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  1. RobertBrown

    Dead goose mystery

    Coyote got the one legged goose, killed 2 and carried one off. He will be back in a week or 2. Look around the water line for tracks. You can get a camera but it won't save your geese. You might get some pictures but you'll probably never see the yote.
  2. RobertBrown

    Marmot Infestation

    Double bubble
  3. RobertBrown

    2005 Jinma 284 won't start!

    Did you know..... That machine probably has a safety circuit that won't allow the machine to start unless the machine is in neutral, someone is sitting in the seat with the clutch depressed? Sometimes those switches fail or get moved or broken. You really need to get the meter like Willy said...
  4. RobertBrown

    Marmot Infestation 131$ a skin.....?
  5. RobertBrown


    Manurhin MR73 Anyone considering this purchase? Seems like it may be a good investment.
  6. RobertBrown

    The Landscape thread

  7. RobertBrown

    The Landscape thread

  8. RobertBrown

    Diving duck blues....

    Taj Mahal & Keb' Mo' - Diving Duck Blues - 8/14/2017 - Paste Studios, New York, NY - YouTube
  9. RobertBrown

    The Landscape thread

  10. RobertBrown

    1943 Briggs and Stratton comes to life

    I just found this guy on Youtube today. He's got a habit that more than a few of us here have, but he's got it bad. If he's not the best shade tree mechanic on youtube, he's on the short list. This is over 50 minutes and it was hard for me to stop watching it've been warned.
  11. RobertBrown

    125 C.F. argon co2 mix

    How much should it cost to get my tank refilled or an exchange for it? I own the tank. I haven't bought gas in a while and just got a price from airgas that was twice what I paid last time. I just need a benchmark Thanks
  12. RobertBrown

    Wet year in N. FL

  13. RobertBrown

    using your tractor to pull a tree over

    I don't know what to say about this other than I was pretty sure is was going to be an epic fail. Seems like hiring a stump grinder is still a smart option. But it's an interesting video.....
  14. RobertBrown


  15. RobertBrown

    Critters captured on camera

    big-un The lowest branch is 34" from dirt
  16. RobertBrown


    I came across this a couple of weeks ago and bought it. Not many of these around. Do you know what this is?
  17. RobertBrown

    Dog pics

    Guilty? Or not guilty?
  18. RobertBrown

    Racoon fun

    Raccoon fun I came across these three little trouble makers out having some fun last Monday. Did not see Mom.
  19. RobertBrown

    Can you see it? Identify it?

    From another angle......
  20. RobertBrown

    Can you see it? Identify it?

  21. RobertBrown

    Those Finnish guys don't take themselves to seriously

    Hey! there is a tractor in the video.....This is for Metza
  22. RobertBrown

    Recent visitor

  23. RobertBrown

    Main Boom break Fix - My ATV Backhoe

    Do you have paint to match the color? Or, are going to repaint boom? There is an opportunity for self expression here.......
  24. RobertBrown

    Beretta 92

    Considering adding the 92fs Inox compact to my collection. It appears to have everything I want in a weapon of this class and it is easily serviced and upgrade-able. Only available in 9mm Would appreciate your opinion on this weapon.
  25. RobertBrown

    Fuel Fill Fail - Be Carefully with Petrol !!

    What am I? A genius?
  26. RobertBrown

    Pallets in fields

    I found the hive.....the invasion has us...
  27. RobertBrown

    Pallets in fields

    Can anyone here tell me what made these tracks I found while walking with my dog on the beach last weekend? I followed the track for over a mile inland and came across something very strange.... I took some pictures but...wait a minute...there's a knock at the door.
  28. RobertBrown

    Dutch Constructed A Tunnel Under a Highway In Just One Weekend

    Have you ever wondered how long your Monday is and how your weekends fly by so fast? The Dutch have brought a whole new meaning to the fast weekends by getting a complete tunnel built under a highway in one weekend.
  29. RobertBrown

    Climate change: Is your opinion informed by science? Take our quiz!

    Climate change: Is your opinion informed by science? Take our quiz! - Gas -
  30. RobertBrown

    Bad Day at Block Rock - errrr - Make it Bad Year.

    Look like this? Last time I looked for one of those it was called the "Sportsman" and they (H&R) quit making them. I bought a Ruger Mark II instead. Tucson, AZ (8571) Forecast | Weather Underground Fridays forecast calls for a high of 103F. better get more beer...
  31. RobertBrown

    This is what a fire storm looks like

    There but by the grace of god, go I. - Fire 'rains' down in Fort McMurray neighbourhood during escape Fort McMurray Wildfire: Thousands Evacuated as Blaze Spreads South - NBC News
  32. RobertBrown

    "Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?" TEST

    Take the will be surprised... Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level? - Offbeat
  33. RobertBrown

    How would it make you feel?

    How would it make you feel if had a yard sale named after you? I'm sure Hugh is pleased. the other side is identical
  34. RobertBrown

    Prostate exam

    After my recent prostate exam, which was one of the most thorough examinations I've ever had, the doctor left and the nurse came in. As she shut the door, she asked me a question I didn't want to hear.... She asked...."Who Was That guy?"
  35. RobertBrown


    Take the Marine corps quiz.. Are you smarter than a US Marine? Take the recruitment quiz - Word Knowledge 1 -
  36. RobertBrown

    Worth the time to watch....I think it's in Finland

    Maybe metsaman can tell where it is. Might take a few seconds to load.....
  37. RobertBrown

    Muhammed Christie

    Is this still his site?
  38. RobertBrown

    Dog pics

    After 16 years.....Bill left today. A dutiful watchdog but lovable companion, you could not hope for a better dog. He was the end of an era, his mom and sister left 3 years earlier. Today is a very sad day for sure. Good bye, Bill.
  39. RobertBrown

    Shovel that XXXXing snow again

  40. RobertBrown

    Something else you don't need

    I thought this was a clever build. Simple and easy to make....but fairly useless.
  41. RobertBrown


    Item # 1 :eek:
  42. RobertBrown

    How well do you know your planet?

    Take the earth quiz.....not easy Do you know Planet Earth? Take the quiz. - Circumference -
  43. RobertBrown

    Think you know Afirca? take the quiz

    Think you know Africa? take the quiz Think you know Africa? Take our geography quiz. - Question 1 -
  44. RobertBrown

    What's for supper???

    The whats for supper thread slipped off the first page...did you guys quit eating?
  45. RobertBrown

    Blue Bacon

    Green eggs and ham? NOPE! Blue bacon and eggs anyone? I think I'll skip breakfast. Behold.......the blue fat hog. A first... I believe. The Weird Pig - Album on Imgur A mysterious pig with blue fat was found and the Internet is confused
  46. RobertBrown


    I would like to think of myself as "informed".....but apparently, I'm uninformed or misinformed. I've been hearing this word a lot lately (monsanto). I got up this morning and this video was playing on the computer on my kitchen table. I started watching and it didn't take long before I...
  47. RobertBrown

    Zo6 against an Atom

    Atom Ariel vs a Zo6 at Nurburg Germany.
  48. RobertBrown

    .22 Ammunitiion is slowly becomming more available

    I was surprised to see this much .22 ammo in one place. I can't remember the last time I saw this. The photo shows just the CCI brand, there was almost as much Winchester to the left. Notice the sign, A good idea if you ask me. I left with the first box of .22 ammo I have bought in at least 6 years.