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    2008 2840

    that should do it. thanks
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    2008 2840

    i have a montana branded ls 2840 and im looking for filters that dont come from the dealer, does any one have cross refrences to say a napa part? to include fuel filter. thanks for your time
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    hydraulic fluid

    will the tractor supply fluid be satisfactory in ls built 2840. its almost time to change it and the dealer recommended napa stuff in cold weather makes my hydraulics not work until l i idle it for 20 25 minutes in weather above 40 degrees it works fine.
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    replacement parts

    looking for a replacement rear light the one with taillights and flashers built in, not the round petersen flashers. chute fell off chipper and remover part of it from my fender.
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    Chipper valby ch 150

    has any one experienced this? trying to change belts following directions in manual, it says to remove tops of pillow blocks,remove guide bolt and lift flywheel until pulleys fit together. Then change the belts and lower flywheel back into position. my problem is the bearings wont come out of...
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    Oil & Fuel hydraulic fluid

    one issue i have had since the beginning on my 2840 is sluggish or non responsive hydraulics in cold temperatures, i have done all scheduled service at the right intervals. i am using a napa hydraulic fluid that my dealer told me to get. in 10 degree weather if i dont run the tractor 10 to 20...
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    Oil & Fuel oil chane light

    i have a cub riding lawn mower, just hit 50 hours and the display flashes change oil. i did thought unhooking the battery might reset but it didn't think it's a lt1046 but i'm not sure it's 18 hp kohler courage engine. the red light that flashes is quite annoying. anyone know how to make it...
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    pto question

    i have a 2840 gear. when i engage my pto without a load it goes in smoothly with a little or no crunch, now when i have an implement on even with letting it settle out and clutch fully depressed i get some grinding sometimes i need to double clutch while holding the pto lever in order to get it...
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    is anyone thinking we might have some issues with our tractor supply line with north korea playing around with nukes. it seems to me that they are determined to continue their war. i'm concerned that we are relying heavily on these countrys for alot of our every day items including tractors.
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    trailer help

    i have a 16' flat deck trailer. with the ring style rims, with bias carlisle trailer tires. the trailer has a bounce to it when driving it worse when it's empty. when i spin the tire with the wheel off the ground it almost appears the tire is out of round not sure about the rim. are thse rims...
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    bush hogs

    what is the proper way to set up you're bush hog for general cutting. i have a squealer 148 with a top link no chain and a solid real wheel. i guess what i'm saying is do i try to keep the unit level? lower it till the wheel touches and adjust top link to maintain. or do i allow the skids to...
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    cub rear tine tiller walk behind

    i have a 5.5 hp reversing tine walk behind tiller i bought from a friend cheap. thing is it needs tires and a new drive belt. i just went to the cub site and the #'s on the tag dont seem to work. are there anyone who has info on these i'll provide #'s if someone can do better things with them.
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    1999 1530

    who is the company who manufacturers the 1999 1530 i know it's a shibura engine i'm assuming thats japanese.
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    maka is there any reason not to run a 67 inch tiller on my 2840 if it dosen't lug the motor and dont affect shaft speed? also what arethe filter #'s for my mitsu fuel, engine oil and hyd filter. hoping there are wix #'s or something like that available. thanks
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    just read a post on price per hole with a phd. and was thinking how do you guys price tilling just got me a tiller and will probably start doing some travel will be limited to say 15 miles.
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    a local dealer made me an offer on a hold over agric afmj a-60 rototiller he said it offset but side loads the shaft. dosent make sense to me. went to the agric site waited for it to translate to english **** i should have learned spanish. and it says it an option. does anyone have one of these...
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    Tiller calling all king kutter tiller owners

    i am about to purchase a tiller i'm looking at king kutter @ tsc. i can't use a 4' because even with the offset it still dosent cover the wheel tracks. i'am at 5' wide because of r4's i measered one at tsc yesterday, they did not have a 5' to measure. my question is the 5' really 5'. will...
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    northern tool implements

    i guessing they are of chinese origin, but my question is does anyone have anything good or bad to say about them. such as a wood splitter, rought cut mower, tiller?
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    Backhoe backhoe

    maka does all of the montanas use a amerequip hoe or is there another brand i noticed some of the photos have a green one. the ones at my dealer are black. he claims that the fel is also amerequip. i have a 2840 how big of a hoe can i put one it without a subframe as i'm led to believe there is...
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    Backhoe backhoe

    is it true that my 2840 does not need a subframe, is this for montana backhoes only or is it for any hoe on the market. are all the montanas the same way? is this the only manufacturer like this?
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    who has knowlwdge of kodiak impliments and waht are you're thoughts. i hvae a 5' box scraper on order and was wondering what i was getting.
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    maka i own a 08 2840 without folding rops is there any other models that have the folding rops that would fit mine. my dealer suggested cutting and welding the rops and fabricate a hinge, you're thoughts. i dont like the idea of buliding a taller garage. also is there a block heater for my...
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    harbor freight

    i was just looking through my latest harborfreight and i noticed that they are seling tractors they look alot like the northern tool ones so i suppose they are chinese what intrigues me is they have rough mowers 5' for 700 and change plus a shaft anyone familiar with what seems to be another...
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    my montana has non folding rops and i was wondering if anyone has ideas or pl,ans on how to make these foldable?