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  1. Argonne

    Sloppy 3-Point Bottom Links - What to Do? (video)

    Both bottom links on my Case IH 685 are very sloppy and I'd like to fix them. I pulled one to inspect it, and was dismayed to see that there does not seem to be a retainer clip holding in the ball, and it appears that the entire arm was manufactured as an assembly with the links not being...
  2. Argonne

    Looking at a BD2F Dozer - What Kind of Tracks Are These?

    I'm negotiating for a BD2F dozer. I'll probably take an expert to look at it with me because I don't know squat about dozers (save that I want one :)), but I don't recognize the track style on this thing. Can anyone enlighten me what their intended us is, and how they would work in clay for...
  3. Argonne

    A Really Useful "Branch Hacking" Mowing Aid For $11

    I took a chance on the Harbor Freight 18" Machete With Serrated Blade (SKU 62682 or 62683) at $5.99 for something to keep on the tractor to deal with intruding tree branches while I'm mowing rather than making a separate project out of trimming them. The serrated blade on the back side is...
  4. Argonne

    Water Trough Algae - Pool Shock?

    Algae in stock tanks is a constant problem. It's not a huge time waster to clean, but it would sure be nice if it didn't form in the first place. I have researched treating the water with bleach, but that requires 2-3 oz of household bleach per 50 gal trough, and the...
  5. Argonne

    Case/IH 685 3-Point Lift Control Tension Adjust, DIY Knobs, Labeling

    Little of everything here: First off, the 3-point lift lever on my 685 requires about 40 lbs of force to move. I assume (hope) that there is a simple tension adjustment for that, but I thought I would ask before I went exploring and broke something. Is the bolt through the "puck" holding the...
  6. Argonne

    Broadcast Spreader Settings for Triazicide Acre+

    I know, this is a long shot, but I'm trying to save myself a few hours of experimentation. I need to spread Spectricide Triazacide Acre+ at the .8LB/1000SqFt rate with my King Cutter 400 Poly 3 point spreader. Has anyone out there done this combination, and what gate setting/PTO speed/Ground...
  7. Argonne

    What Is This The Front End Of? - See Pics

    A guy in Hugo Oklahoma has this for sale on facebook as "Yard Art". I find it kind of appealing. Does anybody recognize what it's the front end of?
  8. Argonne

    So I bought a Yazoo

    Had the same problem with our little Husky. It doesn't slip anymore :-)
  9. Argonne

    Repair ATV Tire With a Bolt?

    UPDATE: Three years and hundreds of miles later, the nut/bolt fix is still holding without leakage despite my beating the crap out of the machine.
  10. Argonne

    Leaning Fence Post Remediation

    I have wooden corner and end posts all over my property that are leaning. The fences were perfect when I bought this place several years ago but apparently the installation was lacking for our expansive soil, and every post under any side stress is leaning. I want to fix this problem without...
  11. Argonne

    Bad Product at Tractor Supply.

    Steel cherry red is ~1300 Deg F., which is about tops for a wood fire. Charcoal can hit ~2000 Deg F. To get either hotter you have to add Oxygen like LOX or some serious stoking. We're 1000 Deg F short of melting by my math. This was clearly a "red man" fire, just big enough to cook the brats.
  12. Argonne

    Getting to Know the Tractor on a Slope

    I put an inclinometer on my Ford. Worked out well in that location. I got it on ebay if I remember correctly.
  13. Argonne

    What's This On The Power Pole?

    Yup, you are absolutely correct! I did by drone flight trying to get better images, but couldn't get close enough without making a spectacle of myself next to the highway, so I moved on to plan B, which was resurrecting my old Sony DSC-F828 digital camera which I kind of stopped using once my...
  14. Argonne

    What's This On The Power Pole?

    Today I'm out working on my gate opener by the road, enjoying the balmy 108 deg F weather, and I look up and see this new radome looking "thingy" up on the pole. That pole is carrying, what I assume to be, 3 phase 13kv power along the state highway. That tapper on the left phase is the one that...
  15. Argonne

    Pole barn materials have arrived

    I got a crate of broodlamps on sale and populated them with some big, cheap, CFLs. Got about $11 in each light. One lamp failure in 2 years so far, but I bought extras.
  16. Argonne

    Neighbors and their many running wild dogs

    I had a similar problem, and I came up with a solution that worked perfect for me. I didn't want to shoot the dogs, nor start a feud with the neighbor by getting law enforcement involved. What I did was to spend about $100 on a half decent airsoft assault rifle. It's electrically operated...
  17. Argonne

    Duck Raft - Utility Pole Pontoons?

