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  1. varmint

    bush hog wheel question

    Bought an old, but good, 4' bush hog. Works great, except the tail wheel drags sideways when going forward, which is not great. Curiously, it tracks well going backwards. I am quessing it needs a little more rake, and I am considering cutting a deep notch in each side, bending it back about...
  2. varmint

    Maryland Heavy older PTO needs U joint repairs

    I got a PTO shaft with an older brush cutter, and I knew the shaft needed its U joints replaced, so I took out the old cross pieces. Before spending the $24 to get new cross kits, I thought to check the length, and found that with a min. 6" overlap of the inner and outer shafts, it was about 4"...
  3. varmint

    L3400 Neutral safety switch isn't working right

    My L3400's is an HST, and when I leave the seat, especially when the tractor isn't fully up to operating temperature, it often will die. I realize there's a switch of some sort related to the forward/backwards treadle, and it seems to be the issue. Usually, with enough wiggling I can find the...
  4. varmint

    Small improvement for L3400

    If your like me, you probably have a lot of time on your hands these days. One think about my L3400 that bothered me was my tendency to apply the parking brake to prevent creep, and then to forget to release it. No big deal, but in low range, you can travel a bit before you have the "dah!"...
  5. varmint

    Fuel issue with Cub Cadet Commercial Z turn...

    I've been happy with my slightly used 48" Commercial Z turn with the steering wheel I bought a couple years ago- really cut my mowing time in half. Other than a deck belt tensioner spring coming loose, which was easily fixed once I figured out what had happen- a pin came out of the fastening...
  6. varmint

    Leaking log splitter cylinder

    I have a question for you hydraulic experts out there: my neighbor has loaned me his old gas powered hydraulic log splitter, a rather large 30 ton unit. It works great, and the old Briggs and Stratton engine starts easily and sips gas- all good. But, the ram cylinder leaks fluid, a little...
  7. varmint

    Flat spots, who knew??

    Been cold here, but no snow needed removal, so our tractor has sat in the barn, keeping fresh in the cold. I needed to haul a wood splitter and move a heavy cast iron bathtub, so I took it out, first time in maybe 3 months? I was surprised to discover the rears had flat spotted, perhaps...
  8. varmint

    Which Zero turn to buy????

    I have to mow about an acre here in Maryland. Mostly flat, but lots of scattered bushes and trees, three buildings and a large garden, so there is lots of twisting and turning. Using our Husqvarna graden tractor with a 42" deck takes about two hours, and as I am getting old, bouncing around...
  9. varmint

    Serious snow removal in Japan

    My wife, knowing about my tractor forum interests, and watching me plow some snow today (first time this winter!) sent me this link: How to Clear a Path Through 60 Feet of Snow, Japanese Style | Atlas Obscura I grabbed some photos from the link... too bad there wasn't a video!
  10. varmint

    Not a tractor, but worthy of watching!

    Okay, a car guy sent this video to me, and although it isn't about tractors, it is about can-do attitude and make-do fortitude. Note to moderators: just watch it before you dump it? Streamable - simple video sharing
  11. varmint

    Echo issues??

    I bought an Echo cs-490 last year, and used it for perhaps 5 hours. Nice, saw, and with a replacement chain that was more aggressive than the "safety" chain it came with, it cut well. I hadn't used it for maybe 4 months (stored with ethanol-free canned gas) and just tried to start it. I...
  12. varmint

    Wet skid steer

    There's a disappearing island in the Chesapeake Bay, and a guy who owned a house on it tried, unsuccessfully, to move enough sand to prevent the rising waters from taking the house. This skid steer was left, and it soon too will become a navigation hazard.
  13. varmint

    Price Check B3350 pricing

    I am not really in the market, but I had some time to kill and a handy Kubota dealer, so I stopped in. If I were to buy something, it would be with a low-height cab, like the B3350 (barn door limits and no easy fix) and FWIW, a brand new B3350, with a SSQA loader (no model #) and a third...
  14. varmint

    Update on deck coated with bedliner

    See below!
  15. varmint

    Oh! This seems nice.

    Okay, I will start this by saying I am a Kubota guy. But, I stumbled across this Deere video, watched it, and thought that Deere seems to have something pretty nice here! I don't know what they cost, (the dealer in the video stated they cost more) and I gotta admit I am not up on Kubota's...
  16. varmint

    Drawbar hitch ball

    I got tired of being limited in how angled I could turn my trailer, due to the trailer itself hitting the drawbar, and rather than try to raise up the ball itself, I just set it back, giving clearance. I wouldn't do this for an on-the-road hitch, but for a tractor, it seems fine. Problem solved.
  17. varmint

    Alyeska pipeline

    Sort of off-topic, (it's oil, for sure) but I thought some might find this interesting. Our Russian friend who works for sustainability groups like the FSC was just in Alaska, and sent these photos from the pipeline.
  18. varmint

    Chainsaw 101 for novices!

