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  1. flusher

    Fire season is here-time for serious mowing with the hog

    My 6-acre hayfield needed mowing (weeds about a foot tall in some places) to reduce the fire hazard. We've only had about 11 inches of rainfall this year (1July through 30 June). Normal is 18 inches. This is the 3rd year of drought around here. With no irrigation available I did not plant a...
  2. flusher

    Aussie iron

    Ag tractor on steroids:rolleyes: Twin Supercharged Engine Chamberlain Tractor - YouTube
  3. flusher

    Transmission flush for vintage tractors

    I'm finally getting around to changing the fluids on the 1949 JD B I bought a month or so ago. The transmission appears to be filled with 140W gear oil that's pretty thick and dirty. Any one have a recipe for a DIY transmission flush?
  4. flusher

    John Deere B (1949, wide front)

    Bought this beauty yesterday. Wide front is aftermarket so I don't know if this is officially a BW model. But it sure looks nice and purty. My first JD tractor of any kind. Love those Johnny Poppers:)
  5. flusher

    Working with the jumbo landplane

    One of my neighbor's three 10 acre irrigated alfalfa fields needed to be leveled and resloped so it would drain more evenly and not cause excessive runoff into a neighbors olive orchard. Here's what he used for that job. It's a D7 Cat pulling a giant landplane. Gets the job done really...
  6. flusher

    MM BF restoration-got Hercules engine running

    It's been a while since I've had time for this project (now going on 4 years effort). The Hercules IXB3SL engine has been on a run stand (a modified Harbor Freight engine work stand) for nearly a year (4 cyl, 25 hp, L-head similar to a Ford 8N engine). Engine has been completely rebuilt (zero...
  7. flusher

    Isuzu NPR PU

    Here's something you don't see every day. Isuzu : Other HD Isuzu : Other HD | eBay
  8. flusher

    My Cub is toast

    Bought this 1948 Cub last year. Not running but looking pretty good as it sat. Cleaned it up. Low compression. Pulled the head and reseated the valves. Brought the compression up to 60 psi range (still way too low, should be 100 psi +). Pulled the engine and took it to the engine shop...
  9. flusher

    Trucktor--when a CUT just won't cut it
  10. flusher

    Pulley removal-Bolens-Tecumseh GT1443 garden tractor

    This may be of some help to TBNers with pulley-pulling challenges. The 14 hp Tecumseh HH140 engine on my Bolens garden tractor (the one with the nice rototiller that I use a lot) is toast (exhaust valve is fried, oil leaks, needs new muffler, seals, etc). Parts for this 40-year old iron wonder...
  11. flusher

    Wheel disc cut down

    I bought this 13-ft Minneapolis Moline KS1300 (made by Krause) a few years ago. It's too much disc for my 2008 Mahindra 5525 (54 hp engine). So I cut it down to about 7 ft wide. Cut about 24 inches off each of the four axle beams. Used an $80 portable band saw from Harbor Freight and a...
  12. flusher

    My hayfield becomes a food plot

    Planted ground cover (Austrian winter peas) on two acres of my 6-acre hayfield last week. Broadcasted the seed and then made a pass with the cultipacker. Yesterday morning these guys showed up for breakfast. They scooted into my neighbors horse pasture when I approached without getting zapped...
  13. flusher

    DIY drop seeder

    I've been looking for a 9-10 ft wide drop seeder for awhile. No luck on eBay or craigslist or locally. There were some used 10 ft Gandy seeders on eBay but the price was too high for my tastes. And used Brillion seeders are way out of my price comfort zone. I had two 5-ft wide grass seed boxes...
  14. flusher

    Big Dean Austin (21 Feb 1936-31 Mar 2011

    Big Dean passed to his reward a few months ago. Cooper Funeral Home Many TBNers, myself included, benefited a lot from his famous CD on servicing Massey Ferguson 100 series tractors (and others) from the 1950s-1980s. I haven't been able to find any info on availability of Dean's CDs. I'll...
  15. flusher

    Planters JD 71 row planter for beans

    Is the JD 71 Flexi planter a good choice for planting fava beans (aka broad beans, field bean, bell bean, tic bean)? If so, which plates and hopper bottoms should be used? TIA
  16. flusher

    Brush hog-access panel

    I don't like working under my 6-ft Hawkline mower so I rigged up an access panel for blade sharpening and removal. Layed out the pattern. Drilled 1/2" holes in the corners for stress relief. Cut the 1/8" sheet metal (it's non-structural) with my 4-1/2" angle grinder. Drilled some scrap...
  17. flusher

    Oliver 60 gets a brake job

    Finally got around to repairing the brakes on the 1945 Oliver 60 Row Crop that I bought a few months ago. Tractor is fine--but the brakes are marginal. The brakes are band type with the drums attached to shafts on the differential. The 60 has a final drive unit with bull gears. The differential...
  18. flusher

    Broadcast chute for my cultipacker-seeder

    I started this thread in the "Attachments" forum No response--so I'm posting here hoping to get some input. TIA.
  19. flusher

