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  1. Grrrr

    Kubota G18 surgery!

    I have just brought a Kubota G18 which is very similar to the G2160-R48S Direct Shoot mower you have in the US (except it has an 18HP engine instead of 21HP. It is a 1999 model with 1050 hours but it is in superb order, been really well cared for. In this country these mowers are in very high...
  2. Grrrr

    Christmas Tree!

    I think it belongs on this forum because it did use a tractor :D One of the smaller outdoor trees I have done this year, the bigger ones required a telehandler to get them up and a cherry picker to put the lights on! Sorry the pics are poor quality.
  3. Grrrr

    Nearly killed myself.

    I had a very bad experience yesterday involving a ride on mower and thought I'd post to just remind people how dangerous these seeming safe things are. I've been operating proper ag tractors since 12 or 13 and have a fair ammount of experience. We've had the same ride on mower for a little over...
  4. Grrrr

    Towing Three Balers Behind One Tractor

    Anyone ever seen this before? More Pictures and M/F site here Noticed it when I was browsing Google. Looks like one way to get full use of extra HP :D
  5. Grrrr

    Photo Posting How To

    I was told last night after posting the bulk of this thread about a way to attatch pictures inline with the post using the TBN Servers :) So they come out like this : The reason I had ommitted this way from the tutorial is it sometimes makes threads impossibly slow to read if someone posts a...
  6. Grrrr

    Photo Posting How To

    Having seen many threads come up about the various different ways to post pictures and how to do it I thought I would try to create a thread that showed how to do all the different methods. When posting pictures you have to remember that not all TBN'ers will have a broadband connection as...
  7. Grrrr

    New garden tractor coming today!

    We have a new garden tractor coming later today to replace our Husqvarna LT151 that we bought new last year. (Sold it for me than we paid for it :D) The new one is a Countax A20-50 I don't think they are sold in the US but they have been around in the UK for ages. They have a sweeper at the...
  8. Grrrr

    Making Some Hay in the UK

    The weather has cleared up from the constant rain and flooding that we thought had spelled disaster for Hay making this year :D But, a lot of people who live not very far away from us have no water to drink or wash in and have no homes. Their houses are 6' under water :eek: Anyway, tomorrow we...
  9. Grrrr

    Husqvarna 225R Brushcutter

    We have had one of these for about 5 years. It cuts great and nothing can stop it. However, it has always been a PITA to start. Use to be just lots of pulls. It has no fuel prime. More recently, the only way of starting it up at all was to use some Easy Start Aerosol. Once started the first...
  10. Grrrr

    Hearing Protection

    Does anyone else wear any sort of ear protection when operating their tractor. I was reading through the manual that came with our ride on mower and it said you should always wear hearing protection with it. I know that some of our tractors are pretty loud especially at PTO speed. I always...
  11. Grrrr

    Quick Reply

    Not sure if this has been asked before, but why doesn't this board use the quick reply box at the bottom of each thread. It would be much easier if you could still read the thread you were replying to when writing the message. Thanks
  12. Grrrr

    New Member Introduction & The Farm

    Well, having been a lurker here for ages I think it is time I say hello. I live on a farm in the UK where we keep our horses. We have about 80ac of land which is cut for hay twice a year and the rest of the time is grazed by cattle and sheep from our next door neighbours farm. Their farm is...