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  1. killingitcountry

    Pulling Down a Poplar Tree With Kubota BX25D, Electric Winch & Chainsaw - Video

    Hey all, here's my latest video (yes - we need chaps/chainsaw pants). It's getting warmer so its starting to be a lot more fun to be outside obviously ... for those rainy days ... I just took possession of a 2021 Kubota KX-040-4GTA with cab & 6-way blade. I'll post something up again in a few...
  2. killingitcountry

    Kubota BX23S or BX25D Towing With Backhoe Installed - Video

    Hey everyone, here is my latest Kubota specific content. I feel I have solved an issue that has been bugging me for a while. Yes, it's set pretty far back and low to the ground, there may be clearance issues occasionally on uneven terrain. Some have mentioned in the YouTube comments section that...
  3. killingitcountry

    2016 BX25D TLB / 5 Year / 500 Hour / Owners Review - Video

    Well I've finally surpassed the 500 hour mark and here's what I think. Hopefully this will help someone. - James
  4. killingitcountry

    L120 & LA140 Engine Oil Changes AND mower deck question

    Hello, I've made this video showing oil changes on my lawn mowers and now that I'm watching it ... wow those mower decks look awful! Does anyone have any experience refurbishing mower decks, what has worked for you, what has not worked for you. They're not totally destroyed yet so I wound like...
  5. killingitcountry

    Hydraulic Output Test On My BX - Video

    Okay so I learned a few things. The BX has more than enough hydraulic output ... like way more than I'll ever need for the dump trailer ... and I'll have to be careful with this thing haha. Enjoy. - James
  6. killingitcountry

    Rear Remotes Installed on Kubota BX25D - Video

    Hi all, Well, I pulled the trigger and did the install ... not so bad. Check it out. - James
  7. killingitcountry

    BX Front Snowblower Annual Maintenance - Video

    I quit winter - so I did the maintenance already. My blower is a BX2755HD ... this may be the same for many other models. Hope it helps someone. - James
  8. killingitcountry

    Alternative To Rear Remotes

    Hello all, I have just purchased a used hydraulic dump trailer (Berkelmans 2-ton Big Lil Dumper) to pull behind my Kubota BX. a 2021 Kubota KX-040 mini ex is suppose to land on my property in the next few months and the BX/dump trailer will be busy relocating a lot of material. The problem is -...
  9. killingitcountry

    My Used Berkelmans 2-Ton Lil Big Dumper

    If anyone is in the market for a dump trailer I highly recommend this company! My trailer looks awesome and I can't wait to use it! What do you think!? - James
  10. killingitcountry

    Kubota BX Front Snowblower Gearbox Inspection - Video

    Recently I put a hockey puck through my BX front mount blower. I made a gearbox replacement video and 5-year owner review video (both linked at the end of this new video). Here is my new video where I open the old gearbox and see why it started slipping. I figured this would get seen more in...
  11. killingitcountry

    My latest snow clearing video

    Hey all ... how are people making out digging out of the snow? Here is a video I made of my Kubota exploits ... until my camera's battery went dead! Enjoy!
  12. killingitcountry

    Hello and thank you in advance!

    Hi everyone! Took me a minute to find the "New Member Introductions" page so this isn't my first post haha (but close enough). I live on roughly 50 acres of land which I will never farm. The fastest way to describe it would be "wet forest". I have some nice land but there are definitely some wet...
  13. killingitcountry

    Buying New | KX-033 vs. KX-040 | Compact Excavator

    Hello everyone, As the thread title says - I'm bringing home one of these two machines brand new this spring. Does anyone have any experience with either machine? Both machines? The 6-way blade on the 040 is attractive but the 033 has a non-DOC/DPF Tier 4 engine which I like. Avoiding the DP...