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  1. Shaneard

    CBD/hemp oil, anybody use it?

    I know CBD oil and hemp are taking off big. Is anybody here using the oils/lotions for therapy/pain relief? My wife just got some for us to try. She was in a car wreck many years ago and broke her pelvis and has chronic back pain because of that. I have 3 bulging disk in my neck, knee pain from...
  2. Shaneard

    Hours are racking up

    Hit 1112 hours today on the 1993 Ford 4630, missed the photo op for the 1111 mark. Oops.
  3. Shaneard

    Why do people not want to work?

    I was wondering what happened to people. I know people in a lot of trades, some skilled, some not and they are all having trouble finding good help. One guy told me a while back he has it figured out, he said "everybody that wants to work already has a job". I was just wondering what people...
  4. Shaneard

    Serious injuries

    Was searching the local classified and saw this. Must have an iPhone like me and autocorrect got em like it does me from time to time.
  5. Shaneard

    For sale gone wrong stories

    I figured it'd be nice to hear others "for sale gone wrong" stories so we all know we aren't alone. I had a 1986 Ford F250 with a 351 Cleveland in it. I had it for several years, it was a good truck. I decided to sell it and was driving it to a friends house about 10 miles away and the oil...
  6. Shaneard

    Deer season

    Got started on the food plot for the 2019 season. Weeds were so tall you could barely see the blind at the end of the field. Going to spray it and kill it then plant buckwheat. I've never planted buckwheat before. Planted soybeans last year in this field and they came up about 6" high and got...
  7. Shaneard

    Grapple for fork frame on tractor loader

    I am thinking of building a grapple on top of my fork frame for moving brush. I can easily add the third function, I have 2 remotes and one isn't being used. I am looking for home built ones if you've done it yourself or ideas/do's/don'ts. Thanks in advance!
  8. Shaneard

    Cats on top of the car, anybody else hate it?

    I can't stand cats on top of the vehicle, especially big ones!
  9. Shaneard

    Stihl MS291 help

    A friend of mine bought this saw off ebay back in February and just got around to cranking it yesterday. He text me and says "it's not oiling, can you look at it?". Me liking a good challenge said yes. I took the cover off and saw this heat rash around the drum. He ordered a new clutch, needle...
  10. Shaneard

    Schramm 160 CFM pneumatractor

    Schramm 160 cfm pneumatractor. Belonged to the US Navy, has brass tag still attached to hood and "USN" branded into one or 2 of the tires. 1972 model. Has 160 cfm air compressor built into it, engine is a inline 6 cylinder. Front 3 cylinders run it and the back 3 are the compressor. The tank...
  11. Shaneard

    Man killed trying to separate PTO shaft with tractor

    64-year-old Grand Rapids man killed in farm accident | Man killed when trying to separate PTO shaft tied to tree.
  12. Shaneard


    Let's see some gardens and how you get them there. Here's ours, I'm guessing it's 30’ X 90'. It has 6 rows in it. I didn't get to plow it this year because it was so wet and ours stays wet on one end and it's red land. I been cutting it here lately and ran the yard tool over it then listed rows...
  13. Shaneard

    Barn find IH 140

    Found this 1972 IH 140 in a barn, came with fast hitch, fertilize and full set of cultivators. Runs great! Sheet metal is straight, bumper is straight, pretty sure it has original tires on it.
  14. Shaneard

    Wood Splitter With Fast Hitch

    I traded for a Troy-Bilt Horse tiller years ago and it came with a wood splitter attachment. The wood splitter hasn't been used in some time, it is self contained all but the engine which is why you have to remove the tines and attach the wood splitter. I had a water pump with an 8HP Briggs &...
  15. Shaneard

    Best/Favorite Auctioneer

    Who's your favorite auctioneer? I had the pleasure of seeing Eli Detweiler helping E.B. Harris here in N.C. several times and he is by far my favorite. Lee Roy Van Dike came to Denton N.C. to sing once and got into the auction for a while too, he was really good as well. Eli has to be my...
  16. Shaneard

    What did you do at work today?

    I slung a 5/16" rod out of the milling machine at 1,000 RPM into some paint cans and poked a hole in 2 of them. What a mess!
  17. Shaneard

    Things I've made

    I work in a machine shop and have access to mills, lathes etc. and my boss let's me do what I want. I know, I'm so blessed! I have 3 welders at home, a Hypertherm plasma cutter, Ellis 1800 band saw and hardly ever use any of it anymore since my boss lets me do it at work while the milling...
  18. Shaneard

    Christmas lights. Let's see em.

    Got the Schramm out and washed it so the tape would stick and got to work.
  19. Shaneard

    Best way to raost a turkey

    This is probably the quickest, though not the cheapest. Flash Fire jet truck thanksgiving turkey roast. - YouTube
  20. Shaneard

    John Deere G Unstyled-----miniature

    I started off with a Wheel Horse mower and used the main frame, engine and transmission and the rest are parts from here and there. Used a hand clutch handle off a J.D. H, an air breather off of a J.D. R pony motor, seat from an old tobacco setter, rear wheels off an old Monarch tiller, front...
  21. Shaneard

    Circle Cub (4 digit) Restoration

    I got this tractor from my brother for the trade of a shotgun. He got it from a friend of ours who's dad passed and he and his brothers didn't want it. I just need to paint it red and it's done.