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  1. m7040

    sample picture

    Just trying out filing picture of the minix
  2. m7040

    Pulling up tree

    The old M7040 comes in handy. It is surprising in the power and utility around here
  3. m7040

    sample photo

    Trying to post
  4. m7040

    MF 203 not starting

    The old MF 203 industrial tractor was sitting for a few years. Wanted to bring it back to life and it would not start. Changed the fuel filters and the fuel lift pump and bled the system and checked for fuel flow at the inlet to the injection pump. Next loosened the inlet to the fuel injectors...
  5. m7040

    Property line and neighbor mowing spraying

    I have an issue with neighbor mowing on my side of the property line for a distance of about 2000 ft. I guess he wants it to look more manicured like his estate is. This is a rural farm with a tree planting along the property line on my side. Told him to stop and I put up tee stakes and fence...
  6. m7040

    Shipping container building

    Out driving today saw someone building with two 40 ft shipping containers and a roof on top between the containers. Looks like the spacing between the containers was 30 or so ft and the roof was prefabricated tubing. Not sure what the plan is for the roof covering. Would love to hear from others...
  7. m7040

    RTV 1100 Transmission problem

    The transmission slips badly when the oil gets warmed up. There must be some internal leak inside the transmission when the oil gets warm. At cold temperatures the transmissions performs normally. I may have over stressed it pulling a trailer because it was after that it became evident. Before...
  8. m7040


    Have been looking to get a mini x such as the Kubota KX033-4. Would like a new one if possible to use on the small farm here in Maryland. The list with a few buckets is about 60 K. Not sure what a realistic selling price would be. Kubota has 60 months with Zero interest or discounts for cash...
  9. m7040

    Type A automatic transmission fluid

    I have an old Massey Ferguson tractor where the hydraulic system for the loader as well as the power steering calls for type A transmission fluid according to the original manuals. Can it be substituted with Dexdron III fluid?
  10. m7040

    Miller Big Blue 400 amp DC welder

    Got this trailer mounted welder with an air cooled diesel engine about 10 years ago and have not started it since. So decided to see if it would start. Installed a fresh battery and pushed the start button. Wouldn't you know it barely turn over the engine before it started. Runs like a top with...
  11. m7040

    woods batwing mower

    Hi, wanted to know if you have some suggestions about how to go about selling my Woods 15 batwing finish mower. It has been used two seasons on about 10 acres and has somewhere around 300 hrs on it. Live in Maryland close to the town of frederick. Any suggestions are welcome Thanks
  12. m7040

    Woods 15 batwing finish mower

    Used one season approximately 300 hours in new condition. Located in Frederick Maryland. Make me an offer.
  13. m7040

    Landpride blades won't come off

    I want to sharpen the cutter blades on my 72 inch Landpride bush hog but the blades mount on a large stud attached to a disk about 24 inch diameter. There is no visible way to unscrew the blades that I can see. Do I unbolt the center hub and take the whole assemly off or is there another way?
  14. m7040

    Ballast heavy wheel weights M7040

    here is how I mounted the wheel weights without having a forklift like the dealers. Very simple to do and saves a lot on the back. All about leverage
  15. m7040

    Ballast m7040 cast iron wheel weights

    I am trying to mount the three wheel weights on each wheel but find that they are too heavy to lift by myself. Wondering if someone has devised a way to handle this via some simple rigging device?
  16. m7040

    Rock Digging

    Rocks are like icebergs you dont know how big it is until you dig it out. This one was huge and the FEL could not lift it so had to push it out of the hole on a ramp and then over to where it is now. Not that I used a 4-one bucket for excavation and pushing the rock
  17. m7040

    working M7040

    this is what a hard working M7040 looks like after a long day of dirt moving
  18. m7040

    Plew 18 volt grease gun

    anyone have experience with the Plew 18 volt rechargeable grease gun as sold by Northern? A little more expensive than Lincoln but looks very nice and comes with two batteries.
  19. m7040

