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    My Tractor Rocks.....4025 4WD+++++

    :thumbsup: 5 hours on it and already in love. Mods; All fabricated by myself. Versa-tech Grapple with third function valve/momentary switch on controller arm. Suncanopy with lights. CarryAll (solid hardwood construction) Steel Forks (loader mounted) Loader Hooks Near Future Mods...
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    Newbie Question

    Could I damage my hydraulic system by having the fluid a little over the recommended levels???:rolleyes:
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    Hydraulic Issue Mahindra 4025

    Hi All New to the board. I recently bought a Mahindra 4025 which I'm already in love with. Added a few mod's, sun canopy (basketball backdrop), aux. lights, grapple (versatech). So the problem I'm having is this; Installed the grapple and decided to run it off the power beyond with a joystick...
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    New member with new 4025

    Hey all. joined the board, living in Southern Ontario. Purchased a Mahindra 4025 4 wheel drive, so far 4.5 hours on it. Got some questions regarding hydraulics etc. So I'll see were else I can ask that might be more appropriate.