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  1. EddieWalker

    AC Thermostat question

    I have PRO T855 thermostat for my HVAC system. It's been replaced twice and it's not working again. I'm tired of them replacing it with the exact same thing. The first two times it was under warrantee. Now it's gonna cost me. I might complain enough to get them to do it again for free, but...
  2. EddieWalker

    Tracking App for your Phone

    My wife and I have been thinking that we need a way to be able to find each other if there is an emergency. Might also need this for my parents as they get older too. The main reason for this is that she drives a long way to drop off and pick up our show dogs. If something happened along...
  3. EddieWalker

    Auction price and now it's For Sale Price

    I was looking at some tractors that are for sale on a local website and saw something that I never seen before. A John Deer 85F orchard tractor. They are asking $21,500 for it with 277 hours...
  4. EddieWalker

    HP and Tier 4 question

    I'm sure that I've read that answer to this somewhere, but so far, I haven't found it anywhere. If all goes well, which is never does, I'm sort of, kind of, hoping that I might actually buy a cab tractor later this year. If that happens, the two concerns that I have is Tier 4, and computers...
  5. EddieWalker

    Power Line to my house was broken

    Next door to me is a natural gas line with a tap that the gas company is currently working on. They are in the process of running a new gas line down the road and in the evening, they park the excavator inside the fenced area around the tap. Yesterday I went out front to mow the weeds along...
  6. EddieWalker

    Ring under a Batwing Mower

    I'm not ready to buy a batwing yet, but I enjoy looking at what's out there. One of the things that I don't understand is the ring that goes around the stump jumper. What does it do?
  7. EddieWalker

    We really are being spied on!!!

    Wednesday night, my wife and I are watching a show on Discovery called the Foods that Built America. During a part about Kellogg's and how they invented Granola and then Flake cereal, I told my wife that it would be funny if I started getting adds on FB about Kellogg's cereal. Neither of us...
  8. EddieWalker

    When did Mahindra change their model numbers?

    I'm casually, but not seriously, looking at cab tractors, and there is a used Mahindra MForce 105P for sale that looks really nice. One of the things that I like about it, is that it's made in Korea, not India. Did the stop making the MForce? Are the 8000 and 9000 series the same thing or...
  9. EddieWalker

    Snow in East Texas

    Every couple of years it will snow here. We ended up with 5 inches. The next day it was 50 degrees and the snow was gone by the end of the day. It was fun while it lasted, but we both stayed home and kept the fire going instead of going anywhere. Here are a few pictures that I took of my place.
  10. EddieWalker

    I got the Covid

    Just received the phone call and it's official. I did the nasal swab last Friday. It wasn't too bad, but it's not something that I want to do again. They only tested me, even though my wife was in the car with me. They came out to the car and the RN did it all through the window with me...
  11. EddieWalker

    HVAC and Ionizer advice needed

    Just over 2 years ago we had a new Amana 3 ton, 16 Seer HVAC system installed. Since then, the coils have become plugged up from very fine dog hair and dust. The coils are in an upside down V shape and I'm able to get under them and clean off some of the hair with a wire brush so air flows...
  12. EddieWalker

    Area Light for my Backyard

    I've been replacing my driveway area lights with these LED lights from Amazon. They work really good with a very clear light that we really like. I paid $129 for them and the link is $10 more. I'm guessing that Amazon is adjusting the price to get a little more out of me if I buy another one...
  13. EddieWalker

    My Front Gate Project

    About 15 years ago I cleared the trees, moved a bunch of dirt and created my entrance. I built the columns and installed the white vinyl three rail fence. Over the years I've sort of lost interest in the white vinyl fence to the point that I'm going to remove it and go with wood. But that's...
  14. EddieWalker

    Start your goat business CL ad

    Start your own goat business! - farm & garden - by owner - sale I'm casually looking for a male dwarf pygmy goat for my girls and came across this ad. I admire the creativity of their marketing, but really hate to think of anybody falling for it. $450 for a doe is more then twice what they go...
  15. EddieWalker

    Kids Play Ground

    My grandson will be 4 in a few weeks and he has asked me to build him a playground. He likes to swing and go down a slide and climb the rock wall, so those will be part of it. I'm also thinking about a fort up in the air, maybe attached to a tree in my back yard. Might make the slide go down...
  16. EddieWalker

    Why have a pool filter?

    I have a small 1,700 gallon pool that I fill up in summer and drain in the fall. It takes about 3 hours to fill it up, so I sometimes fill it and drain it several times during summer. I've decided to use Bromine to keep it clear and stop algae. I'm also going to add a Nature2 system to it...
  17. EddieWalker

    Swimming Pool options

    I have a small, in ground pool that I'm building myself. It's only 3 feet deep and 12x16 feet wide. It holds about 1,700 gallons. My original plan was to do salt water because I heard that it's safer for dogs to drink. Recently I've learned that the small amount of salt in a pool is still...
  18. EddieWalker

    Sealing around the Radiator Shroud advice needed

    My 2003 Century tractor is missing some of the foam between the radiator and the shroud. When I touch it, it crumbles, so I'm going to lose a lot more of it fairly soon. What would you use? I might swing by Napa some time this week, but I was hoping to find something online that can handle...
  19. EddieWalker

    weather website or app?

