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    Zetor 3340, Buying advice

    Found a nice 3340 with about 1500 hours on it. Looks to be pretty nice, no FEL and they are asking $6,900. No real expirence with zetor but seems to be well built. Any comments or advice greatly appreciated. What FEL should I get and how much. Is this a good price for the tractor. Hope...
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    Can anyone comment on the 5220r

    Looking at the 5220r. Can any owners share their expirence with this tractor. What should I have to pay. Driven everything else, so would like some honest reviews. Thanks
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    Can ls dealers refuse warranty work on tractor not purchased from them??

    Dealer say he will not do warranty work on new ls not purchased from him. I know that a dealer can refuse to work on other stuff but a new LS tractor. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Any thoughts on a U5030

    Been shopping for a 50 hp tractor and have driven all types. Local ls dealer has a nice u5030. Any one care to comment on the tractor. What shoud I expect to pay for one with a fel. Thanks
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    Going to check out a used 4530, what should I look for?????

    As you might know I have been looking at the 4530 and 5035. Found a 4530 that was sold october 2012, only 14 hours and comes with a back blade 7'. Any suggestions on what to look for, leaks, loose bolts etc. Thanks for everyone's help. I could buy this setup new for about $25,500 but might...
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    4530 Price check please!!

    Have looked at a couple of tractors and really like the 4530. Local dealer has one at a good price I think. 2014, 4530, fel filled tires, back remotes. Delivered for $23,300. Everyone else wants $2500 more. What do you guys think?????
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    Price Check advice 5035???

    Two years ago I almost purchased a 5035 shuttle shift with a fel from my local dealer. It was a 2011 model and this was spring of 2012. I got side tracked with a death in the family and did not buy. Anyway, I have began looking again and have noticed prices are quite a bit higher now. I...
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    Need three foot, small bush hog for my 135d. Any suggestions?

    So I am in need of a small bush hog for my 135d, Anyone know where I can get one this small. Will the 135d handle it ok. Thanks
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    Any word or information on the "NEW" Yanmars

    So I have been searching high and low and just wondering if the new sub compact yanmars are out there yet? Going to a dealer this morning to look around and see what he says. I am in the market and am totally excited about Yanmars selling again under their own name.
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    Need parts tractor, fel, dozer blade, anything you might have for my YM 135

    Need a parts tractor, 135. Let me know what you have. Looking for wheel and front weights, fel and dozer blade. Thanks
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    HELP! How to get hydrallic filter off for fluid change on 135d

    So I pulled the plug and drained the cream colored hyd fluid out of my little 135d. Went to pull the filter out and undid the three screws off the plate where the metal return line goes back into wher plate bolts back onto the trans and it is like it is welded on. Will not come off. Any...
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    Options on Yanmar with "smoke blow by" Problelms.

    Hope the answer to this question is not so obvious but here goes. Im looking at a litle yanmar that smokes some under load and does not clear up. What are my options. Any way to clear it up with out a total rebuild. What would a rebuild cost on an early model yanmar. Im pretty mechanical...
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    Reccomendation on M7040 and price check.

    Went looking at a M5140 and drove the M7040. Must say, I have driven all the major brands over the last couple of months and I am really impressed with this machiene. Just feels good and comfortable. Can anyone that owns one of these machienes give me a review. What kind of prices are there...
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    Looking for "Shibura" made NH 4055

    Short of scanning the classifieds, any way to get a new or fairly new shibura made NH 4055. Does shibura sell these tractors under any other name here in the states. Not that the new compacts at NH are bad, I just think the quality of the shibura is outstanding. I understand NH may bring back...
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    Hepl! Looking for tires for 235d "27x8.50-15 and 20x8.00-10"

    Hepl! Looking for tires for 135d "27x8.50-15 and 20x8.00-10" Trying to replace my dry rotted tires. The sizes are front 20x8.00-10 and rear are 27x8.50-15. Does anyone have any reccomendations for replacement. Thanks for the help.
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    Looking at lx 490, need some advice from owners.

    As a long time Yanmar tractor owner, I presently have two older tractors, 186d, 135d, I am in the market for a compact tractor for my 50 acres, half wooded half pasture. Been looking at all major brands. Really like the Mihindra 5035 and the MF 1655. I wish the LX was a little bigger in hp...
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    Thoughts on buying used 4530 with 150 hours

    While researching that perfect tractor for me I have found a 2007 4530 with no fel and only 151 hours, industrial tires looks to be in good shape. Is listed at $11,500 could get if for a little less. I fel will cost me about $3,500 and new 4530 with fel about $22,500. I have 50 acres half...
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    4530, 5530, 6530 Differences

    As I continue my quest for the perfect tractor in the Mihindra line up, I started looking closely at the 30 series tractors. I like the look and the simplicity. Looks like the engine is the same but produces more power through the series. Is the engine the same and if so, how is different...
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    Questions for 5035 Owners?

