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  1. m7040

    Time for a Zero Turn

    On the ZD 331 I installed rear cast iron suitcase weights. Helps with traction
  2. m7040

    Wider wheels/radials for M7040/M7060 Kubota now easier. FYI

    Are the wider from tires the same diameter as the original tires?
  3. m7040

    Tree planting auger size?

    Our tree plantings use the protection tubes to save the seedlings from deers. They stay on for the first few years until the trees are 6 ft or so to give them the best chance for survival. We have about 90 percent survival rate on our plantings. The evergreens seedlings don't use tree shelters...
  4. m7040

    Tree planting auger size?

    We just planted 700 seedlings with a tree spade
  5. m7040

    Hyd quick disconnect

    There is a tool that will do it although I don't have the link. Someone will likely tell us. Had same issue today and resolved it by loosening a fitting
  6. m7040

    Tractor assisted tree felling.

    I have rented a manlift a few times to take down branches and remove tall trees by topping them. I rented the big type of 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer type of lift and they are easy to operate and very safe. I bunched a lot of the tree trimming/removal together and rented for a weekend like...
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    can't post photos?

    Testing pic attachment
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    sample picture

    Just trying out filing picture of the minix
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    RTV - X1100C

    Just installed the radio shown in post 132. Works like a charm
  10. m7040

    Tractor ran fine, restarted normally, then died & won't start

    I would check starter with a cable from a battery and if ok then look for why it is not getting current when turning the key. Isolate the lock out switches one at the time until you find the faulty one
  11. m7040

    RTV - X1100C

    I found the plow shoes not to be worth the money. They dig in on softer grounds and are not needed on pavement
  12. m7040

    RTV - X1100C

    when hauling firewood or loading in brush and sticks
  13. m7040

    RTV - X1100C

    I have the RTV x1100c 2020 with MS tires and lights front and rear. Installed the Boss V Plow myself for a deal at the time at 2800. Works great and have not needed chains so far with snowfalls up to 1 ft or so. The protective screen is prone to catch stuff between the load bed and the screen...
  14. m7040

    Bucket/ thumb wood splitter

    That would work on my Kubota KX33 excavator
  15. m7040


    That is good that the F's are good around trees. My plantings are in rows of trees with spacing between rows of 8 to 10 ft and trees spaced about 6 to 8 ft apart. Mow around 6000 of those trees a few times a year to keep the weeds down. The ZD is quick reacting to get into spaces between trees...
  16. m7040


    For my purposes the ZD 331 has the agility to turn around the tree plantings that is hard to do with the F machines. No doubt the F's will outperform on more open areas. The suspension seats on the ZD1511 sounds good and can possibly be backfitted to the ZD331. How comfortable is the air...
  17. m7040

    6013 vs 7014 vs 7018

    I have about 250 lbs of welding rods that I got from the end of a project that I am wondering how useful they may be for my small scale farm shop. They are E6010, E6011, E6013 and M7018. What are the most useful rods for my purpose?
  18. m7040

    Who rides motorcycles?

    I had many bikes over the years from Nimbus 4 cylinder, BSA 500 cc, AJS 500 cc, NSU two stroke 250 cc, Suzuki 400 cc motocross, Ariel 4 cylinder set up to race with sidecar and many more
  19. m7040

    Pulling up tree

    The old M7040 comes in handy. It is surprising in the power and utility around here
  20. m7040

    sample photo

    Trying to post
  21. m7040

    MF 203 not starting

    The old MF 203 industrial tractor was sitting for a few years. Wanted to bring it back to life and it would not start. Changed the fuel filters and the fuel lift pump and bled the system and checked for fuel flow at the inlet to the injection pump. Next loosened the inlet to the fuel injectors...
  22. m7040

    Property line and neighbor mowing spraying

    I have an issue with neighbor mowing on my side of the property line for a distance of about 2000 ft. I guess he wants it to look more manicured like his estate is. This is a rural farm with a tree planting along the property line on my side. Told him to stop and I put up tee stakes and fence...
  23. m7040

    Shipping container building

    Out driving today saw someone building with two 40 ft shipping containers and a roof on top between the containers. Looks like the spacing between the containers was 30 or so ft and the roof was prefabricated tubing. Not sure what the plan is for the roof covering. Would love to hear from others...
  24. m7040

    RTV 1100 Transmission problem

    The transmission slips badly when the oil gets warmed up. There must be some internal leak inside the transmission when the oil gets warm. At cold temperatures the transmissions performs normally. I may have over stressed it pulling a trailer because it was after that it became evident. Before...
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  26. m7040


    Have been looking to get a mini x such as the Kubota KX033-4. Would like a new one if possible to use on the small farm here in Maryland. The list with a few buckets is about 60 K. Not sure what a realistic selling price would be. Kubota has 60 months with Zero interest or discounts for cash...
  27. m7040

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Store wood in a number of places. Here is one of them. You can barely see the tractor in the back with a load of wood. The UTV is needed to stand on the reach high enough to stack up 10 ft
  28. m7040

