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  1. varmint

    Selling your Machine?

    I've sold two Kubotas on Craigslist without any complications or hassles. I post many photos and write a detailed description, which might indicate a for-real sale vs. scammers. Because a local sale is easier due to transportation issues, my buyers have been fairly local. And I helped a...
  2. varmint

    New Tractor Company as if we didn't have enough

    I haven't read the whole thread, due to time issues, but I thought I'd add that we have a Nissan Leaf which we use for our "local" suburban driving- anything less than about 50 miles round trip. It seems ideal for such travel. We also have a solar pv system mounted on our little barn, a...
  3. varmint

    What size trailer hitch ball on a 16-18' deck trailer?

    As posters have noticed, people do a lot of unwise things with trailers. I have a friend who was towing his tandem axle car trailer with a one ton pickup... 2 5/16" ball, trailer brakes, good load binders, everything just as it should be... except he had a burned out license plate lamp. A...
  4. varmint

    Illinois NEW Kubota - L3130HST

    I got your post for some reason- no tractor for sale here!
  5. varmint

    Floor mat for L2501?

    I cleaned my painted steel floor boards, wiped them with acetone, and painted them with truck bed liner about 5-6 years ago. It has held up perfectly, and I am happy with the results. I found a photo showing what I did. It wasn't difficult to do, and well worth the effort, I thought. I masked...
  6. varmint


    I think Paul Short of Specialty Repairs in Newfoundland makes add-on steps, and he probably has one for a B7800? He makes a lot of good stuff for Kubotas, and has had a You Tube channel for many years.
  7. varmint

    Looking for tires for my L3130 (New England)

    Farm service companies can do field mounting of tractor tires. There are some interesting videos of it being done using ether and a match.
  8. varmint

    What Do You Do With Your Waste Oil?

    Don't know if it's universal throughout the state, but here in Baltimore County, the recyling center has tanks for used oil, anti-freeze and such. No limits I know of. And yes, it has value for reprocessing, albeit not much. Burning it is not ideal because of heavy metal contaminants from...
  9. varmint

    bush hog wheel question

    I will report, but it'll be a while. I just looked at "better" rough cut mowers, and tried to more or less match their offset rakes, without creating any issues for myself, like the wheel hitting the frame. I have no idea what brand this was, but the welding precision was awful- whoever put it...
  10. varmint

    bush hog wheel question

    I cut out wedges from the forks, beveled the cut's edges, bent the forks together, and welded them. I think this solves my problem.
  11. varmint

    Looking for tires for my L3130 (New England)

    A couple of years ago, I considered getting some R-4's for my L3400- there was a tire dealer in KY or TN that had a set of 4, on Kubota wheels, for around $1100 + $115 shipping- about half what local sellers wanted. I'd start online searching before I bought anything. Truck shipping cost isn't...
  12. varmint

    L3400/2800 suspension seat...

    When I checked, I discovered I had tightened the control too much. With it properly adjusted, and the seat bearing points lubed, it works like a charm. (I had tried adjusting the control before, but not enough, it turned out- the previous owner must have been a big guy, unlike me.)
  13. varmint

    L3130 1000 hour mark

    I owned our L3130 for a couple years- bought it with 1200 hours, did nothing to it beyond oil changes, grease and adding some LED work lights. It was a completely reliable workhorse. I would have kept it except it was just too heavy for our needs. I think I sold it for a bit more than I paid...
  14. varmint

    Bush Hog and a 1977 B7100

    A lot depends on what you're going to be cutting. If a field of 1" saplings, then a smaller cutter, for sure. If just brush, I still think I'd not want anything bigger than a 48" hanging back there. I just found a 48" cutter, which I am using behind a L3400, and I am happy with the balance.
  15. varmint

    bush hog wheel question

    You're right! In looking at photos of other bush hogs, there's quite a lot of rake in the tailwheels. A couple of inches looks more like it.
  16. varmint

    bush hog wheel question

    Bought an old, but good, 4' bush hog. Works great, except the tail wheel drags sideways when going forward, which is not great. Curiously, it tracks well going backwards. I am quessing it needs a little more rake, and I am considering cutting a deep notch in each side, bending it back about...
  17. varmint

    Maryland Heavy older PTO needs U joint repairs

    I got a PTO shaft with an older brush cutter, and I knew the shaft needed its U joints replaced, so I took out the old cross pieces. Before spending the $24 to get new cross kits, I thought to check the length, and found that with a min. 6" overlap of the inner and outer shafts, it was about 4"...
  18. varmint

    L3400 Neutral safety switch isn't working right

    My L3400's is an HST, and when I leave the seat, especially when the tractor isn't fully up to operating temperature, it often will die. I realize there's a switch of some sort related to the forward/backwards treadle, and it seems to be the issue. Usually, with enough wiggling I can find the...
  19. varmint

    New B8200 owner here!

