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    Buying Advice TYM T394, T474 3PT Controls?

    My wife came up with this so at least I have a scale I can SEE, numbers/scale is in mm.
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    Buying Advice TYM T394, T474 3PT Controls?

    I have a T474 and am looking for a way to make a stopper. Using the picture, I may try to fabricate something that attaches to the seat bolts in the picture.
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    New Idea manure spreader floor

    I have a NI 12 that needs a floor. What did you end up using? Being the bed is over 8' long plywood doesn't work great unless I got 1/2" and used 2 layers.
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    New T474HC owner

    Thanks, I have a 474HC.
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    New T474HC owner

    The dealer gave me the tractor & loader manual in a factory sealed bag. In the tractor manual bag were decals and a small piece of rubber. Any idea what the rubber goes to - 1.5"x1-1/8"x5/8" high.
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    T494 or T574 - to Turbo or not

    Any pictures of that setup?
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    T494HC/T574HC part & service manual

    Anyone have links to T494HC/T574HC part & service manual? Not the downloadable PDF from the TYM website with no part numbers.
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    TYM Filter cross

    Looking for filter cross part number for a T574HC. I got the below numbers from - 1 x TYM Tractor Fuel Filter 14171020090 - 1 x TYM Tractor Fuel/Water Filter EA00005318A - 1 x TYM Tractor HST Filter 15532302100 - 1 x TYM Tractor Hydraulic Filter 17975152101 - 1 x TYM Tractor...
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    Scan tool for ls tractors

    I am looking at a new MT3 series tractor. Can a standard ODB-II connect to it, or do I need a conversion cable? I have a OBDLinkMX+.
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    Regen delete kit

    I have seen TYM video on youtube, on the TYM you just cut out the center so it is a straight pipe.
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    Who makes the MT3 engine

    I would like a TYM but there are 3-4 LS dealers a lot closer. Is the LS MT3..HC engine have electric injector or mechanical? What on the engine is electronic? I can find out a lot about the TYM/Kukje online/youtube but not much about the LS? The only computer on a TYM is the DPF.
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    T574HC Backhoe

    Looking to pick up a new T574HC and have a Massey Ferguson 65 with Greatbend loader & backhoe off a Workbull 202. I like the TYM backhoe mount and will try to make a mounting plate for my existing backhoe. Do all the TYM tractors come with the slot under the loader for the mount or is that...
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    MF 65 182840M1 vs 182840M2

    I have a 1959 MF65 & need a new transmission case. Mine is stamped as 182840M2 but I found a good price on a used 182840M1. Will it work?
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    Help Identifying a MF Tractor

    Has a Z134 engine. Round fenders, so I am assuming that rules out a workbull. Front axle looks nothing like all the pictures of a 35 I found.
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    v1902 Fuel Line

    What size is the in and out line? Are both 8mm? I am assuming the out/return is smaller?
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    Skat Track 1300HD info or Kubota V1903

    If everything works out I will be picking up a 1300HD soon. Looking for any information or PDF's that you can share. Has a v1903 and there are wiring problems, what is needed to make it start relay-able - just 12v to the starter solenoid & glow plugs or is there more need - manual fuel pump and...
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    Run a welder off a generator?

    I have an off the grid barn with a 8kw generator and tried to run a Lincoln 220v stick off of it, the breaker did not blow (30amp) but very hard to get an arc started (105 amp with 1/8 6011). I noticed the generator speed up/slowed down a lot? Would a 15kw work better? There is a newer...
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    Field Drainage

    I have 15 acres, 210x3000+ft. There is a town drainage ditch about 2000ft back going side to side and a drop of about 10ft from the street. There is always water sitting, must be a lot of clay, but if I dig a hole in the center and pump I can dry out 50-100 ft around it. I was thinking of...
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    Setting Pole Barn Post in Western New York?

    I am putting up a 36*48*14 Pole Barn in Royalton, NY 14105 - 50lb snow load, 90mph winds. The building department want the holes 48" deep? Should I go deeper? Looks like the contractors in the area normally dig a 24" round hole. The building inspector is OK with 12", all I have is a 12" 3pt...
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    Backhoe MF 185 Backhoe info and teeth

    I just bought a 185 Backhoe to frame mount to my 65, but I have a Great Bend loader so I will have to get someone to-do some welding to frame mount. Question: 1. What is the part # for the teeth and shank? Is there an equal after market replacement? Being I have to replace all teeth ans at...