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    PT Steering Project

    Hi guys it has been a while since I have done a project on my power trac and posted it on here. Recently I bought a mini skid steer trencher and made an adaptor plate. But this is not why I am reporting now. I have a need and many of you after having a PT for a long while may have the same...
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    Lift arm mount bracket (ripped out)

    It looks like I shook my mini hoe muck bucket a little too hard one time to many
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    Dosn't anyone have a project going? Seem like there is more take about the PT than what it does.
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    1000 Hours and counting

    I now have over 1000 hrs on my 2003 PT422 Robin. The only 2 problems were a fried voltage regulator and a bad coil. O yes I had to weld and brace the pivot, rollover, lift bar but that was easy. Replaced the battery and tightened a few fittings. I am well satisified with the tractor and...
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    More torque for my Power trac?

    I started working on this set up before but at the time I didn稚 have much use for it. I recently have had a couple of jobs where I could have used more pulling power. Just a bit more torque would have made the difference. I know this set up will be controversial and could cause damage to...
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    Cattail Puller

    No not that cat tail
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    How to bust a wheel motor

    1. Build one large red bucket. 2. Pick out a worthy Job to be done. 3, Get you Dad or someone to do the hard work so you can drive the PT. 4. Now Fill that red bucket with all of the rocks the PT can ever hope to carry 5, Oh Yes! Be Sure to Have your wheels swapped to the wide...
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    What About An Electric Power Trac?????

    Ok guys I haven't heard any energy around an Electric PT. I wonder if Power-trac ever considered it or will in the future. With the way things are now Conversion thoughts have ran through my mind. $15 versus 2 or 3 to mow the yard. Start first time ever time. Less noise. Conversion...
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    Guys. I had a failure. Help needed and appreciated!! What is this and what does it do?
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    Two speed modification for PT 422/425

    Started work on the two speed modification so thought a new tread would be appropriate. There is not a lot of room here to install 8 outlets from the tram pump. In fact there is not an over abundance of room anywhere in the engine compartment.
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    Wheel motor squeal (help)

    Has anyone ever heard what sound like a brake squealing while under way in their PT. It doesn't do in all the time. I fear it may be a wheel motor. Any Ideas or experiences?
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    Mowing Side Mower

    I am starting to build a side mower. I believe this will be the hardest project I have taken on yet. It will most likely be 2 or 3 weeks before finishing. I will post more pics as progress permits but for now does anyone recognize this deck?
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    Lift arms

    I lifted about 2 tons of moss out of my ponds last night. at the end of the session i kept hearing a swaking sound. This morning as i was greasing the center toggle and i saw grease coming out of a farily long crack in the center. Here the proble lay. I hooked up the buzz box and welded...
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    Hydraulic Pumps and Oil Cooler

    As to the best of my knowledge and investigation the only time that hydraulic oil passes through the oil cooler is when the tram motors are running. If someone knows different please let us know how it does or even could. It may be that some of the PTs are set up different but my is a 2003...
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    Ripper Plow

    I am building a ripper out of an old plow beam. I thought you all might want to see some pics. As they say a pic is worth 1000 words. This is of how I built the plate.
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    I am seriously thinking about building a Trencher for my 422. If some one could post some pics of theirs I would really appreciate it. Also does any one know of a site that makes generic trenchers. Any advice about building a trencher? Thanks Guys you all have always been very helpful in...
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    Grapple Bucket

    I am getting ready to fabricate a grapple on my small OEM bucket with rock teeth(the 5 cub ft one). Can any one tell me the size and length of the cylinder I will need.
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    Large Bucket Container.

    Large Bucket Container. Has anyone made a large container bucket or bought one for a PT 425/422? I am talking about one that would hold about 50 cubit feet of material. I am thinking about building one and would like to see or hear some ideas. Maybe one that you could make from an old oil...
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    Tires tires and rim for the 422/425

    Has any one found a good place on the net to order tires and/or rims for the 422/425? I would like to have a set of bar tires mounted on rims for winter. It gets muddy her in the winter time and I could use the traction plus the bar tire would shed mud a lot better before I park it. I know...
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    ROP\'s I am getting ready to build a ROP for my 422. Does any one have measurements for it? I have look at some pics and have concluded that it is built out of 1 ½ inch pipe which measures almost 2 inches OD. What does the top measure? How high is it from the bolt holes that hold it on? On...
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    Filling in my basement. Using 10cu bucket, mini h

    I don’t know what is considered light material but the 422 seems to handle a full load of dirt in the light material bucket. The box blade does a very good job as well. It is really handy being able to tweak the tilt at will and with ease. I Will have some pics of that later.
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    Lubrication of the main lifting bolts

    I removed several of the bolts in the front lifting mechanism of my 422 and found that some were dry and some were getting lubricant to them. I use a silicon lithium spray. I am not satisfied with this method as it seems to take a lot of spraying to get little lubricant to the bolts. I was...
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    Where do i put this or keep that?

    Guys I have one more subject to start then I’ll back off for awhile. I was wondering if any of you have installed tool boxes, mounts for tools or any other thing that is carried along when you use your PT. Pictures would be great. I am sure some of you have come up with some nifty Ideas. I...
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    Draft Controll

    I am told that the larger pts have draft control. Has any one added this to their 425 or 422? Does anyone have any info about this? I am looking to do this but don't want to start from scratch. I mow some pond slopes and I have to manually put weight on the tractor to keep it from wanting to...
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    Pond Rake

    I need to design and build a pond rake. I would like it to extend about 15 feet out from the PT. I think it needs to be 4 feet wide and the teeth about 2 feet deep. I have in mind using 3/8 rod for the teeth. I made a rake I use by hand (some what smaller) it worked well but a lot of work. I...
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    Wood splitter

    I have been building a wood splitter and I am 90 percent done with it. I have a few modifications to make to perfect it. Is anyone interested in building a wood splitter that hooks up to a PT. ON the model i am building you don't have to get off the tractor to use it. I have not heard...
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    This 1 7/8 ball with a 3/4 stud out the bottom of it fit perfectly in the rear hitch hole without any drilling. Plenty of clearance but don't cut real sharp while backing up. An extension like 14's would be better for that.
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    stump grinder

    Has any one consider putting a trincher blade on the stump grinder. Will it fit? Is the stump grinder motor the same as the trincher motor? How much does a trinch blade cost? I am sure going to try reversing my stump grinder. Thanks 14 for the info.