    Solenoid motor control valve

    Talked to the dealer about where to hook up the hydraulic winch and he showed me where there is a short hose that continues from the FEL valve back to the three point valve on the right lower side of the tractor. He recommended to take this hose off and install the new spool valve in that loop...
  20. m7040

    Electrical outlet, no mating plug

    Attached is a pic of the 12 volt electrical outlet behind the seat in the cab of my M7040. The outlet is for accessories and one terminal is hot all the time, one is ground, and one is hot when the key is turned. May be this is a common outlet in Japan but no one here knows where to get the...
  21. m7040

    Winches Hydraulic winch hook up

    I am going to install the Mile Marker Hydraulic winch on the 7040. It will come with a spool valve that will protect for full pressure from the pump as recommended by Winchplus. Will install it on the front instead of the brush guard and high enough to be able to use the FEL bucket as a wedge to...
  22. m7040

    search light. M7040

    Here are a couple of pictures of the Golight search light that I mounted on the tractor cab corner instead of the regular worklight. It works off the remote control shown in the second pictures and can swivel in all directions at two speeds. It is quite a focussed beam at 500,000 lumens...
  23. m7040

    mine is bigger

    what do you think is this the biggest tractor tool box??
  24. m7040

    grease nipples broken off

    I have a a Deere 8B BH that has some of the grease nipples torn out of the housings and the treads are stripped to the point that inserting a new nipple will not work. Any experience anyone in a simple fix? Welding a nut on the outside will that work as a fix?
  25. m7040

    polyurethane cutting edge

    Installed the poly cutting edge for the snow plow. It is 8 ft by 8 inches wide and 1.5 iches thick and blots on top of the existing cutting edge. Forecast is for snow tomorrow so will be ready to test it out. Should be preserve the pavement and minimize plow damage to the grounds
  26. m7040

    THE big ROCK

    This is the biggest Rock I have managed to dig out with the FEL. Had to move a lot of dirt on three sides to push it out. Then push it a little and backfill behind it to get a better angle of attack. Damaged the brush guard in the process when the tractor slipped down in the hole and hit the...
  27. m7040

    Snow snow plow scraping the pavement

    There has hardly been any snow this year to be able to test the 8 ft snowplow on the tractor. Tried it once and it is scraping the pavement pretty hard. Figured out to place the FEL in the float position to let it follow the road but still scrapes hard. Next used the curl to tilt it to ride on...
  28. m7040

    pics for glowplug
  29. m7040

    4-in-one bucket and other pics

    Here are a few pics. The first two are of the Bradco 4-in-one bucket that I picked up yesterday. Pics 3 and 4 are of the top hydraulic link and also showing the bend tines on the box blade. The tractor has too much HP for this bucket but it sure ripped up a lot rocks in the process and was able...
  30. m7040

    Cast iron wheels for M7040

    Noticed that the M7040 new owners got cast iron rear wheels with their tractors where mine was delivered with plate wheels. Asked the dealer today and he responded "that is an option that I did not purchase but he could look into this and tell me how much money it would cost to backfit"...
  31. m7040

    pics of my grapple

    received it yesterday and just welded it on and installed hoses
  32. m7040

    4-in-one bucket or grapple

    There have been many posts on this over time. Wanted to get a rock/root grapple from WR Long but now I am thinking that a 4-in-one bucket will be more useful overall. Most of my work will be moving dirt and rocks, leveling, lifting things. The 4-in-one bucket can clamp and lift as well so may be...
  33. m7040

