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    MT125 3pt stablizers

    Has anyone out there came up with a different set up for the 3pt stablizers on the MT125? I broke mine last year I believe from the sleeves binding up do to the 3pt arms pinching against them. I came up with a different contraption but they are a little to long causing to much sway in the...
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    MT 125 Bolt Pattern

    Hey everyone im looking at making some 2" wheel spacers for my Mt125. The ones I see online are way to expensive so going to make my own on a cnc machine. Is it 5x4.5? Hard to find any info online. Thanks
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    MT125 Mower Deck For Sale

    Hey everyone new to the forum and figured I would post my MMM im trying to sell. Only put about 20 hours on it. No use for it anymore. Looking to get a 4ft brush hog so trade/partial trade is an option. $1650. Located near Lansing,MI