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    Just thought this was a nice shot my son took hanging out of the door while I was cultivating . 35 year old versatile with 35ft deep tiller , no gps or light bar :)
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    Getting the junk ready to go

    Always hard to get them all in one pic . Another backhoe , excavator, Dozer and 3 tractors left out but getting a few serviced and ready .
  3. D7E

    Deutz ks 150 rotary rake

    Cannot find tines for this machine without bringing them over from the UK . grateful for any help .
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    Who needs a bale wagon ..!
  5. D7E

    A bit of light spring ploughing :)

    I think i just saw a clay pipe :) Tiefpflügen mit 4 Hanomag D700D Raupen. - YouTube
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    How to stop a JD combine throwing grain over the back !

  7. D7E

    Spraying wheat last night

    how to take a screenshot on a pc
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    And what colour would sir like his NH ?

    Some of these are nice . New Holland tractors in a different coat - British Farming Forum
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    Cleaning up the yard

    Snow is on the ground now and too cold to do any more field work ..-22c yesterday so started taking down the old 200ft hog barn that was starting to collapse . Backed up the truck to take out any iron to the shredder , Those "pickers" reality TV shows could have had a field day !...operator is...
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    winter must be coming !

    Cultivating a few days ago . The most geese i've seen in one bunch i think . the noise was deafening :)
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    Hay Hay Hay

    Grass has been on the ground for almost a week . 35-39 degrees c with 100% humidity has not helped, wind picked up and clouds cleared this afternoon . got 244 baled and stacked 4pm till midnight . Alfala/brome/timothy mix ..about 7 bales/acre . No raking or tedding...12 foot sickle haybines...
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    I have been buying the wrong tractors

    Seems even the older kubotas had some useful features :)
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    Finally got it home today !

    Very pleased with it ..
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    The "GREENIES" will like this :)

    JD 6400 ...! High hour heroes ? JD 6400 - 3/30/2012 - Farmers Weekly
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    Oil change time !

    My son took a pic while i was changing some oil this morning !
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    Loading straw

    Moving the last few loads of wheat straw yesterday !
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    The weather

    A few shots i took a couple of days ago of the trees around the yard !
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    Ford sounds nice!

    Ford going well :) New Holland TM155 - YouTube
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    Unusual loading shovels ..!

    A collection of unusual loading shovels from a european forum..! Interesting how many fordson conversions you see :) Bilder på Konstiga, fula, annorlunda, ovanliga lastmaskiner :: Maskinisten
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    At the corn !

    Just a few pics of the corn harvest .
  21. D7E

    At the straw ..!

    Combining all done for now ..till the beans start . Heres afew pics of the straw .
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    Grain elevators

    The last remaining wooden elevator (which there used to be 3 of) is being torn down in august in our town , Sad i think but i stumbled accross this ....Very interesting . Manitoba Photos - Manitoba Grain Elevators
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    A bit of mowing !

    today been mowing lawn/ditches and making roadside crops look 18 inches taller in 37 degrees c with 46 humidex ..I think i lost a few pounds .!...British JD 2030 with duncan cab ....Rear Wheels and tyres came off a scrap co-op pull type combine !
  24. D7E

    At the hay !

    Been a beautiful dry hot spring/summer. good for the hay/beans/corn ,not so much for the cereals but a very nice change in weather over recent years . Only too soon it will be like the last pic and it will all be heading south 1000 miles !
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    A welcomed return

    Good to see these old fiats back again although with a perkins engine the fiat engine was a peach ! I'd like to look at one of these .UT1204 Tractor-Unique Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd
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    Combining corn

    Had some loveley weather for it this month .
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    Another little job to fix

    Got a funny feeling around 11pm last night . On a closer look this morning ???
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    Look through the pics of this little lot. Unbelievable ??? Farm Auction Guide
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    The new baler going well !

    Done 400 so far and seems good . Stopped by a thunder storm tonight , Tarping in a 3/4 inch rain was fun !
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    Where do you stand ?

    A recent experience !..Just out of interest wanted others opinions......Walked onto a dealers lot and bought a used machine (sold as seen) way too cheap to be true but in expected rough shape, shook hands and wrote a cheque . Not even back home yet and got a call on the cell from the salesman...
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    Interesting prices on big square balers

    If i had a little more work to justify it ! Chabot Implements
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    Any one got a hammer

    Got a bit of straitnin to do !
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    How a day turns around

    Went to mow for a customer this morning and ended up in the back of a barn looking at a MF 165 with allied loader and 3pt , Clutch gone ,Power steering finnished and 14'500hrs on the clock . He was going to scrap it . I gave him $300 and after an hour or two tinkering managed to drive it the 3...
  34. D7E

    OK wheres rick ?

    Ford 7600 , Has no PTO when the dual power is in "High" ?
  35. D7E

    3 pt fork lifts ?

    I have a fraser 3pt fork lift that was bought new by us in the UK about 20 years ago and was wondering what it was worth ? Similar to the one in the pic but a lower profile with 2 stage mast / side shift / hyd top link and a heavy headache rack made by us on it that we used to load pallets of...
  36. D7E

    Very sobering video

    Vapormatic , Tractor Parts , Company Latest News See the dangers of an unguarded PTO shaft
  37. D7E

    Early one morning..!

    Out with the gun the other morning and happened to have the camera with me..!
  38. D7E

    Ballast Using MF's as ballast..?

    YouTube - Massey Ferguson MF 8690 auf dem Feldtag 2009 in Nordhorn incl. Anhang!
  39. D7E

    I thought tractor pulling was good till i found this stuff..!

    YouTube - rodéo du camions 2007 YouTube - Éric Bouchard vs Nocolas Gagnon
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    Good ford pics

    Lots of pics in here for ford fans
  41. D7E

    A bit of deep ploughing..?

    YouTube - Deepplowing Flevopolder
  42. D7E

    Clearing job

    Clearing 54 acres and breaking as we go all split and sold as firewood.
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    I thought this thread was interesting...

    Metal detecting / Nighthawking Farming Forum UK
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    Loading hay (pics)

    Started shipping some hay today.Lovely day for it -20c.
  45. D7E

    Video cam problems

    I waited for the boxing day sales and bought myself a video camera but having trouble loading the software.All my others have loaded automatically but halfway through the load this one calls for a "key" to be entered .Am i missing something obvious here or do i have to call the manufacturer for...
  46. D7E

    The things farmers do to amuse themselves

    Hill climbing... YouTube - Farm tractor hillclimb competition 3
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    A few ploughing videos

    YouTube - Ecomat 3 on 1 YouTube - Big Ford Ploughing with big plough in France
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    Baling video...!

  49. D7E


    I have to use photobucket to post pics on another site ...i added the pics to photobucket but don't know how to send them to the website...?
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    Unknown ford filters

    I recently got my hands on a bunch of old style but still brand new ford spin on oil filters in a pile of spares but have no idea what they fit. Have had no joy with dealers ..? Where are all those ford parts men ...???