    Antique drive chain on my grain drill

    Anyone know what this type of chain is called? I need to get several loops of this type of chain apart to get them off a drive shaft and then put them back together. Is there a simple way to do this?
  20. flusher

    Seeders Broadcast chute for my cultipacker-seeder

    I'm adding a pair of grass seeder boxes to my single axle cultipacker. The flute feeds on these boxes are 6 inches apart. I want to broadcast seed (not row seed) so I need to fabricate a broadcast chute to distribute the seed (a vetch, brome, ryegrass mix) evenly. I know that the Brillion...
  21. flusher

    Got it--an Oliver 60 row crop

    Been looking for this beauty for several years. It's a 1945. Found it on craigslist. Runs fine and is parade ready. Need to replace a gauge--looks like it's the temp gauge.
  22. flusher

    Winch installed on the Isuzu NPR

    A previous thread contains info about the truck Since that thread started, I added an 8000-lb Warn winch to the stakebed. The winch is on its mount inside a 4-ft aluminum tool box modified for...
  23. flusher

    Deep cycle battery for an 8Klb winch

    I'm adding a Warn M8000 electric winch to my Isuzu NPR stakebed (my tractor hauler) I've been looking at gel cell 12V 100AH batteries like this one from Ritar RA12-100G - 12volt 100a/h -...
  24. flusher

    Farmall Cub carburetor-need an ID

    I picked up a 1948 Farmall Cub a few weeks ago. Needs a thorough tuneup. I cracked open the carburetor this morning and found this I've never seen a one-piece annular float like this one. Naturally there's no ID on the carburetor and it's different from the 3/4-inch updraft IH and...
  25. flusher

    Got a tractor hauler (finally)

    My problem: transport my restored parade tractors (Farmall Cub, Farmall Super A, Minneapolis Moline BF, Massey Ferguson 135, and counting) to tractor club outings (parades, picnics, tractor meets, etc). Max tractor weight is about 4000 lb. After agonizing over 3/4T vs 1T pickups...
  26. flusher

    New carport project

    I've needed a carport for several years. So I finally got off my duff and started the project. It's 20'W x 35'L with 9' tall sides, A-frame style, gable ends, 12 ga frame. Vendor is American Steel. It goes at the end of my gravel driveway. Since I paid about $6K for that driveway, I didn't...
  27. flusher

    Death wobble

    Is DW more of a problem with 4WD trucks? Or does it happen also in 2WDs? I'm zeroing in on 00-03 Dodge Ram 2500 with the Cummins turbodiesel as my next truck.
  28. flusher

    How to spot a used 3/4 or 1T PU with enough grunt

    I'm getting closer to finding the 1999-2003 3/4 or 1T PU I need to pull a 10K GN for hauling my parade tractors (heaviest is about 4500 lb). I'll be test driving some candidates soon. This will be the first PU I've bought totally for towing grunt. Question: short of putting the candidate...
  29. flusher

    MM BF restoration-more progress

    This continues a couple of previous threads. I spent most Oct-Nov09...
  30. flusher

    Used 1TPU-test drive with an OBD2 scanner on-board

    I've been looking for an F350 DRW or a Ram 3500 DRW (1999-2003) for awhile. Lately I've become intrigued by the neat USB-2 compatible OBD2 scanners like the one from AutoEnginuity. Looks like you can learn a lot about a vehicle with one of these scanners and a laptop (mine is a Compaq with...
  31. flusher

    Cummins 5.9L diesel and the killer dowel pin (KDP)

    I'm seriously interested in a pre-owned Dodge Ram 3500 with the 5.9L diesel. Great engine, but the KDP problem is a worry. From what I read previously, KDP is a problem for the 12 valve engine that was used in the...
  32. flusher

    Metal carport-anchor options

    I'm shopping for a metal carport 20ft wide x 36 ft deep x 9ft wall, A-frame style with gable ends to cover the last 36 ft of my 20-ft wide gravel driveway. Tehama Co requires a building permit and also requires that the structure and the foundation designs be certified for 85 mph wind load...
  33. flusher

    Spotting a hot-rodded 1T PU

    I'm interested in 2nd generation (1994-02) Dodge Ram 3500s diesels for towing my parade tractors on a GN deckover flatbed trailer. The past few months I've kicked the tires on a few nice ones. I've also read a lot about the Cummins 5.9L diesel. It's really a mid-duty engine detuned for light...
  34. flusher

    Head gasket service on a 1T GMC

    Continuing my education on 1T PUs, I came across this clip on YouTube. YouTube - Head Gasket Replacement One of the guys says it takes 26 hrs of labor for this work. Looks like replacing the head gaskets on this GMC is not a DIY job. Maybe I should be looking for one of those Isuzu...
  35. flusher