    Ok. So been reading as much on here as possible. Getting ready to take over 50 acres, half woods and half open fields. Looking at the 40 to 55 hp range tractors. Kubota, Massey, Yanmar etc. I really like the Mihindra 5035. Stats are impressive and it just looks mean as !@%$. I live in SW...
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    Where to buy front wheels and tires for 186d

    Found a set of 9.5-16 rear ag tires and wheels as a spare for my 186d. Now I only need to get a front matching set. I think the are 6-12 for the front. I have the wide turf tires and wheels now. Looking for the front to match the rear. Any one know where I can get a pair. Thnks
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    Any photos of the new "Max" tractors?

    Im interested in information and photo of the new sub compact Mahindras comming out in Jan. Any help appreciated.
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    Looking for 60" MMM for 186d

    Looking for factory 60" MMM for my 186d. Any help.
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    Help. Info on ARPS front blade for Yanmar

    Found a front dozer blade for A Yanmar. It is a ARPS Division of Chromalloy made for yanmar, Model No. FD 120. It is green and 48" wide. Can some one tell me about it and will it fit my 135d and 186d. Looks heavy duty and has. Thanks for any information. Not much on the internet about ARPS
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    New to me 186d

    You know the story. If one tractor is good then two or three tractors must be great. At least thats what I tell my wife. Have been keeping my eye out for that nice, well maintained etc 186d for a few years now. Kept missing out on some and others not so nice. Enter rmurry and his post last...
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    Looking for front blade for 186d

    Im looking for a front blade for my 186d. I have seen a few yanmar factory blades in the past for sale. Any help appreciated. Prefer a factory blade. Thanks
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    Yanmar 135s, show us your photos!!!!!

    Hey everyone. Here are some photos of my new 135d Just drove last wensday 660 miles round trip to atlanta area to pick it up. Came with the ym45 mmm (which i need parts for) Having trouble with the hitch, see previous thread,. I needed it like a hole in the head but sold my satoh...
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    Three point hitch will not lift on 135d

    Just got home with my new135d and the tph will not raise. Fluid is ok no leaks. When loading it the other day a "helper" was messing with the stop valve saying it was the speed control for the lift. I knew it was not but was so excited to get it home that I probably dead headed it before...
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    Front End Loader for 135d

    Any suggestioins for an fel for my little 135d. Does anyone have one. How about koyker. Thanks
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    Mid Mount Mower for 1401d

    Just wondering if Yanmar or anyone made a Mid Mount mower for my 1401d. If so, are parts avaliable. Any information would be great to have. Thanks
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    What to keep, Satoh Beaver or Yanmar 1401d

    I have two tractors now, Don't know what to keep. Each is great in its own right. Love the littel beaver real easy to get around and the fel is great. Comes with a front dozer blade and mmm. BUT, the yanmar is smoother 3cyl, bigger and probably is better on parts. What do you think. What...
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    Yanmar or Satoh, Which one to keep?????

    Thanks for everyone's help with the purchase of my NEW 1401d. It is a great tractor and I allready love it. Purchased it with the eye of resale as I got a good deal. BUT I have been thinking. Now I do not need two tractors. Both are great in their own right. The beaver, small easy to...
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    Formal Hellow to all

    Just wanted to formally say hi to all. As you can probably tell I have been hanging around here for a long time just trying to learn as much as I can. I love all small old 20 to 30 year old small compact tractors. Presently have a Beaver and will be getting a yanmar 1401d tomorrow. See...
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    Yanmar 1401d What is it worth

    Hey guys. Tractor is for sale locally. 545 hours, great condition, everything works well. No bent metal, woods 48" finish mower made in 2000, I know the owner and he has owned it for the last 11 years. Stored in a garage. Paint good except for a couple of places on the hood where it has...
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    Yanmar 1441d What to pay for it

    Hey guys. Yanmar 1401d Thinking about picking this neat tractor up. One owner last 11 years. Great condition. Runs excellent, everything works. All metal straight. I personally know the owner. 545 hours Woods moter is smooth and is 48" snd Is a 2000 model Tractor is being sold locally...
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    Tires for Beaver

    Any suggestion on replacing my original turf tires on my Beaver. I really like the turf as I use the tractor alot in the yard. What about Ag tires. Thanks
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    Beaver Owner

    Hey guys. Ive had my tractor a little while. Just picked up a Blackhawk fel for it from Bill at Valley Power. Those guys are great to deal with. Anyone know where I can get turf tires and or chains for the little tractor. They are mounting the fel for me as part of the deal. Also any...
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    Chains and block heater for Satoh Beaver

    I need a set of chains for my s370 beaver does anyone know where I can get some. Also is there a block heater or a way to heat my tractor during the cold season. Thanks for your help.
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    Beaver Front End Loader

    Any one know where I can get a fel for my beaver. I have located a Koyker 110 for a sweet deal, (700.00) but can not tell from their website if it would fit. I see several people on the forum with beavers and fel. Any suggestions on what to buy or not to buy. Thank for the help.
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    New Beaver owner with questions

    Hey Guys. Im new and have been following the forum for awhile. Just picked up a beaver s370d. Great shape but was left outside for some time. Im going to change all the fluids and need some help. What do you suggest when changing the hydro/trans fluid. As is typical, my fluid is the color...