    We got a new batch of ducks a few weeks ago with the intention of having them live on a 1 acre pond. In the past, this has worked with varying success, apparently depending on how smart the ducks were and how plentiful the predators are. We have but one duck left from last year, no doubt a...
  18. Argonne

    I Went and Named My T7

    I have never had the inclination to name any vehicle I have ever owned, and don't understand those that do, but today after driving my T7 1/2 mile to where I was going to use the hoe to tension some fence we were installing, I proclaimed that it would heretofore be known as "Lightning". I...
  19. Argonne

    Big Zerks

    I couldn't find the answer to this in other zerk threads, so I apologise if I am rehashing old ground. That, and this is probably a dumb question, but one that I can't see to find an answer to. Some of my equipment has zerk fittings here and there that are way to big for any of my grease guns...
  20. Argonne

    Case Seat Adjust Rant

    I have a Case/IH 685. Nice tractor. About my only complaints with it are that the operator position is a tight squeeze for guys as big and tall as I am, and the seat suspension preload adjustment is just insanely difficult to adjust. If my wife gets off of it, and I get on, I am in for 10...
  21. Argonne

    T5/7/9 Trailer Loading Techniques

    My 20 foot equipment trailer has fairly steep ramps, and loading my T7 is more exciting than I would like due to it's tail heavy weight distribution. I typically put a few hundred lbs in the end-loader and drive on forward, but I've also considered pivoting the hoe 90 deg to pull the tail end...
  22. Argonne

    Deere 6x4 Gator Replacement Tires

    I was going broke buying $100 replacement Carlisles for my 6x4 Gator, and finally tried the Nanco N689s at half the price. These are load range 2 rather than the 3 rating on the Carlisles so I knew I was going to take a bit of a beating on capacity. I ordered two at $50 and placed them in the...
  23. Argonne

    What Are These Switches? - 60A

    I'm averaging about 2.3 acres/hr. Not bitching, I'm grateful for the work, and the flexibility to attack it in 4 hour chunks makes it pleasant. I always said before I retired that getting paid to mow was my dream job, and now I'm "livin' the dream!", lol. Not looking forward to haying it in the...
  24. Argonne

    What Are These Switches? - 60A

    I've been mowing at a friend's place for the last few weeks using his tractor, a Case 60A. He has misplaced the owner's manual and can't tell me what the two rocker switches on the right side of the dash do. Can anyone enlighten me?
  25. Argonne

    Will a Cable Gate Contain Horses?

    I've decided what Im going to do. Rather than a cable gate, which would have me worrying about the livestock, I'm going to weld up a swinging gate similar to the one pictured. Although it will require a very substantial post at the hinge side, I can place that post anywhere I want (within...
  26. Argonne

    Will a Cable Gate Contain Horses?

    Ours are Tennessee Walkers. There, I hijacked my own thread posting a horse picture. :ashamed:
  27. Argonne

    Will a Cable Gate Contain Horses?

    I have a cell tower on my property. The 5 acre pasture the tower is on is not completely fenced, and I am completing the fencing (barbed wire) now. It is my intent to graze horses in that pasture from time to time. I need to gate the tower access road to prevent the horses from wandering out...
  28. Argonne


    Just finished shooting my new Uberti Yellowboy carbine in 45 Colt for the first time. Very nice shoot, beautiful gun, but apparently 45LC out of a rifle is too much for a Taylor CD-53 steel target...mangled the heck out of it. Specs state "Centerfire Handguns up to .44 Magnum". Oh well.
  29. Argonne

    14.5 HP Briggs OHV Hard Crank

    The folks I bought my place from reluctantly left behind the only piece of agricultural equipment they owned, their trusty 1999 Murray 42" riding lawn mower that they had named Norville. Norville looks pretty silly sitting amongst all of the equipment I brought to this place, and I really have...
  30. Argonne

    Dogs and Coyotes

    Small dogs get taken around here fairly regularly. My vet even witnessed one but couldn't shoot to defend the dog at the time. Last week my 100 lb German Shepherd, Jack, turned up with a couple of mysterious wounds on his back. The next night I also caught him sneaking back in to the...
  31. Argonne

    Why Can't Ford Make a Tailgate Emblem That Lasts?

    It mystifies me that Ford, who has been manufacturing vehicles for 100 years, can't seem to produce a version of their iconic Ford Oval emblem for their vehicles that lasts more than a few years. I mean, how hard could it be, given the universe of materials available today. I think they could...
  32. Argonne

    Backing Up - Amos n Andy

    I need to take a tractor in for service, and my wife was directing me while I was backing the pickup to hook-up to the trailer. I'm backing slowly, she's waving me back and giving me turning instructions, and suddenly there's a "bump" and the truck stops while she simultaneously said "ok, that's...
  33. Argonne

    Carrying Firewood with Compact Tractor

    Years back, I was growing pumpkins in a field about 1/4 mile from the house. I used an Agrifab 4 wheel steerable trailer behind the tractor along with the bucket to transport the harvested pumpkins home. The small trailer allowed me to keep my access roads in the field narrow, which made...
  34. Argonne

    Repair ATV Tire With a Bolt?