    Being a rural homeowner, I had a little experience with chainsaws, but no real need. I got along with an Echo 270, but then we got a fireplace insert, and an opportunity to get a lot of firewood when a neighbor had 7 or 8 large trees bulldozed to clear land for a horse riding rink. I looked at...
  19. varmint

    More chain stowage...

    I recall a thread about carrying logging chain, and I just finished a small mod so I could carry some chain. One side is for short chains, the other side with the bin carries some 20' lengths. The extra weight is a benefit.
  20. varmint

    Deal, or Scam?

    Just noticed a classified here on TbN for a cherry Bx 23, low hours, clean, etc., for $3000! If it's real, somebody will get a deal!! Used 2005 Kubota bx23 For Sale $3,000 - KennethTiatro -
  21. varmint

    simple shovel carrier

    I often need a shovel when I am working with gravel or dirt, and I got tired of having the shovel bounce out of the bucket or off the 3-point when travelling, so I finally got around to making a simple holder. I noticed the loader mounting arms had pre-drilled, unused holes on the back side...
  22. varmint

    Kubota owner gets up close to Deere

    Saw this at our State Fair, and couldn't resist. But, no loader, so not interested. I noticed the filters were marked with 1051 hours, so it's had some use.
  23. varmint

    Gucci loafers no, boots yes

    My title simply means that if you wear boots instead of soft loafers, and you don't have a nice Grand L Kubota (other brands no doubt also have this feature...) with its custom rubber deck mats, you will wear thru the deck paint and wind up with bare metal, worn paint, and more patina of use...
  24. varmint

    Fuse block

    Having added LED lights to several Kubotas, I usually use the factory's wiring for one set of rear work lights, and run a hot wire to a relay for switched power for front lighting. I just ran across this nifty little fuse block, and thought I'd share. A fused 10 gage hot wire from the battery...
  25. varmint

    Simple, cheap and useful?

    I always add a small, inexpensive (but waterproof) LED voltmeter to my tractors. This one cost $7 on Amazon, requires simply a hole, a switched 12V power source, and a ground. It tell me how the charging system is working, and if the battery is okay. Better than the idiot light, I think.
  26. varmint

    Neighbor ignored advice

    My neighbor finally got around to replacing his old Deere tractor. He was interested in my Kubota L3130, but quickly decided it was too small for his needs. (well, his hired man's needs- this is gentleman landowner with hobby cattle, not a farmer). He got a new cabbed Deere 5055E recently...
  27. varmint

    Resurrected rear blade.

    Some of you may recall I posted photos of an old 72" rear blade I had acquired, asking for help in identifying it. After using it, I tore it apart and cleaned it up, primed and painted it, and installed refurbished and some new hardware- the old bits and pieces were rusted, worn and no longer...
  28. varmint

    log splitter filter question

    A friend loaned me an older gas powered log splitter. We will both be using it from now on. It is marked "30 ton" and "Central Hydraulics" but nothing more is left to read. It does not have any sort of filter that I can see. I am thinking about installing a 25 gpm spin-on type hydraulic...
  29. varmint

    Identify this scraper blade??

    I just bought this 72" scraper blade, and I am curious if anyone can identify it? I will clean it up and repaint it, and might even look for decals, if it is from a company still in business.
  30. varmint

    Hauling wood, no tractor required

    Our Russian friend is in the Northern woods there, and just posted this photo. Looks like it works.
  31. varmint

    Chains required!

    Our 500' downhill stone lane is still covered with snow and ice- it's as clear as a plow could get it. When we left this morning, about half way down I noticed my neighbor's RAV 4 blocking the lane- right front wheel in the ditch to the right side, hopelessly stuck in the snowbank. I was...
  32. varmint

    Chain strorage box??

    Just saw this... good deal, but the shape may be less than ideal? 120 mm ammo box from our friends at Surplus Center. 120 MM MORTAR SHELL AMMO BOX
  33. varmint

    Help with CUT cab heights?