    For awhile I was happy with Accuweather, but then they started hitting me with ads so much that I had to find another site. was pretty good, but now they are pushing to upgrade all the time and I don't want to pay $10s s month to watch the radar. Who do you use and recomend?
  20. EddieWalker

    Where to look for reviews for the Best Dishwasher?

    5 years ago I paid almost $900 for a very nice, super quiet, KitchenAid dishwasher. For the first two years, we loved it. Washed and dried great and you couldn't hear it when it was running. Then it started making noise during certain cycles. Nothing real bad, just something that we could...
  21. EddieWalker

    Overheating issue, please help

    My 1998 New Holland 555E backhoe's hydraulics idiot light keeps lighting up, which indicates the hydraulics are overheating. It happens fairly quickly, but not always at the same time, and the harder I run it, the quicker it lights up. Most of the time I just use it to bring a bale of hay...
  22. EddieWalker

    Electric Water Temp Guage help needed

    I've removed almost every wire on my tractor and I have it running better then I can ever remember. Best of all, I can now start it up easily every time I want to use it. One of the downfalls to my drastic actions is that I no longer have a working water temperature gauge. It worked before I...
  23. EddieWalker

    Losing Power and Looking for Advice

    My 37hp Century tractor is losing power. My first thought is to change the fuel filter and blow out the fuel lines. I'm also wondering if my aftermarket electric fuel pump is putting out enough psi. I'll have to buy a gauge to measure that. This kind of started last year when I gave up...
  24. EddieWalker

    Eggs are better then cash

    With people buying up some things in the stores, we've learned that our large supply of eggs puts us in a good position to trade with friends that have stuff that we want. Friday we traded 6 dozen eggs for 2 cases of wet dog food. Yesterday we traded 14 dozen eggs for 20 pounds of fresh, farm...
  25. EddieWalker

    Hog damage

    Wild hogs seem to come and go here. Sometimes you don't see any sign of them for weeks at a time, other times, they are tearing up everything, everywhere. This happened overnight and it's pretty extensive. My neighbor said that in one weekend, he counted over 300 on his 240 acres. I've...
  26. EddieWalker

    Backhoe Hydraulics Overheating Question

    Last summer my Ford/New Holland 555E Loader Backhoe hydraulic overheating temperature idiot light turned on. It was hot outside because this is East Texas in summer, but it had never overheated before. I cleaned out the radiators. There are three of them, and one is just for the hydraulics...
  27. EddieWalker

    Help choosing indoor security camera

    We are about ten days away from having our first litter of puppies and my wife is losing her mind. She has gone full crazy on having to have a camera to watch them when she is at work, or more importantly, to watch the mom to see if she's going into labor, so she can leave work and be home with...
  28. EddieWalker

    Cut the Cord and switched to an Antenna for TV

    I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but struggled making the decision on what to buy. Too many options and opinions that overwhelmed me. Then last week our Dish stopped working. They had to have somebody here for them to fix it, which I understand, but with our schedules, that meant...
  29. EddieWalker

    My wife is now Dr Walker PhD

    This morning my wife successfully defended her Dissertation and officially earned her PhD. On Dec 13th, she will receive her degree at the graduation ceremony. What impresses me the most about this is that she is a High School drop out that was married with her first kid when she was 16...
  30. EddieWalker

    Best Bass out of my pond so far

    For the last five years or so, the biggest bass that's been caught in my pond has been 5 pounds. We catch one pound bass over and over again and sometimes get a 2 pound fish, but that's about it. After my wife went through Chemo for her colon cancer, she has been very sensitive to the heat...
  31. EddieWalker

    Framing questions about this picture

    I saw this picture in an advertisement and was wondering about why they did a few things. If anybody knows, I'd appreciate the help in understanding it. Why 4 top plates? Why are there 3 cripple studs on each side, above the header? Thanks
  32. EddieWalker

    How is this possible?

    I just saw this on FB and got to wondering how it could happen? I'm guessing that the tongue weight of the trailer along with whatever is in the back of the camper must have been so heavy that it leveraged the frame of the truck. But I just can't believe that frame would bend like this before...
  33. EddieWalker

    Website concerns that I need advice on

    Welcome This is the website for a club that my wife and I belong to that helps out the breed of dogs that we show with AKC. It's a registered charity that holds events a few times a year and then sends checks to different groups and people that are doing good things for Akita's in need. Over...
  34. EddieWalker

    How do you open canning jars?