    Congratulations! My very first tractor was a clean used B8200 with turf tires and a Bush Hog loader I bought about 19 years ago. One of the first things I did was luckily find a NOS Kubota kit to convert to power steering. Money well spent. I added LED lights, got rear chains, and was set to...
  20. varmint

    Small improvement for L3400

    If your like me, you probably have a lot of time on your hands these days. One think about my L3400 that bothered me was my tendency to apply the parking brake to prevent creep, and then to forget to release it. No big deal, but in low range, you can travel a bit before you have the "dah!"...
  21. varmint

    Kubota Super UDT and filters.

    In my case, the slight extra cost for UDT2 and Kubota filters (you should be able to buy the filter kits online and save money there) is a drop in the bucket. But since I only put maybe 20 hours a year on my L3400, and don't plan on changing the hydraulic oil every year or two, I figure using...
  22. varmint

    mowing at night M7060 lights suck

    I have festooned my L3400 with LED lights (basically, cheap ones from China- although they all must come from China these days) since I used to need to snow plow at night occasionally, and they work fine. Two front, two rear, two side, or alley, lights. The current draw is very nominal, and...
  23. varmint

    Fuel issue with Cub Cadet Commercial Z turn...

    I've been happy with my slightly used 48" Commercial Z turn with the steering wheel I bought a couple years ago- really cut my mowing time in half. Other than a deck belt tensioner spring coming loose, which was easily fixed once I figured out what had happen- a pin came out of the fastening...
  24. varmint

    Leaking log splitter cylinder

    I have a question for you hydraulic experts out there: my neighbor has loaned me his old gas powered hydraulic log splitter, a rather large 30 ton unit. It works great, and the old Briggs and Stratton engine starts easily and sips gas- all good. But, the ram cylinder leaks fluid, a little...
  25. varmint

    Mowing MMM painting

    I cleaned, wire brushed, abrasive wheeled and licked clean a well worn, but straight, 6' Kubota loader LA 723 bucket. I sprayed an epoxy metal primer, and let me tell you, even when the Kubota factory spray paint on top had worn thru, that gray primer held up. I'm talking gravel, firewood...
  26. varmint

    Towbar on counterweight on BX

    Fishpick, I just bought a 20' length of 2 x 2 x 1/4 steel angle, had them cut it into lenths for 50 cents a cut (perfect, carefully measured and using an industrial metal saw- much better than my messing with a hacksaw or whatever!) and some scrap 2 x 2 tubes (for the top, where the top link...
  27. varmint

    Towbar on counterweight on BX

    Fallon pretty much said it all in his reply, but FWIW, here's a photo of what I rigged. Seems to work just fine, but I don't move more than a 1500 lb trailer with it.
  28. varmint

    Tire chains on B3200 with R4's?

    I lucked out and found a set of Kubota steel spacers for my L3400 for around $100, from a guy who had owned a Kubota dealership he sold, and kept the parts that the buyer wouldn't pay a fair price for. For me, steel is the only way to go- after all, more weight is good, right? Alum. and steel...
  29. varmint

    Flat spots, who knew??

    Been cold here, but no snow needed removal, so our tractor has sat in the barn, keeping fresh in the cold. I needed to haul a wood splitter and move a heavy cast iron bathtub, so I took it out, first time in maybe 3 months? I was surprised to discover the rears had flat spotted, perhaps...
  30. varmint

    LED Tractor Lighting

    I bought carefully selected LED lights from eBay, usually cheap but not necessarily the cheapest, and have had zero issues with quality, construction or performance. Because they are so low cost, and draw so little current, it is easy to use a number of them, lighting as needed. FWIW, I have...
  31. varmint

    Sell info

    Seems like you are headed in the right direction with your old tractor. Since parts would be available, with a bit of searching, your $4000 asking price sounds like a fair deal for both parties for a useful machine. I started tractoring with a gear drive mid 80's Kubota B8200, similar in many...
  32. varmint

    Ballast box

    I built a ballast box because I got tired of worrying about whacking things with a big box blade out back. Then, I discovered how handy it is to carry chains on it, and with a trailer hitch as well, it serves me nicely. I wanted removable or adjustable weight, for depending on the task, and...
  33. varmint

    Tires Snow handling: Turf Tires (R3) vs. Ag Tires (R1/R4)

    I've used turfs and R-4s, both with buckets and rear blades and more recently a front snow blade. I have found turfs work fine (L3400 tractor- not too heavy or too light) unless you have ice below the snow, and then chains would be required with any tire, unless you had studded tires. I use...
  34. varmint

    Which Zero turn to buy????