    Pricing a used 1-ton pickup

    I've been looking for 1999-03 1-ton pickups for the past several months and hope to make a purchase soon. As I understand it, Kelley Blue Book reflects dealer asking price. Edmunds reflects retail selling price that the buyer pays. And eBay somewhat reflects dealer wholesale price for a used...
  36. flusher

    Preferred gas engines for 1 ton pickups

    I've been getting advice in threads I've started in this forum ( and by reading other threads here) to check out gas engine powered 1T PUs for my needs (pull a 10K GN flatbed trailer, less than 5K miles per year). So far I've been looking at older 1999-02 one ton diesel-powered PUs. People...
  37. flusher

    Planting oats with ancient iron

    Planted about 5 acres of Kanota oats today using my restored 1940s Minneapolis Moline P3-6 grain drill (10 ft wide, 20 drops, 6" spacing, single disc openers). Amazingly, that drill worked like a champ. Pulled it with my 2008 Mahindra 5525. Next year I hope to pull it with a 1951 MM BF...
  38. flusher

    Light duty diesels-emission tests now and in the future

    I've been looking at 1999-03 vintage 3/4 and 1T diesel pickups and flatbeds for a few months. This will be my first diesel truck purchase. I'm wondering how CA and EPA emission regulations and testing will affect these older diesels. And, more importantly, whether these PUs are facing...
  39. flusher

    Transmission reliability-3/4 and 1T PUs

    I've been reading threads in this forum for awhile and have been particularly interested in the comments and remarks about transmission reliability. I thought it might be helpful to get this real-world info into one thread. So, considering new Chevy/GMC, Dodge and Ford 3/4 and 1T stock...
  40. flusher

    Tongue weight scale

    I'm thinking about getting one of these Sherline Trailer Tongue Weight Scales for use with the 10K GN trailer that I plan to buy in a few months. Anyone have any experience with one of these scales? Are there better or cheaper alternatives?
  41. flusher

    Fixes needed on a used truck purchase

    I'm looking for a 1999-04 3/4 or 1 ton pickup to tow a 10K GVRW GN flatbed trailer hauling my parade tractors (largest one is 4500 lb or so). Could be an F-series, a Ram or a Chevy/GMC. Could be a gasser or a diesel. Could be 2WD or 4WD. Could be SRW or DRW. I'm still looking and haven't...
  42. flusher

    New hitch for an old plow

    I bought this old John Deere 2-14 plow awhile ago. The hitch mechanism on the plow is pretty worn and will not hold an adjustment. Solution: build a new hitch Cut and drill a pair of 4"x1/2" thick angle A 3" x 1/4"wall tube with 1/2" plates welded on the ends to carry the lower...
  43. flusher

    F-series--transmission reliability

    I just talked to my neighbor next door. He has a 2001 F250 extended cab with the 7.3L diesel. Bought it new and now has about 70,000 miles on it. Towing his travel trailer home from a jobsite in Willow Creek along Hwy 299 (between Eureka and Redding CA), the transmission crapped out. Total...
  44. flusher

    Pre-owned F250-kicking the tires

    After thinking about my needs for the past few months and following several very informative TBN threads in this forum, I've settled on an F250 PU, 2000-03 model, to tow a 10K GVWR GN twin axle flatbed for carrying my parade tractors. Checking the local ads, eBay and craigslist, it looks like I...
  45. flusher

    Buying a Clunker--potential pitfalls?

    I was looking over this list of candidate clunkers that Edmunds generated late last month when the Cash for Clunkers program was winding down Cash for Clunkers Eligible Trade-In Vehicle List - Right now I'm shopping for a used 1995-2001 1-ton truck, pickup or flatbed, that almost...
  46. flusher

    COPS question

    When did Ford start using the coil-on-plug system (COPS) in the F-series truck ignitions? I've had two of these modules go bad on my 2001 F150 (5.4L Triton), one at 55000 miles the other around 65000 miles. Cost each time was about $225. I'm looking to trade that 01 F150 for a used F350 DRW to...
  47. flusher

    Thinking about 6V to 12V conversion

    I'm getting around to the point in the restoration effort on my 1951 Minneapolis Moline BF tractor where I need to get serious about the electrical system. Been wondering if I should...
  48. flusher

    Saving TBN threads

    I notice that some TBN threads can be saved to my C:drive with no problem. Other threads generate a can't be saved message. Any idea what's going on here? Is the problem perhaps related to the avatar images in particular threads?
  49. flusher

    Minneapolis Moline BF Restoration--continuing news

    OK. Continuing this thread that had the large images and was slow loading. I'm to the point where the engine has been pulled and the clutch removed. Here's the clutch bell housing. It came off after a 1/4-turn to the right. The clutch pack. It's a Rockford RM single disc clutch--9" dia...
  50. flusher

    TBN's attachment icon

    Normally I use Photobucket to put images in TBN threads. Now I'd like to learn how to use TBN's image uploader. I can get the image file uploaded OK via the Manage Attachments feature and the thumbnail shows up in the Preview Post view. However, I'm stumped on how to embed that thumbnail in...