    We've had a really good year in the garden this year, and my wife has gone crazy canning stuff. Her salsa is AMAZING!!! But now I'm struggling to open the jars. I had a plastic handled thing that was OK, not great, at getting them lids open, but I broke it last night. Today I really...
  35. EddieWalker

    Mud Daubers, they got me again!!!

    Couple of years ago I couldn't get my little Honda generator to start. It's always been easy to start, but that day it just sputtered and died. I thought it was a fuel issue, so I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out and even bypass the gas tank and run a separate fuel line without any...
  36. EddieWalker

    Water in Hydraulic Fluid

    My 1998 Ford/New Holland 555E loader backoe has water in the hydraulic fluid. I first noticed that the idiot light for the hydraulic temperature light was on. I cleaned the radiator, but it wasn't very dirty, and that didn't fix the light issue. Then I replaced the filters and saw that the...
  37. EddieWalker

    Your thoughts on this framing job

    Friends of mine North of Dallas are adding on to their house. I don't know anything about their contractor. They asked me to do the job, but it's two hours each way and I'm not going to drive that far with so much work available close to home. Take a look at the first picture and share with...
  38. EddieWalker

    Home Security Camera question

    While I have my walls and attic open and easy to get to, I want to add cables for security cameras. One will be inside to watch the whelping area, which is motivation for this project, but then I also want another camera to watch outside the side of the house in that area. Distance for the...
  39. EddieWalker

    horses and goat fencing

    I'm planning on building my permanent fencing for my goats and horses. Currently I just have three rows of white tape electric fencing that has worked fine, but it's aging and ready for replacing. I feel that class 3 galvanizing is worth the additional cost, so that's all I'm looking at...
  40. EddieWalker

    Wire size for a pump?

    One day, probably years from now, I hope to have a pump that I can get water from my pond to water my gardens. I don't know how big this pump will be, or if I will put it next to my house and run a thousand feet of pipe to the pond, or run the wire to the pond and put the pump in the pond. It...
  41. EddieWalker

    What is this on the back fender?

    I'm not ready to buy my big cab tractor yet, but I do enjoy looking at them from time to time and day dreaming about the day I can make it happen. Some of them have these buttons on the back fender and some don't. I'm guessing that they have something to do with the lift arms, but that's just...
  42. EddieWalker

    How to weld copper?

    I might have a job that will include welding, or maybe brazing, some copper. I will fold it over one inch and I need to connect the bent over part. This will be a cover that will go over a cabinet. It will be 22 mil thick, or 24 gauge. Its pure copper. What would you do? I might just take...
  43. EddieWalker

    Wire Fence unroller, does it exist?

    My projects around the land revolve on what my wife feels needs to get done first. Recently coyotes have become super aggressive at killing our chickens and she has decided that it's time to start fencing in more of the land. I've been looking for a dolly type fence unroller that I can pull...
  44. EddieWalker

    Anybody own a Guardline Driveway Sensor?

    I've read a bunch of threads on this topic and sort of got it in my head that they didn't work on long driveways with trees in the way. Then just recently it hit me that I didn't need to put it at the front of my property, but that I could put it fairly close to the house. I know it's kind of...
  45. EddieWalker

    Third cutting concerns

    We've had a weird year this year and I'm in a bit of a situation getting hay for my horses. For the last three years, I've had great sources that lasted a few loads, and then got out of the hay business. Then I find another supplier that's even better then the previous one, and they disappear...
  46. EddieWalker

    Mud in Front of the Barn issues

    I've been going about this all wrong and hopefully I'm slowly figuring it out. My first mistake was not fencing out the horses from where we have to walk to get to the feed, and then having them behind a fenced area when we feed them. That's done and it's been a huge improvement. Next I will...
  47. EddieWalker

    Happy Wife

    So the year started out pretty bad for us when we found out that my wife had cancer. Treatment was horrible, and recovery was even worse, but she's strong and she's a fighter. Every month she got a little better. Last month she went back to work. Now she's enjoying life again and doing one...
  48. EddieWalker

    Hay Ring advice needed

    Three years ago I bought a Priefert Tombstone feeder for around $240 that I really liked. It worked perfectly and I thought at the time I bought it, that it was a good one. It was the most expensive one that they had. Tombstone Feeder Last year it started falling apart. I used the...
  49. EddieWalker

    Akita Nationals, we made the cut!!!!

    Kami, our little girl at only 23 months old, and only 82 pounds, was just listed as making the list for Top 20 Akita's in the country at number 14 for Breed, and number 9 for All Breed. National breed organizations are a little different then the regular AKC in that it's breed specific, and...
  50. EddieWalker

    Loader makes everything easier!!!

    So nice being able to wrap a chain around the post and pull it out!!!!!