has anyone heard how he is doing?
  31. The kid

    Anyone ever use a 300/1200 baud modem using 5 1/4" floppies

    I'm thinking of how far computers have evolved in such a short period of time. I still have my old IMB XT with 10 megabytes of hard drive space and a wopping 256 kilobytes of ram. My son a I ran a single line SciFi themed Bulletin Board where users would call in and play games download files...
  32. The kid

    CONNECTION ERROR iPad iOS 6.1.2 - TBN v1.6.2

    Here lately when I click on an attached photo in a message it will sometime display and sometimes not at all. At the same time a text overlay will state CONNECTION ERROR. Is anyone else having this problem. I don't know if this is a server problem or software. -kid
  33. The kid

    AGCOpartsbook read only?

    I was on and tried to print a page and it looked like it was but never went to the printer. I'm assuming they have disabled that feature. Anyone else tried to print anything from there? Normally if you print, you get the parts list and the illustration. -kid
  34. The kid

    Hummingbirds on the move

    The wife saw two Hummingbirds on the porch today. Low 30's at night and high near 50. I was thinking it was a bit early for thier arrival. Anyone else got Hummers flying around? -robert
  35. The kid

    How long to keep inactive member

    I was going thru the membership list. Muhammad signed in 1998. Membership really didn't start picking up till year 2000. In the year 2000 probably 10% or less, those member are still active. All the rest have 0 post and hold a place in line. They also hold user names in check from someone else...
  36. The kid

    ARTICLES comments

    Comments and Leave your response is disabled in Articles. I was wanting to congratulate the new Member of the Month Deerman75. Secret handshake? :confused3: Couldn't comment on any articles. I have in the past though. :confused:
  37. The kid

    MF 1526 with belly mower

    Anyone here using this tractor with a belly mower?
  38. The kid

    TractorByNet v1.62 for ipad released

    Just thought I!d let those that didn't know they released the new version that fixed orientation among other things.
  39. The kid

    Where to buy Massey/Agco parts online?

    With that been said. I had four parts listed in the AGCO partsbook that could not be ordered.. There are other divisions of AGCO other than Massey Ferguson. If they don't sell Massey Ferguson, more than likely they don't sell parts for them. That's what I was told by a non Massey Ferguson AGCO...
  40. The kid

    Where to buy Massey/Agco parts online?

    Ken, I've driven up to Hopkinsville KY to B&G which is a AGCO MF retailer. They can order any part that still available that's listed in the AGCOPARTSBOOK. If you google your state for Agco MF dealers I believe there are a couple more where one of them may be within driving distance. B&G is 60...
  41. The kid

    Congradulations Joshua Bardwell - Member of the Month

    Congrads to you Joshua. Good looking family. I love :tomato: Knoxville :tomato:,TN.
  42. The kid

    New Thread for us 135 and Vintage owners

    Thanks Muhammad.. You da man.. :thumbsup:
  43. The kid


    Just a note. If you have notifications turned on via email. If you receive a PM from the moderator for whatever reason you will also get an email. I hope this clarifies my comment in another thread I was locked out of. Thank you very much :)
  44. The kid

    MF Fender lights

    Has anyone seen light like these and know where to buy them?
  45. The kid

    How do you get rid of Moles?

    I do know getting rid of the grubs and worms will make them eventually leave. But what about ridding them now before they do too much damage to the lawn. Any ideas?
  46. The kid

    Serial tag photos needed of your 135

    i'm wanting to replace both my tractor serial number and engine serial number with new tags. I have found Z134 and Z120 tags but no Z145. Both my tags are barely readable. What I need is some good high res photos of a serial plate in really good shape. You can block out your serial numbers. I am...
  47. The kid

    MF 135 PTO seal variants

    Not all PTO seals created equally I just replaced my seals in my PTO retainer and it appears not all seal listed under the part# 1860325M1 are created equally. The one that came out, I beleive had a rubber and leather seal. I've been advised a seal with leather needs to be soaked in oil...
  48. The kid

    Online timeout

    Is there a setting to extend the loggin time. I can be entering a rather lengthy response and have to log back in. Is this a forum problem or IE9 problem? I usually have to copy everything I've entered, loggin and repost. It's not always been that way. Anyone?
  49. The kid

    Who has used Flink Grey Metallic paint

    I'm not happy with the cheap TSC MF Grey paint I used and going to redo the body with Flint Grey Metallic. Anyone here had any experience or tips to add on shooting this paint. I'm going to use a reducer at 4:1 ration and add some hardener to give it a bit more durability and sheen. Any thoughts?
  50. The kid

    Ignored user error

    It appears if a person you have in your ignore list is leading in a thread the app won't allow access to that thread. It is happening with my iPad. If the ignored person is inside the thread it does what it suppose to do. Ignore. Anyone else experience this?