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    3-Point Hitch Pat's EZ change

    Anybody with an XJ2025 or similar and backhoe know if the added length on the lower arms using the Pat's EZ change links will cause a problem on remounting the backhoe. If not, I guess I will find out in the next few weeks. . . .
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    New LS2025H

    New LS2025H TLB is scheduled to be delivered today! Saw it at the dealer yesterday and it has something I didn't expect-- skid steer type bucket. Don't think you guys with the 2023's have that. Ha!
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    Comparison LS XJ2025H, Kioti CK 2510H or Mahindra Max 26 H

    First post, but have been researching through this site for months-- many thanks to all of you for sharing valuable information. I'm about ready to pull the trigger and buy one of the above in a TLB configuration. I've spoken with dealers within 25 miles about each and I've sat on the Kioti...