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    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    I am another vote in favor of Fuid Film and Woolwax. Fluid Film the hard to reach areas then Woolwax the larger areas.
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    Newb looking for advice and info on a new compact tractor and attachments

    Just two more cents for you to consider, I like a cab 80% of the time, but never do I like it on trails or in the woods. Too many opportunities to break glass and visibility always seems better when open. You will never regret extra HP nor extra hydraulics, get as much as you can afford. Good luck!
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    Compacting "gravel"/"item 4"/"road base". Rent a Roller?

    Keep watching for a used compactor. They come up pretty often when someone is done with projects and gets sick of moving it around in the garage. Or when times get good, landscape companies will upgrade and smaller guys will sell the old stuff, times get bad, some guys will just unload...
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    very hot -battery cable

    It seems like once you confirm the battery is good, 90% of electrical issues are at the connections, then 10% beyond at the alternator or else. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    DIY fire pit

    Nice! Nothing better than sitting back by the firepit!
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    Yellow Jacket Nests While Bush hogging, whats your plan?

    Shut down, crank wheel uphill,bail and run. If I suspect a nest I carry a can of spray in my cup holder.
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    Your Yearly Cost of Tractor Ownership

    I think as it had been said many times before in this thread, the cost of ownership is worth the satisfaction of self-sufficiency when it comes to dealing with mother nature. You could pay someone to plow, but never know how many storms you will get a year. Would they be able to drag the tree...
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    First electric tractor ride

    Well said Sportsman762! We all bought cell phones and computers when the technology developed at a level we decided to use it for the price point. Not because of a 'war' against typewriters and cords. Our environment matters to most all everyone, but the vocal mass media pushes us to believe...
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    3 point hydraulic won't lift properly

    Just checking to see if anyone has any other ideas, so here is the problem: My JD 3120 3 point will lift as long as it is in the lifting mode, but when you stop and hold position or go all the way up, the hitch jerks up and down. It powers up to the last position then the hydraulics turn off...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Added Vbar chains to the rear this year and had some old auto chains for the front. Much better traction pushing on ice, and going up and down steep grades.