    I have to mow about an acre here in Maryland. Mostly flat, but lots of scattered bushes and trees, three buildings and a large garden, so there is lots of twisting and turning. Using our Husqvarna graden tractor with a 42" deck takes about two hours, and as I am getting old, bouncing around...
  35. varmint

    Chain box

    Not a "chain box" per se, but it certainly carries chains nicely. I like that they are all viewable and accessible quite readily.
  36. varmint

    LED lighting on ROPS

    Yet another way to mount lights... (I checked into the Click-bond stuff- seems like a great system, but too pricey for my simple projects) I did use a relay for my lights, simply because a $2.50 relay is a simple way to insure you get all the light you pay for. I am happy with the light...
  37. varmint

    1870 Questions

    If you want to buy new, try Messicks, in various PA locations, and just for the heck of it, check Barlow Equip. in Somerset, KY. LOTS of happy Kubota buyers all around the Eastern US have said good things about them! They deliver, and no sales tax? And, it isn't all that hard to make your own...
  38. varmint

    Idea for tools box and chainsaw holder

    I needed a weight box and a place to carry chains where they were easy to get to... not nearly as elegant as Bigtyme's box, but then, I am not elegant, either. I can add or remove rock as needed, which I think is good, and carry stuff when it's not full of rock.
  39. varmint

    Serious snow removal in Japan

    My wife, knowing about my tractor forum interests, and watching me plow some snow today (first time this winter!) sent me this link: How to Clear a Path Through 60 Feet of Snow, Japanese Style | Atlas Obscura I grabbed some photos from the link... too bad there wasn't a video!
  40. varmint

    Looking at a preowned Kubota L2800

    I've had a L3400, which is very similar to the smaller engined L2800 for several years. If you buy it, I think I would do a complete filter/fluid change, just so you are off to the clean start. Use Kubota's Super Udt 2, Kubota filters, etc. The clutch should be in when you pull up or push...
  41. varmint

    L 3940 price?

    FWIW, I sold our L3130, HST, with the LA723, all very clean with about 1150 hours, for $14,500 a couple of years ago. No cab or remotes, or backhoe, but with good R-4 tires and rear chains. It was/is a solid workhorse, and all parties felt it was right priced. I had cleaned up and painted the...
  42. varmint

    Used Tractor

    Take your tape measure and measure the circumference of your tires, and get an idea of distance of the width you want. Chain companies will spec. the length and width of their various chains. They are fairly easy to shorten, using a vise and some pry tools and a hammer to close links, and I...
  43. varmint

    Tool Tray for L and MX Series Tractors With LA Loaders

    I would be concerned about a metal tool box rusting over time. Which is why I chose a plastic Craftsman toolbox, that and the cost: $10 at the store. My next little project will be figuring out a way to carry gloves and maybe a sweatshirt, keeping them from dropping off the tractor while...
  44. varmint

    Snow Front snow plow with hydraulic angle change question

    I use a set of rear remotes, with 3/8" hoses. Quick connects, and a crossover relief valve. Almost swings too fast, but I know what to expect, so I just nudge the valve to pivot the plow. Keeping the lift and curl functions is good, since you will want to use them to push and lift snow as...
  45. varmint

    What do I need?

    Musdalen, I use the rear remote to angle the front snowplow... simply some hydraulic hoses with fittings run forward... If you are fetching a lot of wood, then a grapple (using hydraulics) would be a fine addition. As for post hole augers, pretty much any tractor will handle them. My first...
  46. varmint

    Ballast box vs Grandpa's implement for added weight

    R Kidd, that's a really nice job you did on your weight box! Mine is somewhat similar, in that the ballast is removable/adjustable... in my case, heavy stones. The trailer hitch comes in handy when I have a firewood trailer to move, and still want the rear weight. The chain rails also are...
  47. varmint

    Not a tractor, but worthy of watching!

    Okay, a car guy sent this video to me, and although it isn't about tractors, it is about can-do attitude and make-do fortitude. Note to moderators: just watch it before you dump it? Streamable - simple video sharing
  48. varmint

    Echo issues??

    I bought an Echo cs-490 last year, and used it for perhaps 5 hours. Nice, saw, and with a replacement chain that was more aggressive than the "safety" chain it came with, it cut well. I hadn't used it for maybe 4 months (stored with ethanol-free canned gas) and just tried to start it. I...
  49. varmint

    Wet skid steer

    There's a disappearing island in the Chesapeake Bay, and a guy who owned a house on it tried, unsuccessfully, to move enough sand to prevent the rising waters from taking the house. This skid steer was left, and it soon too will become a navigation hazard.