    Finished up my firewood for 2020-21

    agree the longer I think about a project the more it changes. Usually for the better. Doing splitting where the tree was felled makes sense to me and loading the UTV directly as it comes off the splitter avoids some double handling. I am using multiple ways of storing the wood. Here is a picture...
  29. m7040

    Finished up my firewood for 2020-21

    Here is my firewood storage just outside the door
  30. m7040

    Type A automatic transmission fluid

    I have an old Massey Ferguson tractor where the hydraulic system for the loader as well as the power steering calls for type A transmission fluid according to the original manuals. Can it be substituted with Dexdron III fluid?
  31. m7040

    Miller Big Blue 400 amp DC welder

    Got this trailer mounted welder with an air cooled diesel engine about 10 years ago and have not started it since. So decided to see if it would start. Installed a fresh battery and pushed the start button. Wouldn't you know it barely turn over the engine before it started. Runs like a top with...
  32. m7040

    woods batwing mower

    Hi, wanted to know if you have some suggestions about how to go about selling my Woods 15 batwing finish mower. It has been used two seasons on about 10 acres and has somewhere around 300 hrs on it. Live in Maryland close to the town of frederick. Any suggestions are welcome Thanks
  33. m7040

    Woods 15 batwing finish mower

    Used one season approximately 300 hours in new condition. Located in Frederick Maryland. Make me an offer.
  34. m7040

    Landpride blades won't come off

    I want to sharpen the cutter blades on my 72 inch Landpride bush hog but the blades mount on a large stud attached to a disk about 24 inch diameter. There is no visible way to unscrew the blades that I can see. Do I unbolt the center hub and take the whole assemly off or is there another way?
  35. m7040

    big stones to move with little bx, looking for leverage ideas.

    You will be surprised how big a boulder you can move by pushing it. This boulder was dug out of the ground and then pushed up a ramp to level ground and further pushed over in a fence line to the property
  36. m7040

    Snow Too much snow! Help!

    Here is a pic of my M7040 whre the brushhog is used as counter weight. Of course a layer of snow helps a bit as well. 3 ft of snow was no match for tractor and plow
  37. m7040

    Snow FEL ops against 2009 snow

    M7040 in action this weekend
  38. m7040

    Ballast heavy wheel weights M7040

    here is how I mounted the wheel weights without having a forklift like the dealers. Very simple to do and saves a lot on the back. All about leverage
  39. m7040

    Ballast m7040 cast iron wheel weights

    I am trying to mount the three wheel weights on each wheel but find that they are too heavy to lift by myself. Wondering if someone has devised a way to handle this via some simple rigging device?
  40. m7040

    Rock Digging

    Rocks are like icebergs you dont know how big it is until you dig it out. This one was huge and the FEL could not lift it so had to push it out of the hole on a ramp and then over to where it is now. Not that I used a 4-one bucket for excavation and pushing the rock
  41. m7040

    working M7040

    this is what a hard working M7040 looks like after a long day of dirt moving
  42. m7040

    Plew 18 volt grease gun

    anyone have experience with the Plew 18 volt rechargeable grease gun as sold by Northern? A little more expensive than Lincoln but looks very nice and comes with two batteries.
  43. m7040

    Solenoid motor control valve

    Talked to the dealer about where to hook up the hydraulic winch and he showed me where there is a short hose that continues from the FEL valve back to the three point valve on the right lower side of the tractor. He recommended to take this hose off and install the new spool valve in that loop...
  44. m7040

    Electrical outlet, no mating plug

    Attached is a pic of the 12 volt electrical outlet behind the seat in the cab of my M7040. The outlet is for accessories and one terminal is hot all the time, one is ground, and one is hot when the key is turned. May be this is a common outlet in Japan but no one here knows where to get the...
  45. m7040

    Winches Hydraulic winch hook up

    I am going to install the Mile Marker Hydraulic winch on the 7040. It will come with a spool valve that will protect for full pressure from the pump as recommended by Winchplus. Will install it on the front instead of the brush guard and high enough to be able to use the FEL bucket as a wedge to...
  46. m7040

    search light. M7040

    Here are a couple of pictures of the Golight search light that I mounted on the tractor cab corner instead of the regular worklight. It works off the remote control shown in the second pictures and can swivel in all directions at two speeds. It is quite a focussed beam at 500,000 lumens...
  47. m7040

    mine is bigger

    what do you think is this the biggest tractor tool box??
  48. m7040

    grease nipples broken off

    I have a a Deere 8B BH that has some of the grease nipples torn out of the housings and the treads are stripped to the point that inserting a new nipple will not work. Any experience anyone in a simple fix? Welding a nut on the outside will that work as a fix?
  49. m7040

    polyurethane cutting edge

    Installed the poly cutting edge for the snow plow. It is 8 ft by 8 inches wide and 1.5 iches thick and blots on top of the existing cutting edge. Forecast is for snow tomorrow so will be ready to test it out. Should be preserve the pavement and minimize plow damage to the grounds