    Not sure how to title this, but after getting my "ideal" tractor set up for snow plowing, I realize I really want a cabbed tractor. Sitting out in the falling snow as I approach 70 has lost some of its charm. My problem is our storage barn- with a little work, I can maybe get 88+" of...
  34. varmint

    Kubota aux. hydraulic kit for sale

    Kubota L48 aux. hydraulic kit for sale I ran across an ex-Kubota dealer who has a stash of goodies- I bought wheel spacers and chains from him, and I see he has some goodies for Kubota L48 tractors for sale. He seemed like a good guy. I posted this because I think it could be shipped. L48 Kubota
  35. varmint

    Plow protection

    I guess I have exhausted potential projects on our "new" tractor, now to just wait for some snow. I decided, as a final mod., to add a crossover relief valve to the plow's angling circuit. Easy, since the hoses were already two piece, and in the right lengths. If I ever use the plow, and do...
  36. varmint

    Ready, I think

    Got our "new" L3400 all ready for snow, so let 'er rip. (Please, nobody mention how nice cabs are- simply can't use one unless we get a new barn, and that ain't gonna happen.)
  37. varmint

    crossover-relief? Nope

    I lucked into a Kubota rear wheel spacer kit, and some tire chains, being sold by an ex Kubota dealer who still had a small warehouse full of stuff. I asked about a crossover relief valve, to protect my HLA 1000 snow plow's hydraulic cylinder, and the tractor, of course. He came up with a...
  38. varmint

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Snow plows and tires

    When we replaced our big, heavy L3130 with a more petite L3400, we also got rid of the L3130's filled R-4 tires and got nice fat turf tires with the L3400. The better not to squash the lawn with, my dear, and having had turfs before, I preferred how they work in snow. In order to get traction...
  39. varmint

    Tires Tires, sort of... and wheel spacers

    Snow plow... and wheel spacers??? When we replaced our big, heavy L3130 with a more petite L3400, we also got rid of the L3130's filled R-4 tires and got nice fat turf tires with the L3400. The better not to squash the lawn with, my dear, and having had turfs before, I preferred how they work...
  40. varmint

    Downsizing- opinions?

    A little background: for years, I maintained about a 1000' of an old gravel lane using a B8200 with a loader and a 5' heavy Deere rear blade. Most important use was clearing snow so we could come and go. About 500' is a straight slope, but with a bank rising up on one side and not much room...
  41. varmint

    which way to mount R-4 tires

    Actually, they're already mounted, but I want to reverse the way they are fitted to the inner disc, putting the valve stem on the outside, making it accessible, and increasing the width slightly. These are filled R-4's, on a Kubota L3130. At present, you can't measure the pressure with the...
  42. varmint

    Restoration project?

    So, I ran across this old car, needs some work. I believe it has what's called a "short block?" Parts may be hard to find. Nice fall colors, however.
  43. varmint

    Tier 4 info

    I just ran across this lengthy article on Tier 4 emissions- I think it okay to link to it, since this is a discussion forum. What Tier 4 Final Brings | Construction Equipment
  44. varmint

    Snow plow blade coating??

    I did a couple of (quick, I will admit) searches for anti-stick coatings for snow blades, and didn't find anything. I am pretty sure that TbN has had lots of discussions about that, and perhaps a patient soul will direct me to some? In the past, I have tried silicone spray, graphite paint...
  45. varmint

    Snow Russian Arctic Tractors

    A Russian friend who does environmental watchdog work just posted this photo from the Russian Arctic oil field area where she's trying to stay warm. Looks like some serious snow traction equipment! (and yes, that big tractor is BIG)
  46. varmint

    Yet another LED light job

    Having liked having LED lights on my old tractor, I had to install them on my newish tractor, as well. Instead of 18W I upgraded to 27W floods. The ROPs looked like the best spot to install them, and I noted two spots where I could bolt them on without drilling any holes. The folding hardware...
  47. varmint

    Kubota L3130 wiring diagram?

    Actually, not so much a wiring diagram as information from someone who has done this: I am getting ready to install 3 27W LED flood lights (two forward, one reverse) on my L3130, and I can figure out how to wire it, but... I notice a spare fuse location on the fuse block, #6 I think, and...
  48. varmint

    repaint + hooks

    I just today finish painting my loader bucket... a 2004 LA723 loader, but the inside was pitted- I guess the last owner hauled manure? but otherwise in pretty good shape. I had needle scaled and wire brushed it, cleaned it up, and primed it with two part epoxy primer (I really like that stuff)...
  49. varmint

    Rotella Synthetic oil sale

    So, I stopped by Wally World for a gallon of Rotella T 6 synthetic 5w-40 diesel oil today. I notice the jugs had $5 rebate stickers on them- all the better. Bought the oil, but discovered upon getting home and looking at the sticker that it is good for purchases from MARCH 1 thru the end of...
  50. varmint

    chainsaw fuel questions

    Sorry if this topic has been worked to death in earlier threads, but I didn't see it, so here goes: I have a quality chain saw, which I use only rarely. Like maybe 4 times a year, usually after ice storms or some event that caused trees to be where we don't want them, and clean up is required...