    Chains chains on an M7040

    wondering if I have enough clearance for chains since looks like with the ag tires very little clearance is left between the tires and fenders? Has someone looked into this?
  34. m7040

    top cat 2 hydraulic link

    Just installed one of Mark Carter's toplinks this weekend. Works like a charm. Now this cylinder has check valves built in to prevent drift in position. Question: Is it possible to backfit check valves to the loader cylinders and has someone out there done this??
  35. m7040

    broke the carry all

    not surprisingly the TSC carry all broke when loaded up with a pallet of firewood. It was 6 ft by 3 ft and 6 ft high. Too much weight. So now I am looking for a three point quick attach bracket so I can use my FEL pallet forks in the rear. Anyone know where i can get a Cat 2 quick attach bracket??
  36. m7040

    3 pt quick attach

    Anyone know where I can get a 3pt cat two quick attach bracket so I can mount my pallet forks on the rear of the tractor??
  37. m7040

    Ballast 2000 lbs ballast box

    Have been looking for a ballast box for a while and the available boxes were too small and costly for my taste. So this weekend I used some two by lumber laying around and a chainsaw and a framing nailer to fabricate a large box filled with crushed rocks. Purchased a carry all from TSC and now...
  38. m7040

    corroded rims from calcium, MF 203

    Anyone know where I can get new rims for the rear wheels other that the dealer. Are there generic rims available or how does that work?
  39. m7040

    mile marker winch

    I was thinking about mounting a hydaulic winch on my tractor hooked in to the the FEL outlets in the front. Looking at the website it states that they operate at 1500 psi and 3.5 gpm. My system is 2500 and 11 gpm. Does anyone know if it will work reliable in this system?
  40. m7040

    Increased output

    Looking at the M series it is noted that the engine displacement is the same 203 Cubic inches for M7040, M8540 and M9540. The higher output of 85 hp and 95 hp is achieved via the added turbo charger on those models. The M7040 is a normally aspirated engine. So in theory we should be able to...
  41. m7040

    MF 200 series story

    Have an MF 203 industrial loader tractor that I have rebuilt and improved on over the years. Wondering about the history of this tractor? There are many accounts of the history for older models but they all seem to stop at the 200 series. The 203 was made in a farm model and the industrial...
  42. m7040

    Backhoe Backhoe

    this is the JD backhoe mounted on a 50 HP MF203 tractor. Works really well and operates usually at only 1200 rpm which is plenty fast since it has 17 gpm hydraulics.
  43. m7040

    Oil & Fuel fuel tank finally dug up

    this is the underground fuel tank that I dug up today. Note that the holes that the teeth on the bucket made in the side. Stinks very heavily of gas. Will leave it to dry out before doing anything more with it.
  44. m7040

    air suspension seat

    Here is a pic of the air seat with the swivel plate. Very comfortable with for and aft dampening as well. Also note the spot light that is attached to the arm on the left door
  45. m7040

    Snow ready for snow

    this is pic of the snow plow for the M7040. Is it big enough?
  46. m7040

    Mowing my new mower

    hope this works trying to attach files and learned about resizing the pic first
  47. m7040

    JD #8 backhoe

    repaired the swing cylinders this weekend and replaced the seals. Took several hours to get them out cleaned and replace the seal. Most difficult part was to get the links off the chain that the cylinders were connected to. Also stripped several treads on the tie rods and had to weld on the nut...
  48. m7040

    m7040 busted hydraulic hose

    yesterday wile digging ot an old gas tank on the farm I busted a hydraulic hose for the FEL curl function. Lots of oil spray before I could shut it off. Is that one of the hazards that needs to be cautioned against? Think that slamming into the dirt with the bucket tilted caused too much...
  49. m7040

    attaching photos

    I have still not figured out how to attach photos to the Threads. I have the photos on my computer and wanted to copy and paste but apparently that is not the way to do it. Can someone help explain this for me?
  50. m7040

    cant find the plug for the aux power outlet

    Still bugs me that there is an auxilliary 12 volt outlet in the M7040 behind the seat and no one knows where to go and get a matching plug so I can actually use it. It has a black screwed cover on it about 1 1/2 inch dia and it has three prongs. Middle prong side to side and the other two up and...