    Yesterday I managed to get a railroad spike embedded in an almost new Swamp-Lite on my Rancher. I thought the spike would look good in the nail jar at the local tire shop, so I took it to them. They said they had plenty of experience with ATV tires with big holes, and no method they possessed...
  35. Argonne

    Cutting Round Bales - Chainsaw?

    Yea, I've been researching this off and on for a couple of weeks now. The silage saw is the most cool but it costs $ 1400. The only hay knives I'm finding out there are antiques, and the chainsaw idea, which appeals to me the most, gets criticized from time to time for various reasons, which is...
  36. Argonne

    Cutting Round Bales - Chainsaw?

    Life interrupted this year, and I am ending up buying hay for the winter for our 3 equines. I went with round bales due to the economics. We feed from a bunk feeder with hay rack out in one of the pastures, and I need to keep it that way because when it gets soupy out there the Gator is the...
  37. Argonne

    Dog pics

    She want's a ride, no matter what it is. Don't ask me where she puts her feet when she slithers up there.
  38. Argonne

    Fuel Caddy?

    I got one of these at about the same price as listed (~$135). 3 Gallon Gasoline Fuel Diesel Gas Caddy Transfer Tank Container w/ Rotary Pump | eBay Aside from the wheels being crappy, and the axles being a weird size making replacement challenging, it's been great. I did eventually replace the...
  39. Argonne

    ATV/UTV Pictures!

    M-Gator on horse feeding duty last winter. There are days they wouldn't get fed at all if we didn't have that thing. No amount of mud has stopped it yet.
  40. Argonne

    electric in my barn.....need help

    Sounds like you are pretty far along, so this may be too late to be any help, but I just finished wiring my 30x72x12 shop a month ago. Two things worked out really well for me. First, my main area lighting consists of 18 common brood lamps hanging by their cords from furring strips screwed...
  41. Argonne

    What Kind of Fence is This?

    A few miles from my place in NE Texas, a guy has this fence surrounding a few hundred acres. Pics are attached, but it consists of ~ 24" high steel posts with a single strand of barbed wire along the top. About 6" off the ground is a single strand of hot wire. I can think of no use for this...
  42. Argonne

    Pond Overflow - DIY Horizontal Drilling

    How about an annotated Google Earth image for now. - Green line is the berm which at normal pond levels is about 10 feet higher than the water level. - Blue line is the water path when it overflows at about 474ft AMSL (above mean sea level). - Red line is proposed passive drain which I hope to...
  43. Argonne

    Pond Overflow - DIY Horizontal Drilling

    I have a 1/2 acre stock pond. Three sides have tall earthen berms, the fourth side is a gradual slope up into the pasture. There is no overflow drain, and when it overflows (and it has twice in the last year), it flows out a corner of the pasture side and creates an alluvial plain in a very...
  44. Argonne

    Hitch Stabilizer Arm Geometry

    OK! We all know how important "closure" is from watching TV, so here's some closure. The stabilizer arms finally got to the top of the project list, and it ended up being a pretty simple fix. I used just the ends of the fixed stabilizer arm I got from TSC and drilled a 7/8 inch hole in each one...
  45. Argonne

    What Is This Antique Tool?

    A friend of mine came up with a strange hand tool, and posted a pic of it on Facebook to see if anyone knew what it was. It's been 2 weeks, and nobody has a (serious) answer. So here it is. What the heck is it?
  46. Argonne

    Apparent Extra Part - What Is This?

    So what is this actuator lookin' thing on the left side of the engine on my Case/IH 685. I have a couple of guesses, but my wife says I'm always wrong.
  47. Argonne

    Case IH 685 Light Behavior Question

    I picked up an '87 Case IH 685 (British built, gear tractor, no cab). It's a pretty sound machine, but every light on the thing has been removed, and the wiring cut off behind the light/horn switch. I'm going to buy aftermarket lights to put on the machine, but I would like to use the stock...
  48. Argonne

    Hitch Stabilizer Arm Geometry

    My Ford 4400 came without stabilizer arms, and I have been getting along without them until now. I finally picked up a couple of thread/adjustable ones at TSC and installed them, so far so good. However, when I lift the hitch, the arms bind within a few inches threatening to break something...
  49. Argonne

    Auxiliary Hydraulics for 2210

    I need to install rear hydraulic ports on my 2210 to serve a new implement that has it's own SCVs. JD says they have the second SCV kit for the 2210, but nothing to add a simple set of ports to serve implements with their own valves. This implement (a McConnel Swingtrim) also has a hydraulic...